Judith Collins – still a typical low-rent conservative – more a Muldoon than a Key


I was looking back at three blogs I’ve done on Judith Collins in earlier years and can’t see any reason to change my assessment of her politics.

From 2014 in the wake of her apology for misleading the country over use of her ministerial position to promote her husband’s Oravida:

For someone who worships Maggie Thatcher’s memory it must have been a shock for Justice Minister Judith Collins to have to apologise to the Prime Minister and the rest of us yesterday.

Instead she’s is a typical low-rent conservative with her intense personal dislikes disguised by weak self-discipline. In what I’ve read of her reported tweets she comes across as nasty and snide rather than shrewd or intelligent, small-minded and cheap rather than bold or decisive.

Collins would be a deeply polarising figure as a National Party leader or a Prime Minister – more of a Muldoon than a Key and it’s likely that just as many National Party members as the rest of us would have been delighted at the Prime Minister giving her a dressing down today.

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Also from 2014 in the wake of revelations she presented a police rort as a vindication of her role as Minister of Police:

Media reports confirmed by police show that five police officers – one a senior commander – were disciplined for rorting the crime figures in Counties Manukau in recent years. They did this apparently by wrongly classifying 700 crimes between 2009 and 2012 as either “incidents” – which aren’t recorded in crime statistics – or as crimes other than burglaries when they were burglaries. 

This happened when their local MP – Justice Minister Judith Collins – was also the Minister of Police.

Collins was thrilled with the reduction of burglaries in her electorate and trumpeted this in her electorate newsletter – called Collins’ Courier – which boasted about a 36.7 per cent drop in recorded burglaries from 2009-10 to 2010-11.

It seems local Counties-Manukau police were trying to please their new boss and have her bask in the warm glow of the safer local community she was helping create for her constituents.

Where Collins is deeply implicated in this rort on the public is that she was told about the false figures but did nothing – precisely nothing – about it. She made no public comment; didn’t correct the figures for us mere mortals; didn’t apologise to her local constituents; didn’t seek a wider review to ensure other police districts weren’t also under-reporting burglaries.

She was content to allow this misleading impression of crime in her local area to go unchallenged. She didn’t even pass this information on the incoming Minister of Police Anne Tolley.

She left us for suckers.

From 2012 after bold talk by Collins that she would regulate “alcopops” the woman whose political heroine was Maggie Thatcher caved in to corporate pressure:

If you ever wanted confirmation that government policy is made by politicians in closed-door meetings with corporate lobbyists rather than on the floor of parliament then the government decision to back down on regulating alcopops is proof positive.

This week Justice Minister Judith Collins caved in to the booze industry and decided not to regulate the most socially damaging alcohol products – alcopops or RTDs (ready to drink).

The government rejected the (Law) Commission’s proposed tax increase which would have pushed the price of RTDs up by 10%. Two years later the government appeared ready to at least regulate the strength of these drinks. Collins proposed setting a maximum alcohol content of 5% for RTDs to bring them closer to the alcohol level in beer rather than the up-to-8% level typically sold everywhere.

The industry reacted with loud complaints that this would be in breach of transtasman trade agreements. The government scoffed at the attack but then backed off the 5% and announced the alcohol level would be set at 6%. Still not good enough for the booze barons who secured a closed-door meeting with the Minister (Collins) and got her agreement the industry would be allowed to set its own rules for the size and strength of these lethal products.

Lethal indeed as the number of young New Zealanders killed through alcohol poisoning, alcohol-related car crashes and violent incidents testify.

Crusher Collins may have the balls to pick on boy racers but she’s gone weak at the knees facing the booze barons.

Who knows what went on in the Minister’s office – was her backdown associated with threats of withdrawing funding from National at the next election? Or was it a nod and a wink for a bigger donation next time?

Either way young, vulnerable New Zealanders are the losers.


  1. RDT at the moment are at 7% and have not changed under the COL in fact the amount of beer now over 5% has increased over the last 3 years .
    If the vote goes their way and they get power the Labour /Greens are set to introduce another legal drug to the market making workplaces and roads even more dsngerous

    • I’ll ask you this, Trevor what is National’s solutio,n given nothing, absolutely nothing they have done has decreased the fight on drugs, including easy access at the border, Raptor Strike Force bigger prisons. ? At least this is an attempt to control it as a health issue.

      Nationals going to do what again,?

      • I concider you as a thinking Labour voter who has come in contract with the down side of those that use marajuana. Like drink some can just enjoy the buzz but for others it causes depression and paranoia. The material put out for the referendum makes it all seem like a win win situation to legalize but those under 20 will still,want to buy and the illegal weed will be cheaper due to no GST
        or testing and fancy packaging costs so the gangs still have a huge market. One move National intend doing is putting mental health workers in police stations to help handle those that have been effected by drink or drugs. At the next meeting I will ask what the policy is on drink and in particular RDT and report back

        • Dont get me wrong Trevor, I see the effects of drugs and psychosis daily. However I also see how with good health intervention , people can be supported with their addictions. I agree with you that it is not a win win as described. What would our world look without drugs or alchohol?
          As I mentioned we seriously need a different approach.I liken Portugals drug policy in that it shifts the penalty for drug use from a punitive criminal focus to a health, treatment and reintegration focus. However it is still illegal to sell drugs and their are civil consequences. Our prison resources may actually benefit.

      • Bert, tell that to the Carterton balloonists and their families.
        Health issue my arse. This is to appease the stoners of the Greens as a thankyou from Labour for doing their bidding and being a faithful little lapdog.

        • One notible incident, balloons have crushed and burnt without rectional drugs being involved. If we are too criminalize activities that cause harm, we should have banned alcohol centuries ago. The amount of deaths and misery linked with alcohol availability and consumption is accepted by society and in my opinion is morally hypocritical.
          I recently visited Portugal, which treats drug use as a health issue, the same as alcohol abuse. The Portuguese change in law relating to illicit drug taking didn’t cause society to implode in a mass psychotic episode and the only troubling incident I experienced while visiting Portugal was a drunken local, who’s football team lost at home..
          So I’ll tick yes for decriminalization and hope the Police can concentrate on more pressing matters. And I voted National last election, but not this time.

        • So you are clearly anti guns then Oh yeah?

          Do you drink?
          It was a tragedy however your argument is already preconceived when you use terms like “stoners of the Greens”.
          You don’t vote right by any chance?

  2. And NZ’s corrupt corporate owned MSM will hardly bring up these points, other than to briefly mention them and swipe them aside to ‘show’ that they are irrelevant and mere conspiracy theory.

    In a free democratic and ‘open society’ NACT would get a 10% fringe vote, but with nearer ‘full spectrum propaganda’ they all too often get 30-40%.

    RIP NZ democracy and the supposed 4th estate.

  3. As this article illustrates, maybe Collins’ main threat is not her overt policies. Let’s face it, both the Nats and Labour in 2020 are neoliberal parties – with Labour we get neoliberalism + identity politics, whereas the Nats under Collins would deliver neoliberalism + “law and order”. The real threat that Collins poses is as a focus of corruption.

    She didn’t get dubbed “The Minister of Corruption” for nothing.

  4. Collins is Trump like. Her opening speech as leader. “we will take the country back”. and also “stop Jacinda’s nonsence” Remember crooked Hilary remarks from Trump. Same playbook.

    I am comforted that the Ardern stood up to the leader of the free world

  5. Underestimating the competition is always a mistake. Collins is quite smart and well educated. I see this kind of thing said about Trump who has quite the academic pedigree.

    I don’t see Muldoon in Collins. If she reminds me of anyone, its Ruth Richardson.

    As its stands we have a Labour party who are also neo liberal so choice may come down to personalities and public perceptions. So far Labours marketing has been sold but people also look at their performance and that’s not looking so pretty. Labour being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office is not a good look with voters, for example.

    That said, as I have said many times the real tragedy is the lack of real choice for voters.

    • Have a cup of tea Sean and sit down and watch National sinking.

      People do remember the ‘nine years of hell and sell-out’ under the last National Government and don’t want it back again, nor can NZ afford to have anything else flogged off for privatisation as we are still suffering from those effects today see here;


      CEAC Supports Complaint Of National’s Regulation System Of ‘Market Manipulation’ In Energy Sector
      Friday, 17 July 2020, 8:32 am
      Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
      CEAC Supports Winston Peters Complaint Of National’s Regulation System Of ‘Market Manipulation’ In The Energy Sector
      The Minister fo
      CEAC Supports Complaint Of National’s Regulation System Of ‘Market Manipulation’ In Energy Sector
      Friday, 17 July 2020, 8:32 am
      Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
      CEAC Supports Winston Peters Complaint Of National’s Regulation System Of ‘Market Manipulation’ In The Energy Sector
      The Minister for State-Owned Enterprises Winston Peters, has expressed shock and concern at the recent Electricity Authority Board’s preliminary finding that Meridian Energy was involved in an ‘undesirable trading situation’ during December 2019, Mr Peters added, ‘The John Key Government’s mixed-ownership model in the energy sector was always a recipe for disaster for consumers and so it is proving.
      CEAC has long been concerned about National Party policy of selling of our public assets to private interests, who have long shown no care for the wellbeing of the NZ public who they bought the asset from, without any regulatory systems to control ‘gerrymandered the market for profit’ as stated by Mr Peters.’’
      “Between December 3 and 18 last year Meridian spilled water from their hydro generation stations while simultaneously offering this generation into the spot market at prices above their short-run marginal cost.
      ‘It is utterly unacceptable that Meridian Energy have been found by the Electricity Authority to have, essentially, gerrymandered the market for profit, stated Mr Peters.
      ‘The Meridian Board Chair and Chief Executive have been told to front up to my office and explain themselves before the House rises on August 6.
      ‘It is a damning preliminary finding by the Electricity Authority and there is something very wrong with the regulation of the energy market when it takes a complaint for market manipulations to be investigated and acted upon.
      Mr Peters added, ‘The John Key Government’s mixed-ownership model in the energy sector was always a recipe for disaster for consumers and so it is proving.
      ‘Spilling water while generating below capacity resulted in higher wholesale prices as well as relying on more costly coal-fired generation out of Huntly power station.
      ‘As one complainant put it, the result of Meridian’s action was about 6000 tonnes of additional carbon emissions, the equivalent of about 50,000 Toyota Corollas chugging around our roads during that December period.
      ‘It is unsatisfactory and long-suffering energy consumers deserve better,’ ended Mr Peters.”
      CEAC response; – We now see the naked truth in the many problems encountered with the ‘The John Key Government’s mixed-ownership model’ ownership’ – of our public assets, and return to a former ‘state ownership of our assets is the only answer here.

    • I absolutely agree with yoour last comments Sean.

      I want compulsory voting BUT and it is a BIG BUT I want a ‘no confidence’ option in it.

      We don’t have a real left party at all.

    • @ Sean. The reason there’s no choice for voters is because voters can’t /won’t/don’t insist on change to get a go at a choice. There are reasons for that, of course. The natzo’s don’t want to float further from the dung barge they just fell off. It’s steaming away from them, leaving then adrift without a spin doctor to shove them in to our ears and down our throats. Although I see the natzo parasitised Zombie that’s RNZ’s giving it a decent go.
      Our politicians, particularly national, are like mad children who’ve just discovered daddies stash of P along with guns and knives.
      They’ll do anything. They’ll not give a fuck. I mean, clearly. Take a look at the last few days and weeks of nationals impressive range of cluster fucks? And out of that range of cluster fucks there rose a thatcher loving, double standards nut in a frock who’s educated well beyond her intelligence with below zero empathy and a gargantuan ego fuelled by greed that’d make the Koch brothers seem like generous old aunties at Christmas time. ( I know one of them’s dead. What ever. )
      I’m cautiously backing off on being critical of Adern and her MP’s because of the way they handled c-19 but also they all seem to get along. That, is vital to focusing on getting things done without bitchy back stabbing dramas slowing down the works. collins is THE bitchy back stabber and if the mope got in, God forbid! That’d be all we’d get. Day in and day out. Nasty, spiteful, snarky, poisonous puffs of toxic gas coming out of the gnashing gap below and between a pair of jagged mechanical eyebrows.
      Honest to God. People must give Adern and her lot another go. Getting a judith in would be a horrific disaster at this point. At any point, actually..
      Perhaps Labour is still tainted by neoliberals. It’s no surprise really because that kind of stain will be hard to launder out. It’ll take time and planning. Our primary industry infrastructure, our societies, our police, our hospitals, our communications, our msm, our natural resources etc, etc have all been derailed and mangled by greedy, traitorous scum. For over 36 years! Let that sink in?
      And remember? Lange was a good guy. He would have never suspected a small, be-whiskered pig flesh harvester to amass enough minions within Lange’s caucus to allow douglas back into parliament. Remember quigly, little dick prebble who’d been thinking? “Lest we forget” because this is war.
      Mandatory voting? Yep. Now. Thanks.

  6. 31 billion into infrastructure does not sound low rent, John.
    Selling state houses despite the promise not to…now that is low rent.

    • Should’ve been a lot,lot less than 31 billion given they spent zero on infrastructure in their previous 9 years, now that really is low rent!

      And tell me why Collins wants to stop investment into the Super fund to save ? dollars over 4 years.
      Then explain to me why National stopped investing into the fund during their so called Rockstar years?

      Not all of us have 15 property investments we can rely on when we retire!

  7. The government just has to keep asking Judith and her bunch of lame ducks what their policies are on housing, environment, and selling off of property to foreign interests and that should keep them floundering about where they are until elections are over

    • Jacinda should ask how 31 Billion for more four lane roads for freight trucks around the country is going to lower our GHG emisions as they are rising as we speak?

      At least the Labour coalition have a poicy to spend equal amounts for both rail and road in the next ten years not just roads, so they have a balanced transport policy not a one sided trucking policy as National have.

      Why should the NZ taxpayer only subsidise the private owned road industry??????

      Best make them pay their own way eh?l

      National are still carrying on as tar seal maniacs long after Steven Joyce is gone..

      • National – the party for 20/20 hindsight.
        And nostalgia.
        I didn’t bother looking: anything about making internal travel both green and affordable? Better fuels than oil-based and expensive electricity?
        About jobs for the present and future? That actually serve the current shape of familes? Gives opportunities for women and seniors?
        About infrastructure for developing business possibles coming out of research and invention?
        Anything NEW? Or are they still hunting for the invisible hand of a teeny tiny backward looking business sector?

      • If Jacinda had announced that 31 Billion, you would all call her a LEGEND and a VISIONARY’!!!!!

        Hahaha you make me laugh. Judith just stole the ‘infrastucture’ platform from Labour. Brilliant!

        • Herman , I like your comment that Judith stole Labour’s infrastructure policy, just demonstrates National is breathed of political direction of their own and confirms a commonly held opinion that Judith is capable of dishonesty. Cheers for your amusing trolling rant though.

        • @ herman? You’re an idiot. Thank God you’re on national’s side. They need all the dead weight they can’t carry.

  8. She’s been softening her image prior to her election but she was implicated in dirty politics and was slap-dash arch-conservative. Her published views on climate change — or everything — are absurd. Those kids on their seesaws and slides she’s willing to shovel into the furnace of rising temperatures.

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