MEDIA WATCH: Based on msm hysteria, Lees-Galloway personally broke Sroubek out of prison, armed him with a machete and attacked babies 



Renewed call for Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway to resign over Karel Sroubek case

There is a renewed call for Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway to resign over his handling of the Karel Sroubek debacle following a review of processes.

A report has found that in complex cases like Sroubek, decision-making powers should be given to immigration experts rather than ministers because they have more time and expertise.

It also says ministers should only step in as a last resort.

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There’s a reason ‘Fake News’ has so much power. Corporate media are more focused on hysterical shock gotchas than actual journalism and funnily it’s mostly aimed at the Left.

When handed actual abuse of power scandals like John Key and the Dirty Politics saga, or John Key signing off an SAS war crime, or John Key’s Office colluding with the SIS to falsely smear Phil Goff, or John Key overseeing a state house meth hysteria that was a lie, or John Key lying about mass surveillance – when handed those scandals, the mainstream media are compliant,  purring and unquestioning, but when it’s Labour, the demand for a public execution never ends.

I don’t care about Sroubek importing something as innocuous as MDMA and I don’t care that Lees-Galloway spent an hour on a  report that didn’t mention any of the things his critics screamed he should have known about Sroubek going back to his country despite claiming it was dangerous – I don’t give two shits about any of that because it’s garbage.

Meaningless garbage.

The Minister is asked to make value judgments, he made one. Next issue.

But in this case, Sroubek’s ex is now with a National Party functionary and the narrative of Labour protecting druggie criminals was too delicious for those with an axe to grind against the Government, so on and on it goes.

It’s funny that this was the same media who barely a month ago was accusing the Prime Minister of covering up a serious sexual assault, if you honestly believed that, how dare you not be screaming for Jacinda’s resignation every day since.

The shallow coverage of politics by our mainstream media manages to get more embarrassing by the week.


  1. The problem is that Minister Iain Lees-Galloway is being constantly harassed by the pro immigration brigade that looks to be huge, but probably just a few thousand well organised people making a fortune out of NZ immigration by selling visas, or wanting the NZ taxpayers to support more family members and change the NZ system to become even more of a Ponzi and basket case than it already is. One migrant even managed to hold up by the appointment of the race relations minister by suing the minister of justice. The militancy is only going to escalate because thats how many people earn a living now, exploitation of visas and legal advice to migrants on immigration and getting them off criminal charges.

    Just been sent a petition aimed at Minister Iain Lees-Galloway to lower the wages barrier so that more migrants can have their parents supported by the NZ taxpayers. The bizarre thing, is that the person sending me the petition I barely knew, has taken my personal details from a decade ago and still retained them to send to me a petition that I certainly don’t agree with, about allowing more migrant parents in, which is the opposite of what I think is right! God knows how many fake entries will be in there as well!

    I used to be pro migration 20 years ago and still am in controlled circumstances, but living in Auckland in the last decade and all the issues that are becoming the norm now like food banks, underpayment of labour etc, shows that it is not a collaboration of cultures being sought out, it is a displacement of culture or to a negative place (think the increased gun crimes and violence in South Auckland caused by poverty, drugs and gangs) and more akin to social cleansing. That is partly caused by Auckland’s interest in money laundering and drugs flowing in, ground zero for neoliberalism, poverty rises, educational scandals, and cost of living hikes while wages in real terms are declining for many jobs, that Auckland is ground zero for.

    The migrant community obviously see ILG as a soft touch, which is why he granted Sroubek residency in jail in the first place which any normal person should have had warning bells ringing, ding-a-ling as a political person or anybody with a functioning brain should be able to way up that is not only a slap in the face to hard working Kiwis supporting his prison stays, a slap in the face for anybody effected by drugs, a slap in the face for victims of crime and a general thumbs up for the criminal community who seems to see NZ now as a lucrative destination.

    Immigration is now seriously corrupt as are the probable morally corrupt immigration advisors and ministry so getting them involved is a recipe for disaster. Not only that they seriously underfund deporting the criminals and illegal immigrants.

    “Investigators joke about having a ‘whip around’ or ‘raffles’ to pay for deporting target after budget blowout, according to Immigration NZ emails.
    Immigration New Zealand was forced to stop deporting all but the riskiest illegal immigrants after a budget blowout earlier this year.

    No one was to be deported unless they were named on a list created by Immigration management when the funding shortfall was discovered in January.”

  2. The only ironic thing to take out of it, is that for the migrants who appear to be under paying their taxes or lowering wages, the government has guzumped the migrant black economy to some extent with requirements to show reasonable income before migrant aged parents come. However 1000 more aged parents coming into NZ each year when we can’t even provide adequate health care anymore for those who paid their taxes, and gen X and gen Y probably will never even see a pension or state paid rest home care after a life time of taxes, is not fair. But it’s whine, whine from the lobbyists and media every day on this issue which they should never have allowed anyway!

  3. Real life defeats the Nats time and time again – “in this case, Sroubek’s ex is now with a National Party functionary”. Nats are obsessed with sex, worse than grubby-minded fourth-formers.

    • Sadly many people getting NZ permanent residency and citizenship are Natz lovers, lovers of hierarchy and dictatorships, profiteer’s and criminals, or all of the above, welcomed with open arms by John Key types.

      Sadly NZ policians and officials lust for money, lack of practicality, stupidity and shortsighted policy is lowering the standards for all and keeping neoliberalism in NZ alive and kicking, including educational standards so business driven for profits that our universities burn and shred books and shut down specialist resources, and that our offshore based business partners don’t even notice a student body at a student residence for weeks while the offshore business partner pursues their relatives over unpaid bills.

      NZ and our race to the bottom starts with importing in more Natz lovers to vote, like Sroubek’s ex wife, while Labour and Greens ineffectively tries to compete with flip flopping between migrant bribes that fuck off their existing voters and woke policies via “red guards woke’ types decimating the left voters by threatening local people for perceived thought crimes, public humiliation and trivial atrocities, cultural revolution style, while ignoring any practical implications or reality. See the pride Parade numbers… where exclusivity is the new inclusivity.

      • Probably got 1000 pro migrants hammering ILG on a daily basis, while the woke have 3 million people too scared to say anything in case the woke start hammering them for public humiliation, threats and thought crimes for disagreeing.

        This is what set off Brexit (that and Cambridge Analytica and stupidity) and Trump.

        Sadly bad chess moves from the centre left currently being executed by the Labour and Greens and NZ First who are in awe of themselves and being spun shit by lobbyist pretending it to be democracy, and the above combo does not get in a left government it gets in a crazy right government out of the blue, because there is no middle ground to turn to for voters.

  4. The real story here is that the persistence of the anti immigration punditry as exhibited by savenz above whereby all blame is heaped on the the desperate immigrants that mostly have come here in good faith in the hope of a better life will be used to remove the power of decision making from our elected mps (where it belongs) to unelected technocrats so that the Minister will now be able to function as some kind of show pony who will now be able to shrug their shoulders and say my hands are tied. ILG has shown himself to be gutless when push comes to shove and more interested in self preservation than anything else. We will find that there will no longer be the ability to appeal to the Minister. lg will be allowed to keep his job and our democracy will become ever more a sham

  5. Sorry Martyn, you’re trying to polish a turf here. For crying out loud, the parole board denied Sroubek’s parole, yet ILG thinks he’s fine upstanding citizen??

    Either Lees Galloway is completely incompetent, or pressure was applied from somewhere to keep him in the country? Which is it?

    • The real problem is the BGs and NZ media wank on about little turds with minimal impact and harm to NZ ….. while ignoring the biggest thieves on the planet.

      “These companies have used big money and bribery to spearhead their destructive resource-grabs from South East Asia, to Africa, America, Australasia and beyond. They stand at the heart of the present climate crisis and based on the money they made from Sarawak and then Papuan timber (also from the Solomon Islands and other victims)”

      “With the enormous profits made in the 1980’s and 90’s from logging these companies were able to buy their way into other wilderness areas, using the same corrupt methods that served them well in Sarawak. These include ingratiating and bribing local politicians and officials; thuggery against tribal landowners and side-stepping protective legislation against indiscriminate logging.”

      Kleptocracy and oligarchs who engage in Asset Stripping NZ with their stolen money …. or otherwise hiding ill gotten gains and assets through John keys Natz governments “off-shore banking ” / ” financial hub” tax haven Laws.\ …. where is the outcry over this”.

      Its almost like our media has been muzzled over the elephant sized and real overseas corruption operating NZ …. Aye BG ?

      Also Sroubek is like an angel ……. compared to the nasty Pom immigrant Malcolm Alan Francis …. who has killed two Women while in NZ …. he emigrated here after trying to cut his first wifes throat in England.

      ” English-born Francis was sentenced to 12 years jail on May 2, 2003, for manslaughter.

      It was his second manslaughter conviction.

      He was imprisoned in 1984 for beating his second wife, Janet Francis, to death with a frozen dog roll.”

      • Big turds and little turds and all criminals should equally be turfed out…

        Sadly business global environmental rapists who have been getting away with it for decades and often use tax havens so they don’t pay local taxes and illegal means to burn, log and steal land in South East Asia and other places, then make so much money they can buy up former legitimate businesses in Australasia that lap it up!

        Palm oil giant Wilmar goes to full control of Goodman Fielder

        Pretty sure that Hager analysed the Panama papers and discovered that some of the palm oil profits were being moneylaundererd through NZ zero percent tax haven trusts, not sure what palm oil company it was.

        Our governments seem fully complacent with turning a blind eye to destroying the planet and don’t care about the ethics of investors in NZ or where the money is coming from for business as long as they ‘invest in NZ just as by their actions giving migrant criminals a free reign in NZ with permanent residency that they can use to make better global criminal links here with the dual resident status.

  6. Someone from RNZ really wants to get aged parents into NZ!

    Opinion: Labour adds insult to injury with parent visa scheme (8 Oct RNZ)

    New visa scheme for parents of migrant workers (7 Oct RNZ)

    Parent visa scheme attacked for only benefiting well-off (7 Oct RNZ)

    zero articles on the reverse debate, aka why should NZ taxpayers support the parents of migrants who left their parents in the home country in the first place, and what is really going on, aka satellite families!

    NZ already have pensions and health crisis brewing in NZ for those that paid taxes all their lives!

    31% of the parents are just here to be free child support, as up to 31% of the adult migrants using the scheme apparently leave NZ to work overseas once gaining permanent residency, with the parents left here to mind the kids for the free education!

    There does not seem to be any interest in looking at while our health spending per person is going down not upwards as it should be with inflation, why 1000 parents. every year who can then sponsor in other migrants with marriages at 79 (yep already happening) who have paid nothing, get free health care and super in 10 years and gold cards and benefits to add to the families coffers…

    It’s that reverse trickle-down again!

    Balance on the MSM migration debate is totally missing and pretty much getting hysterical and militant on behalf of the migrant lobby groups while ignoring the actual facts!

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