UPDATE – MEDIA WATCH: Oh it’s ‘1984’ now is it Dunne, you sanctimonious Bow tied scumbag


I’m sorry, what the actual???

NZ an Orwellian society, says ex-MP

New Zealand has become an “Orwellian” society under the Covid-19 lockdown rules and the country needs to quickly return to a Parliamentary-led democratic state, says former MP Peter Dunne.

Dunne said he never thought he would see a New Zealand where citizens were being encouraged to “snitch” on their fellow Kiwis – and had actively done so over the past four weeks.

He said such a move reminded him of George Orwell’s 1984 and what a totalitarian society would look like. “And it’s not New Zealand,” he said.

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You lying little scumbag- NZers ‘snitch’ on beneficiaries ALL THE TIME and are encouraged to with constant promotion of their secret 0800 nark line! We even still allow prisoner snitches to sell ‘jailhouse confessions’ to frame people!

It’s just this time it’s aimed at your class & that’s your real problem arsehole!

Oh it’s 1984 now is it love?

Who the fuck ‘sold’ his one vote to John Key when Key was ramming mass surveillance laws under a misuse of urgency you sanctimonious prick?

Oh that’s right Peter YOU DID!

But it’s 1984 now because you’ve been inconvenienced is it?

It wasn’t 1984 when you sold your vote to John Key to ram through mass surveillance laws?

It wasn’t 1984 when you were the one vote that stopped hungry children from being fed at school when you killed off MANA’s Feed The Kids Bill?

It wasn’t 1984 when your system denied Helen Kelly the Medicinal Cannabis she was seeking ease her suffering from late stage cancer?

I’m so glad this sanctimonious Bow tied scumbag was left Parliament.

UPDATE:  For challenging his obscene record and bullshit claims of this being ‘1984’, Peter Dunne just called me ‘Human Trash’ on twitter – this has honestly been the highlight of the lockdown so far.


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  1. Very and succinctly said, Martyn… he IS a sanctimonious little prick. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Oh , .. and a scumbag as well.

    But he bit the dust just like National did. Now, .. more importantly,… whats for lunch?

    • ” he IS a sanctimonious little prick”
      Of course he is.
      No point in getting too exercised about it though – there’s a lot of it about these days in our little ole nation of NuZull that punches above its weight.
      Dunne is the least of them but they’re all desperately trying to remain relevant – there are others (Geez Wayne for example). Unfortunately they’re often aided and abetted by a large portion of people professing mebership to the 4th Estate.
      Someone should give him a knighthood or even an “OM” for services to the ideology of the colour beige , and he might just go away. Either that or a full lobotomy – they only managed to capture the part of the brain that deals with imagination and critical thought last time

      • Go for broke, mate, – I don’t recall myself or OnceWasTim ever advocating family’s sleeping in cars and dying in cold, substandard moldy houses from preventable third world diseases, – but if that’s how you like to roll and like your politicians and those who support them, go for it.

        • Wow, you can write a sentence without it being laced with profanity! well done…
          Jacinda might want you on the team again..

      • Maaaaate! He was a sanctimonious little prick even at college.
        Thankfully his electorate opted for something a damn sight better even if he is a bit of a reformed bovver boy.
        You’re welcome to the bow tie. You can worship him and his words of wisdom for all I care

      • Ross Matthews You have hit the right note for a right winger with no useful enlightening comment to make; keep it short and succinct – put up a cliche’.

    • Some blame goes to Labour and the Greens for splitting the Ohariu vote so the slimeball got in, and more that once the idiots

      • blame goes to Labour and the Greens for splitting the Ohariu vote

        When will they learn?
        “No deals” sounds idealistic on the face of it. But the reality is just what John has written – they are splitting the vote of the “Left”. By so doing, they’re limiting our options, removing the possibility of voting for a bi-partisan Left wing candidate.

  2. Finding myself in disagreement with you on a number of things lately Martyn, but on this i agree totally. It has always struck me as the eighth wonder of the modern world, that the people of ohariu continued every three years to elect “i don’t care as long as i’m there” dunne. The number of radio/television stations that still wheel this pratt out for his bs opinions still astonishes me.

  3. Dunne is a scum bag in how he voted while in parliament, but have to agree with him a little on the snitching side, NZ is starting to get a bit Stasi and sort of encourage an Orwellian society.

    • The issue though is his Hypocrisy. And a massive hypocritical scum bag he is indeed. As Martyn has stated NZ has been snitching for some time. It isn’t as you say” starting”.Just think Paula Bennett saveNZ and tell me I”m wrong.

    • @ SaveNZ.
      I don’t think snitching as such is an AO/NZ thing. I think it’s a human being condition.
      Remember helen clark’s best buddy jenny shipley promoting a ‘dob in you neighbour’ thing just after that most notorious infection; neoliberalism?
      She encouraged people to peer over peoples fences for Pot growing and make notes if a single parent had a lover/s stay for more than three days, I think it was?
      dunne’s a fascist little foot soldier to those who get a stiffy off the suffering of others and he’s not going to let hypocrisy get in the way of a good story.
      George Orwell wrote a book titled ‘Down and Out In Paris and London’.
      Clearly, pete’s never read it.
      For you Boy Tie Boy. Dislodge your flat foot from your mean little mouth-hole and read this.
      ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’
      “Down and Out in Paris and London is the first full-length work by the English author George Orwell, published in 1933. It is a memoir[2] in two parts on the theme of poverty in the two cities, which was written deliberately in a non-academic tone. Its target audience was the middle and upper class members of society—those who were much likely to be well educated—and exposes the poverty existing in two prosperous cities: Paris and London. The first part is an account of living in near-destitution in Paris and the experience of casual labour in restaurant kitchens. The second part is a travelogue of life on the road in and around London from the tramp’s perspective, with descriptions of the types of hostel accommodation available and some of the characters to be found living on the margins.”

      • Agree country boy, roll on a simple UBI for NZ citizens and long term (aka 20+ years) residents and get rid of the draconian state control and declarations of relationships for DPB and super and the multitude of benefits that are so complicated you have to be a corporate welfare accountant to calculate your entitlements….

  4. There is a crucial difference between snitching to the Stasi and trying to minimise time at Level 4 by reporting gatherings. The first benefits a hostile state. The second benefits all people living in NZ in extraordinary times.

  5. There is a crucial difference between snitching to the Stasi and trying to minimise time at Level 4 by reporting gatherings. The first benefits a hostile state. The second benefits all people living in NZ in extraordinary times.

  6. Ba ahahaha aha ahaha !
    This, is one of those rare moments when like minds coalesce. ( Yours and mine. With respect. x )
    dunne is a perfect example of how dangerous recreational drugs really are.
    Namely, of how dangerous it may be if we can’t get our hands on any because there’s a clear and present danger of turning into a peter dunne without them.
    Imagine? Being that dumb plus being that fucking ugly plus being that mean plus being that ignorant?
    See children? That’s what happens to funny old men who live clean, pure, Calvinistic lives?
    There will be actual Scum out there saying ” OMG! Scum kind has been likened to peter dunne! How dare they! ? ”
    The cold, harsh reality is that he, and his kind, don’t deserve our deliberation.
    Moving on.
    RIP dear Helen Kelly.

    • Pretty sure Dunne is a Roman Catholic CB. So more of the Spanish Inquisition style of sanctimony and not the grim humourless Calvinism (protestant- ism)

      • Shona. Correct. Back in my church going days, Dunne attended Mass at St Mary of the Angels, and he used to slip out before the end – I assumed he left to avoid having to mingle and risk having us sight his clay feet ; that was in his vainglorious kiss curl days; Jim Bolger attended in the same time frame, and apparently he was pleasant.

        Meanwhile, Bill English causes traffic jams at St Teresa’s on the main road in Karori as he attends Saturday night confessions to negotiate divine forgiveness, before he takes his last breath, and descends into that circle of hell reserved for politicians to spend eternity together. That’s why the gods created an ever-expanding universe
        did you know ? For politicians, paedophiles, and overseas students who cut the pages out of reserved library books with razor blades.

        • …” and overseas students who cut the pages out of reserved library books with razor blades”…

          OH MY GOODNESS !!!

          Wouldn’t Jehovah smile gently at the wee urchin from all backgrounds doing the same out of the Good Book at the church library? Both Catholic and Protestant churches?

          Surely He would,… surely !!!

          I know He would . 🙂

          • Wild Katipo

            Well He did something terrible – I can’t remember what – to the Israelites who worshipped a golden calf – and let that be a lesson to all the money-worshipping neolibs – they’ll get smote and smitten one way or another – but all wee urchins are ok in the eyes of gods:

            I’ll ask the next wee urchin I see whether he has stolen any pages from books in churches lately, and if he says,”No,” I shall smile benignly and say, “Why not, my child ? ” That should do it.

            Keeping in mind free will, I won’t tell him what an ex-colleague instructed me last week, to ask Jesus into my heart, causing me to abruptly terminate her telephone call. Keep things simple. I’m Buddhist anyway.

            • Aye well I’m not Buddhist and I certainly hope you do ask the next wee urchin and smile benignly , – my crime was to look for and find coins with my cousin when we were around 8-9 years old at the back of the Salvation Army pews between the cushions and the backing until me Mother told us not to…” Oooo… free money” we thought ,…but it didn’t lead to a life of high piracy as far as I can tell…

              • Wild Katipo All is not lost. You can still pop along to the Op Shops when they re-open, and quietly slide your arms down the backs and sides of sofas while testing them, and feel for coins, combs, nail files, and diamond brooches, just don’t get your arm stuck, OK?

                Our local Sallies doesn’t have CCTV cameras, but you could casually ask them whether they do, before you start.

                I’d do it on a Monday when they’re busy processing the weekend dumpings – you could offer to help them with that too – they’re often looking for men to help haul the heavy stuff.

                If you’re a woman, that’s ok, just smile politely and say, “I’m sorry I’m not a man.”

                If you’re not sure what you are, you could just say,’I’m a Greenie,” or, maybe ask, “Do you know what I am ?”

                You sound too old to be a crook, but do keep in mind that Chloe said experience doesn’t count.

                I could have been a first rate criminal, but I left it far too late, although I did shop lift a water pistol when I was about 7. (To be cont.)

                • Nay , and I’m not too old to beat 20-30 somethings at their own video games either, …

                  Or still put a very convincing shoulder /elbow lock on them if they play up either. (See paragraph 4 )

                  Or to fly a bloody rocket ship to Mars if I was trained and such a thing existed, – the question is ,…would I want to?

                  And maybe I tend to not want to be a crook anymore once I’ve all grow’d up because I ended up being qualified as a head of security instead.

                  That said, I feel I may have missed my calling.

                  I should have been a librarian.

                  There , I would have found an inexhaustible wealth secured snugly nestled between the couches folds of the type universally found in most respectable municipal library’s.

                  Sort of like a land based beach comber , you know?

                  And pens, – I’m sure there would be a veritable treasure trove of pens. Ones that don’t run out of ink when you go to use them.

                  One can never have enough pens, especially when someone rings up and you need to quickly scrawl things down.

                  Like addresses and phone numbers and such.

                  I think me dear old Mum ( still around at age 93 ) missed the point of why we did it and the vital importance of early childhood experimental deductive reasoning in the modern age…

                  In my house there is a hook.

                  And on that hook hangs my car keys.”Hang it on the hook and you know where to look”.

                  Not for me hours of unnecessary anguish of where my bank card or car keys may be, delayed appointments or frantic calls to the bank cancelling my details,… nor reaching for the phone after searching the internet for the local ghostbuster to take EMF measurements.

                  I know EXACTLY where to head to conduct a simple search to find said items to get on with the rest of my day…

                  • WK – A long long time ago I worked briefly for the Country Library Service, in Christchurch.

                    We were not allowed to converse while we worked. But we did. We also had our lockers searched, and random bag searches as we left, to see if we had pilfered books. No comment.

                    Pens gravitate to women’s handbags. I once found 14 in mine, with no idea of how most of them got there. It still happens. It’s a kind of magic.
                    Get a handbag.

                    Your mum is a great age and must have done things right with you and be more proud of you than Mrs Dunne is of Peter – you haven’t done the things that Dunne’s done.

      • St Bede’s – according to legend (that I’d trust more than I would the word of the Bowtie) not unknown for a priest to masturbate whilst administering the cane.

        Apparently we should all bow down though and see this particular specimen as some sort of age (like a few others), purely because they’ve made a name for themselves.
        Fuck ’em! especially the hypocrites and bullshit artists amongst them.
        I long for a Whurl when that sort of shit is no longer now ‘normal’.
        Someone PLEASE! – give him a bloody knighthood – at the very least it’s give wifey something to be proud of

    • I dunno looks kinda blazed in that pic. I think it shows the myth that drugs affect the behaviour of users, pricks are pricks what ever they smoke for breakfast,

  7. My late father in law used too call Dunne a ” political prostitute ” because he would go with anyone too ensure he could keep feathering his own nest.

    The support Dunne gave too Key said a lot about what type of creature he is.

    He conveniently turned his head and ignored the dirty politics and tactics his PM and others were orchestrating.

    He then supported the appalling measures used too destroy Keys enemies like Nicky Hagar and his former colleague Phil Goff.

    Ignoring Keys disgusting behaviour with the waitress whose hair he pulled and never called that out as not acceptable behaviour for a elected PM too be engaging in.

    He held a crucial vote in the asset sales programme which he watched pass into law.

    And just too refresh everyone’s memory this from wikipedia.

    “In mid-2013 Dunne refused to hand over all 86 emails between himself and Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance relating to the inquiry into the leaking of Rebecca Kitteridge GCSB report following its illegal spying on Kim Dotcom. Prime Minister John Key told Dunne that if he would not co-operate with the inquiry he would have to resign his ministerial positions – which he did on 7 June.[19] However, in December 2013 Parliament’s powerful Privileges Committee found that Dunne was entirely within his rights to decline the Henry Inquiry access to his emails. It further described the actions of the Henry Inquiry as “unacceptable”, “mystifying” and “unprecedented”. The committee found “failure at many levels”, particularly as to why the Speaker of the House was not consulted, or at least informed, about the requests and information releases.[20] In December 2014 the Chief Ombudsman ruled that the emails did not contain official information and were therefore not required to be released.

    On 28 January 2014, Dunne was reinstated as Minister of Internal Affairs, Associate Minister of Health, and Associate Minister of Conservation. He retained his portfolios on 29 September 2014 after he signed his third confidence and supply agreement with National Party leader John Key.

    • Dunne refused to hand over all 86 emails between himself and Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance relating to the inquiry into the leaking of Rebecca Kitteridge GCSB report following its illegal spying on Kim Dotcom.

      Funny you should say that, Mosa. An even more incomprehensible (read downright nasty) piece of writing (read twisted propaganda) appeared recently in The Guardian, with quotes, cites or opinions from Vance, painting Jacinda as destroying “democracy” in NZ. It was beyond bizarre. I often keep copies of interesting commentaries such as that, but this one was just too “yuck”, and I just backed away.

      However with your reminder of Vance’s role in that other treachery, …think I might take a deep breath and search it out again for reference.

      • Okay, here’s the link: Democracy is Under Threat”

        Another senior journalist, Andrea Vance, also suggests the daily briefings are inadequate: “… it’s unsatisfactory because, at present, it’s really our only chance to ask questions. They can’t be detailed, they can’t contain specific answers, and they are rarely allowed to be followed up. They concentrate all newsgathering from official sources into one narrow time slot, and into the hands of a few figure heads.”

        This concentration of power in the prime minister’s office is coming under increasing criticism, and our parliamentary system of government has quickly become more presidential.

        This Opinion Piece is just that, the opinions of various disaffected NZ journalists who have recently been experiencing the ground shifting under their feet. Think Bauer etc. In my humble opinion, many of these journos held waaaay too much sway over NZ politics, for too long a time. For one thing, remember the “Jacinda sex scandal” that was created and broadcast to the world by these “bright minds” (yes, definitely sarcasm).

  8. I agree with you on Dunne’s record and blatant hypocrisy.
    But I take some issue with anyone describing reporting of people suspected of breaking lockdown as “snitching”.
    First, this is a silly American term so I don’t why we should use it here.
    “Snitching” minimises what is actually happening. People are contacting police when they are concerned that other people are breaking lockdown. When people break lockdown for no good reason they are potentially endangering lives – either their own or others.
    Endangering lives is a bit more serious than telling police that someone is illegally parked, for example.
    Inevitably there will be a few that will use the opportunity to satisfy longstanding grudges against others, but personally I would rather have a bit of “snitching” than have idiots congregating in my neighbourhood and putting others in danger.

    • +1
      I wouldn’t worry about the “snitching” bit though. “Going Forward”; pivoting; platforming; hard and soft landings; we’re facing ‘headwinds’; on the back of ………… are all part of the language of the market, the market.
      Whenever I hear the terms used, there’s a good chance there are bullshit artists behind it – often trying to pull a bluff

  9. That really is rich from the self-appointed genius who brought us synthetic cannabis, which turned out to be more like crack cocaine than weed.

    He’s probably sulking because he’s missed out on his taxpayer-funded jaunt to Europe this year.

  10. Martyn, – Peter Dunne obviously has dementia and memory loss thats clear.

    Why does the MSM drag out this moron, out of the closet as a ‘media panel member’ for political chit chat is beyond me!!!!!!

        • Rubbish ! ,- I’m sure a few Green back bencher MP’s got bored a few times and threw paper darts at each other… and its faster than getting up and walking over to ones colleagues to confer with them…

          And environmentally friendly too…

        • That was the ‘old’ greens the new ones are constantly distracted by twitter warfare, a new woke interpretation of Green which seems to be more about hating landlords and pushing the whanau into ‘warm, dry’ business controlled overpriced apartments and hotels (often unwillingly) than anything environmental. Outdoors is so cold and damp after all, who needs a state house garden, when you can swap it for nothing to quasi council/charity controlled private business!

          New Green deal vision which has an anti environmental edge, eagerly snapped up by construction firms, social bond takers, MSM whose main backers are big business, Wellington Twitterati and related PR firms.

          Unfortunately for Greens none of the above vote for the Greens their policy supports the Natz vision!

  11. Dunne’s sanctimonious comments make me wonder – has someone snitched on him? Any indications my nasty mind might have sussed it?

    Snow White, I like you more than ever.

  12. Dunne is degenerate life imitating art, complete with doublethink and newspeak. You can’t advocate for personal privacy while being responsible for mass surveillance. You just can’t.

  13. Bomber:
    > For challenging his obscene record and bullshit claims of this being ‘1984’, Peter Dunne just called me ‘Human Trash’ on twitter

    A classic example of how unenlightened people see themselves reflected in others 😉

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