On NZ First’s current funding ‘scandal’


Is it just me, or is the media feeding frenzy over NZ First’s supposed donations sins far worse than the JLR accusations over National’s donations scandal that are actually with the Serious Fraud Office?

Look, I certainly could believe that there is a well worn path between the Industry interests that NZ First has championed and worked hard to keep regulation free and NZ First’s donations and while I certainly expect NZ First has shat all over the spirit of the law, I would be genuinely surprised if they have been dumb enough to actually break the law.

If NZ First has broken the law, throw the book at NZ First, but I remember recently when the media were breathlessly insinuating that the Prime Minister not only knew about a serious sexual assault but that she had actively covered it up………..so I think I’ll wait for the full facts before calling for the hanging of Winston.


  1. Agreed Martyn.
    The hypocrisy coming from the National party and in particular, Bridges” is appalling. The fact that Bridges can spout vile on this given his history, shows just how damaged Bridges is.

  2. Meanwhile as we wait for the outcome the damage is done.

    Bridges has got a cheek demanding an independent inquiry when
    1 They are facing an ongoing investigation with the SFO
    2 They never undertook inquiries or investigations when they blatantly broke the law on a number of occasions before and after 2008 !!!

    • Mosa – True, but people don’t know about the SFO inquiry, they just hear what Simon says. It works. His bleating about PM Ardern picking that chap up at the airport is nonsensical when there was nothing else she could be doing about the Peters allegation, but it makes her look like a good time girl, and that works too. He’s not going to get any better either.

  3. Playing ‘whataboutry’ on National’s donations does take away the fact that there were large anonymous donations from primary industry figures that went to fund NZFirst party activities via the NZFirst Foundation, which is run by Winston’s personal lawyer (who also happens to be the party’s judicial officer) and the party founder and current lobbyist Doug Woolerton.

    But there is no corruption in New Zealand! (sarc)

    • Ada – Did you read what Mosa wrote ? There is actually an investigation going on into NZ First donations – so don’t worry too much about it. And anyway, that’s not the issue.

      (The only corruption I know of in recent NZ history is the corruption which has been exposed and documented by Nicky Hagar- but I don’t know everything.)

  4. The Kiwi-as crooks in Nu Zillind would have to work bloody hard at breaking the laws they themselves have written to make their crookedness more palatable to us, the Zombies of the neoliberal apocalypse.
    It’s this writers learned opinion that Winston Peters is a dodgy little crook. If he’s coming unstuck from the criminal-political underclass we’ve been blinded to, and one he’s been cloned from, he’s past his use-by date. Therefore, under a bus he goes.

    • Concur. Winston has more then proven he is a bully, dodgy, a crook, a master of manipulating the weak of mind and he’s done so on many occasions.

      This thread clearly shows how good he is at that manipulation.

  5. +1000 Dirty politics has started in earnest, no doubt the money Simple Simon was looking for in China recently paid off.

    At the end of the day, the East is looking pretty full of people, and the Pacific is looking like an easy place to expand to. An excellent option for countries like China and India and our governments are all for it, with visa offices around the world closing NZ visa offices, while the NZ visa offices in Mumbai and Shanghai are still touting for visas even after the large amount of frauds detected….

    The issue is, when you look at the state of democracy and freedom of speech and corruption and pollution and lack of welfare in the above countries… is that really want the majority of people living in NZ including the recent migrants presumably trying to escape that, want here?

    And without a MSM to point that out, it seems that the 1% people’s personal interests in NZ and overseas countries, are leading our government policy!

  6. The last tine I saw Winston playing Chess was when he repayed his over payment and Meteria Turie didn’t. Nah this is just bullying and I don’t think its that detrimental to NZFirst political fortunes.

  7. So over this idiot called Simon Bridges who deems himself and the NZ National Party as being absolute perfect and without sin, blame, fault, mistakes etc.etc.etc even in the 9 long years they were in government. To deem themselves as being perfection is the HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE.

    I figured today that it appears when a National Party MP or a National Party supporting fringe party like ACT eg John Banks; gets involved in such things as split donations etc that the so-called leader of National will turn a blind eye and claim there is no evidence of wrong-doing by say John Banks or Todd McClay. It’s like National MPs can do whatever they want, when they want, towards anyone and get away with it.

    But when something comes up in regards to donations by an MP that National deems to be their enemy/enemies then National and their dimwit current leader will claim that Jacinda SHOULD do something.

    Today Bridges in his pen-ultimate state of stupidity says Jacinda should be dealing with the NZ First matter instead of driving a guy around town.

    Not a peep out of Simon Bridges when John Key was courting Prince William at a BBQ and swigging beer straight out of the bottle. Not a peep out of Simon Bridges when a National MP double dipped or lied to the potential voters in a pre-election promise. Not a peep out of Simon Bridges when the bullies in National were making employees lives a misery in say Paul Foster Bell’s office etc.

    Seems Bridges thoughts really need to be consigned to the rubbish bin. Mind you the rubbish bin is probably where Simon Bridges should be consigned to as well. SO BLOODY OVER THE VILLAGE IDIOT SIMON BRIDGES NOW.

    Really NZ National Party you need to get rid of such an idiot. He is making a mockery of National on a daily basis. Mind you perhaps National SHOULD keep him as their leader as it will ensure no votes at the next election.

    • JustMe – Bridges is coming unstuck. Publicly. Good. He was reprimanded in Parliament today for his bad behavior, and rightly so. He’s starting to look out of control. Or the real Bridges is showing now, and he’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Christmas has come early – thanks no doubt to the two dozen odd little elves who are his advisors. Gotta laugh.

  8. I think this will be very damaging for the Coalition Government. A lot of parallels to the Owen Glenn donations which pretty much sank Winston and HC along with him.

  9. I wonder why David Seymour is not remembering the time when previous ACT Leader John Banks requested of Kim Dotcom for split donations???!!!
    Does it indicate David Seymour is having a memory fade or is it really selective amnesia?
    Pity no-one has reminded David Seymour of John Banks but then perhaps Seymour is depending upon ordinary NZers having very short memories.
    I bet Simon Bridges has also conveniently forgotten about the John Banks request but that be because John Banks was a National supporter whereas Winston Peters is not. It just shows double standards by Bridges, Seymour etc when it suits them.

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