ASB Finance Debate – why David Seymour could win ACT double figures

All slices of the same loaf

The ASB Finance Debate had the sort of white privilege only Queenstown can pull off.

This is the hyper elite tourism capital of the world and for the first time in their precious little lives the white volk of the South Island’s favourite gated playground are feeling the bite of economic insecurity that  everyone else has to live with.

You could hear the crackle of panic in the air from the albino audience fearful for their gold card membership points.

This is speculative Death Cult Capitalism at its lightest shade of pale.

Tova was the host which just seemed to be perfect for the brawl it often deteriorated into.

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This was set up, punch down TV and it was gloriously funny at points.

Grant held his own (and was right), Goldsmith looks way less credible than anyone first thought, James was missing in action and no one cared what the fuck Fletcher had to say.

The star performer was Seymour who was quick, funny and sang free market mythology the sweetest.

I mean, it’s all free market neoliberal garbage from a Party hijacked by gun fetishists and anti 1080 acolytes, but dammit, David knows his way around a sharp zinger.

His confidence and clear point of difference is the exact sort of thing that will woo disillusioned white male National voters and I think it was a good enough performance to carve off another 3% from National and gain ACT a double digit election result.

So, in terms of who won based on performance:

1st – David Seymour’s wit and false confidence. 

2nd – Grant Robertson for actually being right.

3rd – Paul Goldsmith only because James and Fletcher were fucking dreadful.

4th – James Shaw only because no one cares who or what Fletcher is.

5th – Fletcher Tabuteau – who is this guy? He sounds like a Belgian Accountancy Firm.

Neoliberalism without end was the winner on the night and democracy and the environment were the losers.


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  1. Well seemore will need his wit and self confidence cause he ain’t going to get any of his policies implemented just more vote wasting.

      • Waste a time being in parliament when you can’t get any policy wins it means your spin is just that spin. Greens will get back it but NZF gone by lunchtime.

        • Well then ACT will be the highest paid beneficiaries in the land.
          Given ACT’s policy on personal responsibility, they will all resign rather than be taking a benefit.

          • Bert,

            What are the two referendum you are voting on this election?

            About the one not involving smoking a drug. How do you think it got on the ballot?

  2. ‘Neoliberalism without end was the winner on the night and democracy and the environment were the losers.’

    How could it be otherwise when the event was run by neoliberals and participated in by neoliberals.

    Neoliberalism has won every battle….and is now in the process of losing the war.

    The beautiful irony of neoliberalism is that it is a self-defeating system. Every day that is loots a bit more resource (that is running out), generates a bit more waste (that no one knows what to do with), and conjures a bit money (that has no tangible backing) out of thin air to prop itself up, the weaker it becomes and the more vulnerable to collapse it becomes.

    Sure, these maniacs can ‘print’ money via computer systems and allocate portions of it to their bizarre pet projects. And their buddies overseas can still rig markets and keep up the pretence all is well… maybe for several more months.

    • All 3 Epsom Labour supporters already vote Goldsmith every election. The other 99.999% of Epsom constituents vote for whoever the Chinese Embassy tells them to.

  3. Firstly, and while trying my very hardest to be eloquent and polite but FUCK asb.
    What the fuck have they got to do with our politics and our economy?
    They’re one of the foul foreign four who stole $6 billion in NET profits out of our AO/NZ last financials while our homeless people rot and die in the gutters.
    How the fuck dare our politicians stand behind asb stamped podiums? If I was a politician there I’d a kicked the fucking thing over then dragged it outside then set fore to it.
    As for seymour? Cocaine works wonders on the witless and there must be bags of it in Queenstown when there’re no ski bunny tourists to suck it up.
    How could seymour stand there, unchallenged, as roger douglas’s traitorous bag man and cowering sycophant?
    douglas and his cronies have taken your kids birthrights away and pimped it to foreign banksters and foreign ‘investors’? Does that not stoke a rage in anyone else but me?
    Finally, as a film-O having spent much time in Queenstown here’s a little known factoid that many of you might not be aware of.
    The swankiest, grandest, most mansion-esque multi million dollar Mc Mansions there are owned by… ? You guessed it. Aucklanders, then foreigners who you fucking Aucklanders have sold us all out to. Most of the swankiest houses are mostly empty year round and yet are heated and maintained just in case their owners decide to Gulf Stream in for a spot of meth and whoring.
    Queenstown is gentrification 101. When I was a kid Queenstown was a pub and a dairy with a few cribs along the shore. What gives us the Queenstown of today is all outside money.
    Holding a political financial debate in Queenstown is an embarrassing obscenity considering the status of our most at risk.
    Grant Robertson? You spent your early years in Dunedin. Thus WTF?

  4. ‘Does that not stoke a rage in anyone else but me?’

    It did, countryboy, it did. And I spent 15 years fighting the bastards. And then I realised five things.

    1. They have almost infinite resources to generate propaganda (lies), and if they run short they can either print some more or steal some from us and use those resources against us. Whereas mine were (and still are) extremely limited.

    2. They own the media, and the garbage they churn out gets parroted daily, if not hourly by the [corrupt] media. On the other hand, the ‘gatekeepers; ensure that no fundamental truth gets anywhere near the broadcasting system

    3. The general populace is so dumbed-down that a large portion (the majority?) believe the bullshit churned out by the bastards.

    4. Anyone who seriously challenges the empire gets annihilated. Just look at how the empire has treated the truth-teller Julian Assange! Practically killed him, and still not content, the empire wants him to die behind bars for revealing the corruption, lies, cowardice etc. that characterise those who run the empire

    5. The system is self-defeating and will implode whether we take action to bring it down or not.

    The implosion is underway now.

  5. Judging by the reaction to Collins in the debate she has won the election already. With her recent annoyance of having to be put under pressure with very pertinent questions in some forums she thinks she should not have to answer i think the pressure has been applied to a number of journalists reminding them that the National party is all powerful even in opposition and be very very careful when it come to your career. The fact that a debate sponsored by the bank that is one of the worst examples of a foreign owned bank that strips billions of kiwi dollars back to its shareholders was i thought very fitting as the sponsor of this so called debate in the neoliberal holiday zone for rich farmers , foreign millionaires and Aucklanders. What an utter disgrace that we don’t have a debate in South Auckland or Porirua where poverty , economic cruelty and hungry children are the topics and the Sallies and Auckland Action Against Poverty are the sponsors in a fundraising form. And that is televised live !!! It sure as hell wont be covered during this campaign. David Seymour is an utter creep and you could be fooled for thinking that the whole performance was an utter waste of time and treated as a joke when it is anything but.

  6. ” The implosion is underway now ”
    This system always survives no matter what is thrown at it. Money is the most intoxicating of all the worlds drugs. The power wielded here is absolute and it always protects its young no matter what the threat is.
    The empire has grown and become all powerful. No implosion will kill it only make it stronger.

    • You seem to have forgotten, or never knew, that energy is the key to everything. Without energy nothing happens.

      Industrial humans have ripped through every easily-extracted form of energy -starting with wood, then good-quality coal, then poor-quality coal, then easy-to-extract oil, then hard to extract oil, then easy-to-extract natural gas, then hard to extract natural gas…and now the game jig is up.

      Every energy company and national energy enterprise is on the ropes with nowhere to turn.

      Sure, the mainstream media will keep churning out the bullshit about ‘the hydrogen economy’, or self-driving electric cars, mining asteroids, colonising Mars… blah, blah blah, because they need to keep the scientifically-illiterate masses believing the system has a future, otherwise the masses will stop buying crap and stampede to the ‘exits’.

      Now if the energy predicament were no enough, we are in the midst of Planetary Meltdown, which manifests in unprecedented damage to infrastructure and pumelling of he globalised industrial food system.

      And if that lot were not enough, there is the matter of out-of-control debts and deficits, temporarily kept at bay by continually dropping interest rates. Well, we as near as matters at ZERO interest now. And it’s still not working.

      And finally, there are hundreds of millions of people who have lost their employment permanently and are unable to pay rents, mortgages, rates, insurances etc.

      Since the system can only persist if there is perpetual growth, and here is no growth, just contraction, the system is on its last legs and cannot recover.

      that is exactly what Charles Hugh Smith wrote just a couple of months ago.

      ‘Not only will there not be a recovery, but there can’t be a recovery, as those brittle extremes have been lost for good’

      If you have some ACTUAL EVIDENCE the system can persist for more than a few more months (as opposed to unsubstantiated opinion) I’d like to hear about it.

      If your comment is just knee-jerk denial, I suggest you start thinking rationally.

      • ” If your comment is just knee-jerk denial, I suggest you start thinking rationally ”
        Don’t patronise me !!! just because i don’t agree with your so called implosion.
        The point i was making was the capitalist system survives because of greed which is a behaviour trait of a great deal of human beings.
        Yes there have been corrections as in the recent past 2008 come to mind but the downturn was not as severe as some earlier recessions and Wall st got bailed out.
        Neoliberalism and the market dominate most countries economic systems now that we are effectively globalised , there is no other alternative on the horizon even way down here.
        I totally agree that we are in serious trouble with the issues you highlighted but capitalism finds a way to adapt and keep control even during the current pandemic.
        There is as the neolibs like to point out no alternative and every man should never be denied the ability to become rich even when that means riding on the backs of the less fortunate to make sure they do.

  7. I think it is a case of Seymour saying what his audience wanted to hear.
    You are always popular when you do that.
    It doesn’t matter a jot whether it makes sense or not.

  8. The MSM gushing over Seymour has been disturbing, sort of like those women who fall in love with serial killers and send them love letters while they await execution. Seymour and his ilk have nothing to offer, they have been holding this country back for many years whilst also bludging millions off the tax payer. If you have that urge to shoot Muslims or road workers then vote for ACT.


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