GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – TOP COP WARNS: The gangs are trying to corrupt the police!



‘The Comancheros are the devil’: Top gang cop reveals how gangland is changing in NZ

Inter-gang warfare is increasing in New Zealand – and fast – as Australian groups infiltrate our shores.

And a top cop has described one in particular as “the devil”.

Detective Sergeant Ray Sunkel, head of the police motorcycle gang unit, spoke at the Police Association Annual Conference today.

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His address was about recent developments in gangs in New Zealand.

This siren call, I suggest, is another clarion for more resources.

I don’t for a moment think there is any realistic threat that police are going to be bought out by the bad guys.

Sure, there have been one or two examples in the past but so few and irrelevant that those examples are not worthy of mention here.

As my posts and articles demonstrate: I am no fan of the police.  

Many times, I have presented articles and Television appearances where I identify with specificity, what I can best describe as, SANCTIMONIOUS POLICE CORRUPTION.

That is, where police believe they know what is best for society and who should be in jail and thereby fabricate evidence or fables and tales which they trumpet to justify such events as: The Arthur Allan Thomas case: The Terrance Ngaumu case: the Tamihere case.  

All I described with specificity here.

Nicky Hagar; Dot Com, the Red Devils and Tuhoe raids are four more recent examples where police exaggerated the circumstantial evidence to the extent of fabricating a case to break the law.

In each of these cases; Courts and in the case of Tuhoe, the Solicitor General, exposed the police for being inept at best to law breakers at the other end of the scale.

But these cases were not corruption for personal or pecuniary gain.                                        This was corruption for the public good and therefore it is justifiable!                       

Read about this behaviour in: Out of the Inferno

I honestly don’t believe corruption for personal benefit, is a serious threat.                      This is Aotearoa, not Amerika. 

What I suggest is the reason for the most recent alarmist paranoia trumpeted by our guardians, is a clarion for more resources. 

In a recent post I suggested the hype and belated performance by police in the Christchurch massacres, was also a pitch call for more resources.

If ever there was an over resourced government department, it is the police.

Stop inventing fables with which to beguile Judges who issue warrants.  Stop believing your own bullshit. Work harder. Work smarter. This will produce real evidence and lay off traffic infringements for passing cyclist when encroaching on a yellow line. 

Ross Meurant is a former Police Officer, Politician and author. His current book is available to purchase here…


  1. This suggests the saying: “Fish rots from the head”, is valid.
    Serious crime that is, where a commander says to the worker bees:
    “Lock him up. He’s a bad arse from way back.”

  2. Two examples:

    A kilogram of meth ‘disappeared’ out of the evidence locker in Whangarei police station a couple of years back.

    Raids in the last yar on gangs have uncovered several police Glock pistols that the cops didn’t even know had gone missing! At least one had been taken out of the evidence lock-up.

    With the NZ Police it’s a close run between incompetence and corruption.

  3. NZ Police are going to have to up their game with the Aussie Gangs getting well established here in NZ. They don’t muck around, they make Black Power look like angels ?

  4. 100% Correct NZ Police need to work “Smarter not Harder”, using the intelligence available to crush the gangs and illegal drug distribution networks IMHO ?

  5. Bloody Aussies they control our banking sector now they want to control our gangs and the illegal narcotics trade here in NZ as well.

  6. The Scott Watson Case was also an interesting one as it was rumored that the non existent double masted ketch seen in the Marlborough Sounds on New Years Eve was involved in the illicit drug trade in the South Pacific ?

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