PUB POLITICS – The Cannabis Debate with Paula Bennett, Chloe Swarbrick, David Seymour & Chris Fowlie


Huge night with Paula Bennett, David Seymour, Chloe Swrabrick and Chris Fowlie debating the Cannabis Referendum.

Pub Politics ep 2 Tuesday 10th September 8pm – Does National deserve to win the 2020 election. First in, first served, once we hit capacity we can’t let in any more punters.



  1. Chloe was outstanding; prepared, on point, considered and clear. Paula was actually eloquent and graceful damn her, holding the party line. Was looking forward to her blowing a gasket and falling off her seat. Chris got in a few points when his mic worked. He’s right, let’s get all the information together, see what we are dealing with and what we will be voting on, and look towards the referendum and beyond. David was humble, almost sedate, in need of a gummy perhaps. I think he might be getting…the fear.

    • This is the most regulated and studied population ever. We have all the god damn information in the world. My simo,e message is quit stalling.

  2. Nah! we cant have national in power ever again they destroy the social fabric of our country what is left of it . They are divisive they are greedy, selfish, they tell lies , they sell everything, their policies create and exacerbate inequalities and they are not the kind of people we want or need to run our country.

    • At the moment we are lead by amateurs who will destroy the economy if in power for another 3 years . Already those iving in poverty are growing because nothing is being done about housing except promises which lead nowhere. Business confidence is down and so the income the government gets from tax will decline and there will be less for those needing help.

  3. Castro is right! We need a revolution to throw out the garbage Parliament has become and get rid of the rentier parasites feeding on NZ: the property speculators and the neoliberal death cult. The cannabis side show is just that. I don’t know why i waste my breath.

  4. Housing, housing, housing… too “clear and present danger” and substantive, Bomber?

    No Zealand is going down the gurgler with either the Transnational Capital or Wage Slave Labour Party in power… they’re both right-wing neo-liberal parties in service to the propertied class and the Chinese dictatorshit…

  5. trev housing and national do not go together like birds of a feather cause there is no housing crisis no not for 9 years housing was fine if your blind

  6. Hey but wait…? Is boomer bennett and the twerkster actually, literally at that bar on Ponsonby Rd? But that’s just around the road from me! How? How can you and you and you go and breath the same air as those two fucks? After what they did and who they represent!? bennett is a traitor, a sadistic flake and a large arsed, bennie bashing wanker and seymour has roger douglas stink all over him! Who gives one fuck what they think? They should be running while fucking screaming, not being touted as human beings with a worthwhile opinion! If I were a psychology what’s the name I’d be thinking this was a way of normalising two sociopathic narcissists ahead of us, now sheeple people expected to make votes informed votes an’ that.
    Oh! The rat! A rat that smells as sweet would be a rat by any other name.

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