Pub Politics – Climate Crisis or Climate Hoax? November 11th


Live from the Chapel Bar, 8pm on November 11th – Climate crisis or climate hoax with:
National Party Climate Change Spokesperson – Scott Simpson
Leader of TOP – Geoff Simmons
School Strike 4 Climate Auckland coordinator – Luke Wijohn
Magic Talk Host – Peter Williams

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury & live-streamed on The Daily Blog

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  1. The science is never settled canard is going to rear its ugly head again. It was largely settled in the 19th century.
    The objective of putting the idea of “the science isn’t settled” into the minds of the general public came from a Communications Plan cooked up the fossil fuel industry.

  2. Peter Williams is a paid climate denier for big oil.

    He used scientific evidence that was false.

    It reminded me of my years of learning at several universities about scientific evidence when the Cigarette manufacturers legal teams would defend there case on “there is no scientific evidence to show that smoking is harmful” or later Monsanto said the same, and that was a trick because they never did any studies to show the harm so it was phony science like Peter Williams does with his climate deniers.

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