Christopher Luxon in Botany – Winners & Losers


So the worst kept secret in right wing politics has finally announced he’s running for Botany.

What does it mean?


Dirty Politics: Luxon’s rise is being sponsored by the same forces that put Key into power. Luxon is the same cold blooded, dead eyed abuser of power Key was and Key was the biggest abuser of political power NZ has ever had. Key signed off on a war crime, Key lied about mass surveillance powers, Key enabled a magnitude of dirty politics not seen before and Key’s Office colluded with the SIS to smear the Leader of the Opposition, that all said, the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind adored Key and worshipped at his feet. The low imagination horizon of muddle Nu Zilind love rich white businessmen and Luxon tickles all those basic bitch fancies.

Corporate NZ: They are the ones sponsoring Luxon, gaining one of their own back into the Prime Ministership is the goal and they will pull out all the stops to ensure he wins.

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Jami-Lee Ross: The ticking time bombs he has left only damage Bridges and Bennett, he can detonate them but they will have no impact on Luxon, in fact they will only empower him.

Judith Collins: Her desire to be the next Leader of National have just evaporated. Her fury will be unimaginable.

Simon Bridges: His days are numbered the second Luxon wins Botany.


  1. He (Luxon) wont make it i think dumb Nzers might finally be wising up and just because key is endorsing him what does that say we know we cant trust him so why trust who who says key quit when the going got tough he got out and left a fucken mess for someone else to clean up.

  2. Jesus wept!
    However. I’m going to try to put a positive spin on the rise and rise of yet another soulless, narcissistic, money-fetishist sociopath by writing, that surely, muddle Nu Zillindirs are only so because they’re poorly informed?
    From what I’ve seen and heard, muddle Nu Zillindirs are they way they are because the poor bastards don’t know any better. Have we not all been guilty ( For the want of a better word. ) of [that] at one time or another?
    Ignorance, by and of itself, isn’t a crime, it’s more an affliction and afflictions can be cured. So surely, the affliction that is political ignorance can be cured by the broadcasting of sane and balanced information? After all, who cut the balls off the MSM? And in who’s interests was that done, and why? Who could miss seeing little mike hoskings strike his power-pose in that image hoisted above Auckland’s main thoroughfares? Who put it there?
    We should remember; that AO/NZ is now a business. [It’s] now only the pretence of a democracy so the vote no longer really matters. What does matter, however is the power of marketing to the once-was voter who’s been mutated into a ‘consumer’ and certainly against there wishes because it was done against their knowledge. That’s not politics, that’s business. That’s why wee mike was up there. He was being used as a marketing tool.
    So? Does that righteous power to defeat the Beasts of Power who’s God is money, namely yours and mine, lie in the hallowed cyber-halls of The Daily Blog?
    Here, people with good intensions seem to outnumber arseholes ten to one so could I assume that the same can be said for greater AO/NZ? If so, then how are they able to be reached and given a voice?
    luxton must never, ever be allowed to go anywhere near you, me nor us. He strikes me as a very dangerous little bald man and he has the parasitic jonky-worm in his brain digging around looking for dirt to spit at any opposition to the rise and rise of neo-capitalist fascism.
    P.S. Print some cool black T shirts with TDB logo on them for fucks sake? The ‘TDB’ masthead’s brilliant. Get it out there! Ask for crowd funding? And for fucks sake!? Please? Open a Kiwi owned bank account so I can donate without getting a little bit of sick coming up?

  3. “LOSERS:”

    … all of us who love Aotearoa … the Spirit of the land, of these beautiful islands and those who live here and love them. For, now the rounds of exploitation will begin all over again.

  4. Mr Luxon will represent Finance Capital in Parliament, as did Mr Key. National enriches the 1%ers and 0.1%ers at the expense of the majority. The Nats trick as always is they gain electoral support for their class thievery from provincial sheep shaggers, urban wannabes, self employed and retired reactionaries.

    Luxon needs to be attacked from the outset. Another bald headed corporate “coot in a suit” that will do nothing useful for any working class person in this country.

    I hope this Govt. with all its difficulties can hang on till 2023, because that is when the boomers will finally be outnumbered at the polls by their successor generations, and there will be a chance to roll back neo liberalism and relegate the born to rule Nats to permanent opposition.

    • yes tiger mountain the boomers like myself will be outnumbered but im happy who cares the young are ready to roll the old coots. For our hutt valley elections I voted for the young and the brown I want change the others have had plenty of time

      • Ditto. A boomer too, in Far North. Have been saying the same-“young and brown” is the way to go.

        Old white guys need not own politics, in local government particularly.

  5. No surprises with this announcement.

    With Key on the Air New Zealand board i am sure he has been pivotal in Luxon agreeing to enter parliament and then the premiership in due course.

    I have felt for some time that this coalition government will be a one term government and the corporate fraud machine with people like Key and others in the shadows will prevail.
    In less than twelve months there will be a new leader of the opposition and a new party created too help National over the line.

    Key has gifted a strong National voting base for Luxon too play with and with corporate money and campaign tactics too appeal to all those drongos in the middle who voted for the last shyster and his cronies will do so again and Jacinda will have a massive fight on her hands.

    Twelve months too go.

    • sorry Mosas I think more people know more about keys mess he left now so I don’t think they will get in for a while and I don’t think luxon is the man either

  6. Can’t say we didn’t see this parachute coming with Luxon, Key mark II, on board.

    Key having some powerful influence in National, advising CL to throw his hat into the ring for National? JK pulling strings now, to get the dirty politics gang back in power, but with his man at the helm and his team this time? Seems very much like it to me!

    Judith will be spitting hellfire and brimstone, while little Simon will be frothing and dribbling, needing a good supply of bibs on hand to catch his slobber! Can’t see either, taking this news sitting down quietly!

  7. “So the worst kept secret in right wing politics has finally announced he’s running for Botany.”

    It seems to me that the Natz can only pull that stunt – how Key got parachuted into the leadership – once.

    I’ll be surprised if Luxon even gets the nod for Botany, let alone gets elected. The voters will have a say in that.

    As to the leadership: just because this tactic worked for Key, it by no means follows that it’ll work for Luxon. It’s a hell of a gamble.

    This morning, I heard on RNZ that the Natz are looking at him as being competition for Ardern in 2023. Well: setting aside the politics, her appeal derives from an engaging demeanour and (not to be too stereotypical) pulchritude.

    How does Luxon measure up on those characteristics? We’re yet to see any evidence of his personality; as to looks, umm…were I a Botany voter, I’m not sure that I’d want to be represented by Mr. Potato-head.

  8. Ah Luxon…Isn’t this guy the economic genius who told us how proud he was of his 50% taxpayer-owned company losing $100 million in China, and how he couldn’t wait to lose millions more? Happy days.

    • simonm – That sounds like trump ..
      (Are we on course to get ourselves our very own trump then? Heaven help us.)

      • Kheala – That’s not fair on Trump, suggesting that he is as bad as Key and his mates.

        And God protect us from religious nutters – the devil looks after his own. Ask John.

  9. I think the telling point here is that 180,000 people marched for government to start moving on climate change about a month ago. That was a reasonably large chunk of the population feeling motivated enough to get off their butts and make a stand. They are just the start and they’re just the ones who could make it. Anyone who shrugs that off is toast politically. Maybe not in the next election, maybe not the one after but it comes soon.

  10. John Key 2nd. Does he smirk as well? How well does he do “I can’t recall?” Is he a ponytail puller?

    I find his arrival very amusing. The entitled blue doom and gloom in the room have had a devastating last two years. They’ve had some of their key plays abandon ship like rats. They’ve been left with latrine rodents like Soymon Bwidges and Paula Benefit to steer their sinking ship. Blue supporters treat their leaders like a God but even they know Bwidges is a chocolate fireguard left in front of a fire. It’s a nightmare for them. They see his polling and then see Jacinda. Their tears flow and their record breaking tantrum continues. When will their new God arrive and save them from their worst nightmare? Luxon is their dream. The second coming of John Key. Bwidges will need more nappy changes as his biggest fear arrives. Watching Mr Cringe melt even faster will be hilarious. The next part of the comedy show to enjoy will be watching the Nats slowly come to the realization that Luxon is 5 years to late. He was what they needed in 2016 instead of the Dipton Double Dipper. Luxon will be leader of the Nats a few weeks after the 2020 election but leader of the opposition will be his lot. What would be amusing is watching which loyal blue team members will win their seat and then resign and trigger a By-Election shortly after their final bid for Nats top job ends in tears. Bwidges and Judith Collins are raging hot favourites in this area. If the TAB were accepting betting on it both would be at $1.02. Happy days. Enjoy 🙂

  11. It’s amazing how similar in facial looks that Luxon has with Rob Muldoon and Benito Mussolini

    But then Muldoon was a wannabe dictator and Mussolini turned out to be one.
    However all three having such facial pouts and a huge lack of hair on their heads shows them up for perhaps having been cloned by the NZ National Party for a long period of time i.e even long before the NZ National Party existed when it came to Mussolini.

    All in all it just shows how still controlled the New Zilland National Party are by John Key. But I can only now guess that deservedly so Simon Bridges is now losing alot of nights sleep because he knows Key has upstaged him(Bridges)and will achieve the fait accompli on replacing Bridges with what John Key considers ‘acceptable material’ for the New Zilland Natonal Party.

    Luxon is obviously being elevated and Bridges side-lined. But it all shows to us how dis-in-harmony the NZ National Party are. They(National)want to give the illusion they are a caring political party but history has proven to us all their lack of caring and obvious contempt of anyone that questions and criticises a National Party government.

    Paula Bennett proved to us all that she would do anything to protect National even when it comes to breaching the rights to privacy of so many New Zealanders because they criticised a political party she too condemned when she was a mere little unknown beneficiary on the planet. Ego obviously gave Paula Bennett the venom to show her true colours when all things are known.

  12. Hah! Parachute in the guy who said “fuck you’ to the provinces and pulled their air services.
    That’s gonna’ resonate well. The cabal in the background that orchestrated this have let their fake persona’s slip.

    And the message it sends to Natz Party members and their wannabe politicians??
    “Don’t even bother thinking you’ve got a future in this political organisation. All the political careers are already bought and paid for.”

    What a hilarious own goal.
    So blinded by their desperation to get their dirty little hands back on the levers of power, they shaft some of their most loyal servants and give the finger to their slackjawed supporters. Hahahahahahahahahah……………made my day!

  13. This is how modern day politics works in this little crap country, sorry to dish out the hurt, but it is true.

    The establishment is not asleep at the wheel, they work behind the scenes, they are well connected, we are made to believe this will go through some ‘tests and challenges’ at nomination level and selection level.

    But truth is, those that are informed they know, Luxon is already more or less the chosen and anointed leader of National, and with that of the establishment, the business sector, the elite, and those who really pull the strings behind the scene.

    It is NO coincidence that his name is now frequently mentioned and bandied around by the MSM, they are discretely or less discretely encouraged to do this, to ‘prepare’ the common people out there for ‘the inevitable’. They will need a ‘competent saviour’ like the promoting man behind the game, one ‘Sir John Key’ was considered to be by so many (idiots, and not so idiots).

    And as so many middle class and consumerist, brain washed, fossil fuel addicted ‘Kiwis’ love to be sycophants, they lick it up like the mother’s milk the baby did not suck right from the source straight away, but that was left around the little source.

    This country is a sad and sick joke, as most are so brain washed and dumbed down, it is gob smacking, it is astonishing that no little Hitler with some magic skills has so far outsmarted this lot here, to upset the status quo and seize power by deceit and smart strategy, over night.

    Sleepy Hobbits is a too complimentary, almost harmless description, these are like drugged drug addicts walking Zombie style that largely populate these isles, I am happy to take the flak for that comment.

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