WATCH: AUSA Cannabis Reform Debate – Simeon Brown vs Chloe Swarbrick vs Michael Wood



Simeon Brown (National)

Chloe Swarbrick (Greens)

Michael Wood (Labour)

Christopher Coker (Legalise Cannabis Aotearoa)

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Shai Navot (TOP)

? (ACT)

Robert Gore (NZ First)

Kia ora Aotearoa, welcome brothers and sisters, comrades, stoners and members of the Auckland University Students Association to the 2020 Election Drug Reform Debate.

National, the Greens, Labour, Legalise Cannabis Aotearoa, TOP, and NZ First have graciously sent representatives of their parties to participate in the universal franchise of our liberal progressive democracy by agreeing to participate for one hour.

Unfortunately, despite boasting the biggest political club on Campus, ACT pulled out of tonights debate because they can’t justify their intellectual hypocrisy of pretending to be a freedom party while doing nothing to reform cannabis. 

No show? No vote! That’s the rules. 

Let’s thank our representatives for the hour of hell they’re about to endure.

Representatives, you will each have an opening 30seconds to pitch your Parties position on the cannabis referendum, after you’ve all had your say, I will then ask very. very, very critical questions to each of you regarding the utter social failure that is the war on drugs which most of you dirty filthy politicians love to wage on the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us. 

You will also have a 30 second pitch at the end of my ruthless inquisitions as to why the people watching should vote for your party on drug reform. 

AUSA Cannabis Debate 2020 from Certus Digital on Vimeo.


  1. Pot schmot. It’s been around for years and everyone smokes it so get the fuck over it and grow the fuck up.
    Lets ask the USA ambassador to AO/NZ to unleash this California congresswoman on trump.
    adern? collins? This is how it’s done.
    “The California congresswoman used the old-school device to win free Covid-19 testing for Americans and she’s not done yet.”
    Watching her peel that rich old crook like a grape is incredibly satisfying.
    This woman must become the first president of the USA.


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