BREAKING: The latest twist in my case against the Police is unbelievable.


The latest twist in my case against the Police is unbelievable.

They don’t just want to have part of the trial in secret, they want their entire argument held in secret.

I’m fighting abuse of police power but am not allowed to see any of the evidence about that abuse of power.

It seems I could have been under surveillance by any number of intelligence agencies in 2014 and the NZ Police are scrambling to hide who was spying on me.

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Meanwhile, a white supremacist can plot an atrocity for two years with no worries. Māori, environmentalists, social justice activists, Muslims, earthquake survivors, journalists and left wing bloggers however are just expected to have their civil rights trampled without any problems whatsoever.

Genuine mouth opened shock at the audacity of the NZ police today.

How do you defend yourself against a case which is completely held in secret?

So I will just arrive at the Court at the Human Rights Review Tribunal, make my submission and then just sit outside the door while the Star Chamber makes its decision? Where the hell is the justice and holding the powerful to account in that?

The case is set for the middle of the year in Wellington.


  1. Outside of those investigating Martyn Bradbury for something or rather? Who can actually know what the police was up to in this case. We can’t even assume that Nicky Hager’s case has anything to do with this in a closed court setting. The evidence so far can not support any rational bases for state surveillance, there fore defending oneself, and the judge should give police defendants (they are defendants aren’t they?) the appropriate facts and guidance in this case just constituting plain error.

    Defending yourself in court is not just popular because it’s cheap. Defending yourself in court is a natural right which remains so when laws are in place to protect incompetent police by removing ones ability to protect ones self simply because the defendant has a badge and a uniform. This is also a human rights violation and is also supported by the fact that this case is being tried in a human rights court. In this case the courts will have to assure every New Zealand that one is secure in the knowledge that they can sit at home safe and unmolested by warrantless search and surveillance warrants.

    While police and security intelligence staff may fear the law does not allow them to perform there duties with the full range of capabilities required to secure national security they are missing the point entirely. The point is not to create an environment where people fight back against police. The point is to create an environment where innocent citizens don’t have to fight back.

  2. Martyn the NZ Human Rights is nothing but a puppet for Government no matter who is in power.

    I was living in Canada and working there during the 1990’s and had a workplace accident and was mistreated by the medical services and the company doctor, so when I approached the Canadian Human Rights they took up my case and ruled in my favour.

    When I came home to NZ after the incident I approached the NZ Human Rights on the same issue of mistreatment by the NZ health services and Government oversight they refused to take up the case saying “it is outside their scope” so NZ Human Rights is actually unlawfully acting outside the UN Carter all countries signed up to when joining the UN convention of ‘human rights’ so please go hard on these puppets and rooked people running the ‘NZ Human rights commission’ for all of us abused by the ‘NZ Human rights stool pigeons.

  3. Martyn, I talked briefly, in passing, about your case with a police officer, who said that you should be able to access information/evidence about yourself under The Privacy Act.

    Given that clearly you have not been party to criminal behaviour, what is happening here is an affront to natural justice and democratic process.

    The fact that it emanates from the exposure of dirty activities from the office of the then PM John Key and others, and a paid blogger, is hugely serious.

    That that PM is apparently now endorsing another of the protagonists as Simon Bridge’s replacement ,suggests that we all have to get out there and vote in 2020 – heaven knows who for- to ensure that the rottenness in the National Party is left to eat itself up and not us.

    Kia kaha

  4. Oh please, I had 7 police officers with semi-automatic weapons enter my property the other day and search the entire place.

    They had NO Search Warrant and they obviously found nothing. Total home invasion !!

    Welcome to NZ.

    • I think the human rights commission (and government allowing this) need a good kick up their fucken arses too!

      What a travesty of justice.

      For those that believe middle class micro aggression of Neighbourly contrived to the Muslim Massacre, look again. Our justice system and transparency of spying here is broken as is our organisations like human rights commission.

      The intelligence and police miss the terrorists because the establishment here is just interested in stopping change agents, using illegal methods to put them under surveillance . Our bureaucrats are not pro active or caring too much about real risks to public safety in the forms of mass murder, bio security risks, trafficking and social costs from drugs and frauds.


  5. I see a two part threat here.
    #1 Threat.
    Directly levelled at you @MB. Tone down the inflammatory anti neoliberal rhetoric or there will be more of this to come.
    #2 Threat.
    A threat levelled at the collective us. Associate with left wing activists targeting neoliberalism in all its deviant permutations and you get what @ MB’s getting.
    You’ve made powerful enemies @ Martyn Bradbury and I for one am standing right beside you mate.
    To paraphrase the ever fabulous Chris Trotter who wrote about secrets:
    ” The very measures used to contain a secret are inevitably the same things which lead to revealing the secret.
    During the anti TPPA rally in Wellington a few years ago now, the police were shoulder to shoulder keeping us protestors out of OUR ministry of trade building while our trade minister mc cully was off doing what appeared to be dodgy deals with private interests in secret and behind closed doors. What the fuck? Sprung to mind.
    AO/NZ must have a broad sweeping and on-going royal commission of inquiry into past and present relationships between Big Business and our politicians. Now. Today.

  6. Other words relevant should include “Forfeit” and “Default”. It’s as if they believe themselves beyond ordinary justice. Requiring extraordinary secrecy about those extraordinary sources etc, although they were evidently very ordinary indeed. Ordinarily inadequate that is lawl.

    Chalk it up as good as a win

  7. “Kafkaesque” and ”outrageous abuse of power” barely touch the sides here!

    I think you are correct Martyn that a significant factor in the Police behaviour will be protecting the identity of groups, organisations and individuals involved in surveilling, and even requesting information on you.

    Remember, it was peak “Dirty Politics” and it would not be surprising if a “get Bradbury” order went out from the then PM’s Dept. or if info of a possibly negative kind was sought from State Agencies for subsequently passing on to the Penguin and Whale.

    Keep pushing for openness on this.

    • Sorry I didn’t pick up on this post sooner, but you are correct Tiger Mountain re- the protection of identities, groups and individuals by the Police.

      I went through an experience in the latter half of the 80s (and very early 90s) when the Labour Govt. was on a collision course with the Western powers over their anti-Nuclear stance. As a public servant working on a Defence Force base at the time, I was the victim of a malicious claim that I was acting as a spy for the Lange Labour government. It was total trash, but because of my former association with the Labour Party the claim was apparently believed.

      I could write a book about what happened, but suffice to say the actions taken against me by unknown individuals included surveillance, phone tapping and other unlawful conduct both in the vicinity of my home as well as the work-place. It included excessive bullying and other forms of intimidation and at no time did anyone tell me the real reason why it was all happening.

      25 years later – and after numerous approaches to the police and other officials over time – I’ve still not been able to identify the actual perpetrators of the covert crimes committed or who was overall responsible for them being carried out.

      The cover-up after discovering their mistake was swift and complete!

  8. …’ It seems I could have been under surveillance by any number of intelligence agencies in 2014 and the NZ Police are scrambling to hide who was spying on me. How do you defend yourself against a case which is completely held in secret?

    So I will just arrive at the Court at the Human Rights Review Tribunal, make my submission and then just sit outside the door while the Star Chamber makes its decision? Where the hell is the justice and holding the powerful to account in that? ‘….






    • shonKey sprang to mind when following the obscene financial scheming of Andrew Pearse, former Credit Suisse manager, who is currently under house arrest in his $NZ4 million mansion in England, charged (with others) of profiting from corrupt loans of $NZ3 billion to one of the poorest and debt shackled countries in the world – Mozambique, now trying to recover from the second catastrophic cyclone to hit the East African nation in the last few weeks.
      I wonder if the extradition of Pearse and his co conspirators to the US to face corruption charges will take place – cf Julian Assange?? One wonders whether he was a finance world “acquaintance” of shonKey when he (shonKey) was making his fortune with Merrill Lynch in the UK and Europe. It is a ‘small world’ after all ( both came out of Otautahi)

      For Martyn – “Noli Illegitimi Carborundum!”
      ‘The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those they oppress” Frederick Douglass (1857) ex slave and Labour leader and unionist.

  9. It is a test case of democracy and public good and interest to hear exactly what police case and defense is in their actions against Martyn Bradbury

    If they will not/ can not defend themselves in public then we have a police secret state

    Where is Jacinda on this?

  10. They just want you to, “tell” them want you want and then for you to go away.

    “Wish List Time!”

  11. Hope things are going better for you Martyn. If you stay cool, calm and collective at least you’ll have your ‘inner-zen’.

    You might even be surprised by the outcome, even though I know the process and secrecy are the issues you’re highlighting.

    Make the most of your experience .. hold your head high and exercise your compassionate nature. Don’t let the process fluster and frustrate.

  12. You may have missed this the other day:

    “A wrongful disclosure

    Last year, Phillip Saleh lodged a Privacy Act request with the police seeking information on police alerts against his name. 40% of New Zealanders have such alerts, covering everything from past criminal behaviour to HIV status, and he wanted to be sure that the police did not have incorrect information abour him. The police refused the request, claiming it would “disclose how police do certain aspects of its job”. Saleh complained to the Privacy Commissioner, who earlier in the month ruled that the police should release the information to Saleh. They didn’t – but when they were challenged about this, sent a copy to the media:

    [I]n response to questions on Monday afternoon, police emailed Stuff a copy of Saleh’s alerts.

    A statement arrived shortly afterwards from a police spokesperson that said: “Police are aware of the Privacy Commissioner’s advice and the information regarding this individual’s alerts will be released to him.”

    New Zealand Police Conduct Association (NZPCA) president Shannon Parker, who assisted Saleh with his complaint, said she was glad that police would release the alerts, but shocked they had been sent to Stuff.

    “It is astounding that they have released his alerts to a reporter when they’ve been refusing for five months to give them to him,” Parker said.

    “I absolutely believe that would amount to a breach of his privacy.”

    There’s no suggestion that Saleh consented to such a release, so this appears to be an outright abuse of privacy by police, a straight up violation of Privacy Principle 11. Sadly, that’s not a criminal offence. But even if it was, we all know that the police would never prosecute their own anyway.”

    Also the police don’t seem to have security of information relating to the 100 people they have under surveillance, the list of whom leaked to the media.
    Or security relating to storing the firearms they wanted siezed from law abiding citizens.
    Yet they want to defend their breaches of law against Martyn in a private kangaroo court?
    I want my country back.

  13. Well, sorry to hear this, Martyn, but the HRRT and other Tribunals have a lot of discretion as to how they conduct their hearings and so forth.

    Study the law, the same applies to many Commissioners, often not worth the effort to seek their help. The courts at least are bound by somewhat clear rules, look up the High Court Rules and certain Acts.

    So you are being shafted, denied justice, while they will claim they gave you a chance to ‘be heard’ (the usual excuse when natural justice principles may get challenged). That is to stop or make difficult a judicial review.

    You will likely have been spied on for years, so have a fair few of us, and of course the cops want you to get no knowledge about details, nor do other agencies.

    Even running your blog will make some try and argue that ‘national security’ is being put at risk, allowing some harsh and radical comments here.

    It is all part of the plan, part of the game, to scare the shits out of citizens and residents, to chill them, to silence them, so they do not dare challenge the system they have and operate under.

    It looks truly farcical or Kafkaesque, indeed.

    That is why we need to expose and get rid of these high office holders, who are a mere fig leaf, to serve a vested interest serving system, and they will never give in to a serious enough challenge, especially challenging the police or spy services.

    You will rather be driven to commit self harm than that they will admit any mistakes. They may even think, secretly that is, well, we got rid of him, good riddance.

    And the most shocking thing is they use the Christchurch attacks to reinforce and strengthen their corrupt system and practices, so they take on extra powers, already available under law, and they list a hundred and more people they have an ‘interest’ in, that was apparently leaked to stuff.

    That means the whole spy and surveillance apparatus has spread its wings further, and is maximising now what they can already do quite legally.

    You are screwed mate, screwed truly, if you trust and rely on this corrupt ‘justice system’ and ‘security system’ we have in this country, you are simply a thorn in their side, who they want to silence or even get rid off.

  14. I agree with Zack on this; – as ‘truth will show through’ where the bureaucrats cannot stop it being seen.

    We are all not fools.

    The establishment must not insult our ‘rights to truth and dignity.’

    Stay cool Martyn we have your back mate.

  15. How ironic they can lock the doors and keep you out of proceedings but don’t bother locking the doors on police station gun rooms.

  16. Of course, they need extra secrecy… straight after breaching his privacy, they’re super vulnerable. They can’t be expected to be held to the basic …minimum standards we expect of society. Convene the Covert Council, there are…

    suggestions of victim blaming to be subtly performed irrefutably

    What? We’re sanity free here. standards are out the window

  17. If they set you up for an AO (Armed Offenders) police call out, turn on the camera and live stream it, on Fakebook, You Tube or WhatsApp, that will show us what may really have happened, if they shoot you.

  18. Questions by police:
    Who are you?
    I am human.
    Where do you live?
    I live on Planet Earth?
    What are you doing here?
    I am talking to you.
    Have you any ID?
    Yes, you can see my face, can you not>
    You are arrested under suspicion of ….
    Ok, I seek my legal advice and have nothing more to say.
    Your rights are … bla, bla, bla.
    Thank you for reminding me of verbal, hollow diarrhea.

  19. This was less about free speech than about a political establishment concern of expose of their modus operandi – Dirty Politics. Thus a warning to whistleblowers they would be hunted down and that those with power could get away with using the resources of the state to do so.

    And we can note how other parties (banks for one) would bend to the will of the state in ways that went beyond their legal requirements, a general obeisance to authority.

    Exposure of the outside contracting of services by the state acting for those in power (MBIE and other government ministries private investigators managing protestors/complainants etc) may be involved.
    Even before police won the power to bring evidence to court that defence cannot challenge/question (the magic weapon of secret witnesses – sound surveillance without a warrant) our civil liberties were already entering the twilight zone of the Deep States targeted individual programme.

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