A part-time Prime Minister, a pretty communist, a sex assault conspirator and an anti-Semite all walk into a bar…

Doesn't have a functioning understanding of the word 'communist'

A part-time Prime Minister, a pretty communist, a sex assault conspirator and an anti-Semite all walk into a bar and the barman looks up and says, ‘What is this, a joke’?

So far the feral NZ right have accused Jacinda of being a part time Prime Minister, a pretty communist, covering up a sex assault and being an anti-Semite.

When the Left criticised John Key, it was because his office was deeply involved in dirty politics, his office colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service to falsely smear the leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election, he lied about mass surveillance and he attacked journalists who criticised him.

Compare those righteous evaluations of abuse of power by the Left against Key to the petty and spitefulness of the Rights attack on Jacinda.

Some on the Left might alienate with their wokeness, but the Right are the truly malicious ones here.

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  1. They have now re-focussed their attacks, on Trevor Mallard, in a more hard-hitting way, determined to try and take him out.

    (I think they may have realised their attacks on Jacinda were becoming too overtly bullying for the wider public to stomach, so they’ve eased off for the moment. Also, sorry to say it, but the “Left” have been far more efficient at that than the “right” ever were. So, why should they bother.)

  2. Remember this?
    Trev and Tutanekai

    Trevor quietly became a global hero around that time – The world loved him (and Tutanekai).

    How to shake off such an asset for Labour, in the run-up to the election?
    The Dirty Politics machine is now powering up and grinding on…

  3. I was having a beer with my neighbours this afternoon and we got onto the subject of NZ politics.
    Now they are both hard and fast Tories and I am not (obviously), which makes for some interesting discussions.
    But when we got onto the subject of Jacinda Adern’s leadership they both admitted she had shown true leadership in very challenging circumstances, and surprised me by saying that they thought Labour would win again this year if she led them into the election.
    Other people I talk to at work say much the same thing.
    My point is that I think the anti-Jacinda bile is not a grass roots thing – it is the mad rabid lunatic fringe of the right that have realised that they now have a real battle on their hands to regain the Treasury benches.
    They are scared!

  4. When the campaign proper begins in earnest around August nobody from the Nasty Natz had better knock on my door asking for my vote.

    They will bloody well get read their history and then some.

  5. We’ve seen the effect of nonsense in America — destroyed it, and likely will destroy us. And Rupert’s Sky and the media in Oz talking the same. And Steven Mills saying nothing is wrong here in Roger Douglas’s NZ regularly on National Radio, as the spokesman for the Left!

    We do know it’s either socialism or the highway don’t we? The powerful certainly do. And that fascism is their dog that the Left leaves the door open for. ‘Winter of Discontent’ mental-cases. It’s either the people or the powerful, and none of our leaders know how to fight.

    • And that fascism is their dog that the Left leaves the door open for.

      That is one of those lightbulb moments… (Reading Sums’ sentence again)

      There’s a danger of that happening here in AO/ NZ. When the Left don’t get everything they/ we want, exactly as and when they/ we want it, then they seem to prefer to turf out the lot and so let would-be fascists quietly walk in and take over. (Do we really want Teddy “Final Solution” Locsin as our new “privileged to meet him” best buddy? Just because we haven’t quite got everything we may have wanted from a 3-way Coalition functioning under time constraints?)

      I say “they” but I include myself in that. I call out those things that bug me that are still not done or not completed, and I will continue to do so! However, there’s a fine line between calling out situations that really are ‘wrong’ and in need of urgent change, …and just generally expressing dissatisfaction with some aspect of life that may be the reality of the present situation that has to be accepted, at least for the time being.

      Also, I think it’s helpful to focus on specific things that need to be changed and that are able to be changed. Eg, raising beneficiary payments as a new bottom line, or looking more closely at land sales to overseas buyers, etc. …Rather than simply throwing around a lot of blame at whoever seems to be an easy target, and generally trashing that person. How is that helpful to bringing about a positive change?

      If you tie it to specifics, especially where it is that person’s Ministerial responsibility, particularly where you can show that a situation needs changing and that it really is that person’s responsibility to do something about it, …then change is more likely. (Eg, Kelvin Davis is Tourism Minister. Kelvin, where are the toilets? And, why are you allowing tens of thousands more tourists to fly into the Lakes area, via a second tourism-specific airport, when their sewage, their crap, is overflowing into our lakes? WHY? It is not good enough. And, tourists need toilets, dammit. On all our most scenic spots. That is not too difficult to sort out!!)

  6. The neo-fascist Right wing-dings are, indeed, loathsome but can I ask you, in all seriousness, what’re the moral differences between AO/NZ’s Right Wing and AO/NZ’s Left Wing?
    Fundamentally, they appear to be exactly the same thing to me. What am I missing …??? That’s a serious question.
    “Lets do this? ” Lets do fucking what? What did Adern mean by the ‘this’ you told us you were going to help us…’do’ ? Again… Do what ? What? What, do we ‘do’ ?
    The disintegration and defilement of our beautiful AO/NZ and by association the collective ‘us’ has been as invasive and deadly as cancer. We’ve been heated up slowly like a frog in a kettle until we’re cooked while crooks still make off with our shit. ( $5 billion in net profit by the four foreign owned banksters went off-shore anyone?)
    To repair the damage that’s been done to us requires seriously urgent, immediate and direct action. Not all this fucking about.
    Living in AO/NZ is as mad-bizarre as, say, going to a fabulous restaurant and feasting on a wonderful meal while just over there, behind that table, there are wretched hungry, homeless people huddled in a corner watching us belch and fart.
    What the fuck’s wrong with us ! ? That we countenance our political wankers lying and pretending and wasting our fucking time while people like us, just a little less lucky, are living out a fucking horror story on a rich country!
    How is that defensible? What is the argument FOR that?
    While we might point our smug fingers at the wankers out there lording it over us, it is in fact we who should sharpen the fuck right up and fight for change.
    ” She’s A Pretty Communist”
    No, she isn’t. She’s a pretty [sic] capitalist and look back over the years to see where that’s got us.
    When capitalism becomes unfettered by a socialist contract system, i.e. a collective Union of workers, capitalism becomes diseased by the very worst elements of human nature. Capitalism becomes a sick monster.
    Capitalism becomes like us. A predominance of that which we hate the most.
    I say compulsory voting and compulsory union membership encompassing primary-industry agriculture.
    Then, lets see what harm ‘capitalism’ can try to do to us.
    In the mean time we’re fucked and they don’t care that we know that.

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