Sean Plunket’s Working Group with Bomber Bradbury & Damien Grant: This week – The CGT betrayal and when the next revolution should begin



  1. A simple axiom to get the behaviour you need : reward the behaviour you want and penalize the behaviour you do not want or in this instance, reward the productive and penalize the non productive.

    • So. We tax hard workers, and don’t tax land and housing speculators, adding nothing to society, but higher land prices and bank lending profits.

  2. Whilst I may disagree with many things you stand for Bomber, I think you deserve credit as one of the few left-wing, high profile commentators who stick to your principles and don’t blindly follow the party.

    I’m starting to make this place a regular visit. From the other side of the divide.

    • Yes the United Peoples of The Standard are very very quiet on the issue of promised revolutionary change. At least Martyn is consistent on this one.
      I pick Labour now just create a top new tax rate for income earners and bracket as well as eliminate rather than phase out negative gearing altogether on rental property. Far more popular with their support base and Winston has to vote for that.

      • And who is this?… the real Cathy Odgers?

        L0L !

        I pick Labour now just create a top new tax rate for ( CEO ‘s / high , mulitcorporate ) income earners and bracket as well as eliminate rather than phase out negative gearing altogether on rental property.

        There ya go , – just a few teaks and she’s done.

  3. Armed revolution is the only revolution… class war… there is no Left anywhere, Martyn… not even you… an uprising of the voiceless underclass… tick, tock…

    • Shut up you ignorant wannabe Fidel fool.

      This is not Cuba, nor the Congo and it certainly isn’t the late 1960’s and Bolivia, you idiot.

      When you can come to the table and present an opinion of relevance then you will be given credence. Until then , shut up.

      Shut up.

      You idiot.

    • The current class reality is that if you armed the New Zealand masses, it is not the “bosses” that would be put up against the wall, no, the population would likely be blasting away at each other in various combinations. Hint: check social media for some existing divisions in our society.

      NZ has several hundred thousand petit bourgeois who “think” they are bosses, when in fact most are under the thumb of finance capital, and a highly reactionary settler descendant/rural sector sitting on stolen land. They are not a revolutionary group.

      Grow up Castro.

    • Ahhh Castro, still beating the ‘civil war’ drum from your parents basement? You have been beating it for a few years now, but yet to say when this ‘uprising’ will occur! Care to timeline for us or is your mum coming down with your cocopops and you can’t talk now?

    • Progressive left:” guns bad, gun owners paranoid gun nuts”
      * takes guns from licensed owners *

      Also progressive left: “ government is oppressing us, we need armed revolution”
      Seriously, people.

    • Except the voiceless under class are just that because they lack the skills in life.
      Invoke a revolution of this nature and they are more likely to lose than win and let’s be honest, just like nuclear war there will be no true winners.
      This talk is ignorance based in a lacking of the most fundamental of critical thinking.

    • The kids are rising aid stupid boomers.

      The see more crap ahead than most adults want to imagine.

      The adults lie profusely.

    • What we need is a dictator, someone like Pisistratus or Julius Caesar, both of whom took the side of the poor against the Greek and Roman elites. Or perhaps even someone like Fidel Castro.

  4. Wonder when the endless commentary on the CGT will finally “end”?People made it plain in large numbers they didn’t want it. That’s how a democracy is supposed to work but in my experience its rarely the case.

    How about some questions about why the corporate tax rate is so absurdly low and how we can fix that?

    • ….’ How about some questions about why the corporate tax rate is so absurdly low and how we can fix that?’…


      ^^^ Here we go , – THIS.

  5. The Greens are only interested in carrying out the censorship agenda of Silicon Valley Oligarch Pierre Omidyar, who also recently shut down the Snowden archive (besides funding Action Station and the other O.P.E.N Network astroturf groups around the world, he also funds the Intercept).

    Come on people. The Greens smell bad because they are off! Rotten! Corrupt!

  6. Do not blame a tripartite coalition govt for failing to deliver what one tripartite govt member was never going to favour. His golden oldies electoral base would have deserted him.

  7. So now we won’t have a CGT as such what are the alternatives?
    How about a modern version of the 1973 property speculation tax that also covers other forms of speculative wealth such as share trading and foreign exchange trading?
    I say modern version because when the original act was enacted by the Third Labour government there was no such thing as internet trading.
    The idle rich will be distinctly nervous as this prospect.

    • There’s a lot more feeling when National Party goons stick the knife in to cut taxes than at a Labour Party Tax Working Group. After taking a year to prepare the Tax Working Group we are now told we have to wait out the housing crises and up goes the white flag.

      Much of the growth is coming from the public sector and from public demand and commercial media is getting behind Simon Bridges to wail about how wrong public-stimulus programmes are. So let’s drop the pretence about normies progressive taxe IQ because it’s piss poor. So no one has the guts to do progressive taxation and no one is saying well we have to kickstart the economy and take on stimulus policy so borrow and spend, there’s the first hint.

      Ok so 40 years we’ve had taxes on healthy food and for 40 years the tax breaks have been going to the already wealthy. So there’s another hint of what a fairer tax system might be. And we have companies consuming more water than the poor pay in taxes and leaving this upto some underarm cricket bowl is some how fair? I don’t think so. This is obviously trash and it’s true where ever you look into the tax payers who are not getting a fair shake.

  8. Damien Grant’s comment abuot tax removing money from the economy has got to be the most ideologically pure statement I’ve heard in a long time and he should be congratulated on his committment to the cause in the face of reality.

    Perhaps he is unaware that the govenment then spends that same money back into the economy thereby ensuring that wealth is distributed in a way that helps the eonomy thrive (ie not all of it ends up in the hands of rich people.

    Unless of course the government is intent on running a surplus – then they really do take money out of the economy

  9. I’m agnostic on capital gains tax. It has it’s positives and negatives. But if you’re intent on implementing it to curb property speculation then why on earth exempt ‘the family home’, which exactly where much of the problem lies?

    Such a tax would encourage people to invest more in their mansions and lifestyle blocks whilst shrinking the capital going into rental property development. Nice move Jacinda!

    Worse: By declaring it as policy platform in the lead-up to the election, THEN wasting two years on that pathetic ‘tax working group’, THEN waiting for Winston to chop her legs out from under her, she’s exposed herself as a rudderless flake.

    • Slum Lords are the lowest form of investor. They are right down at the bottom with David Seemores Euthanasia Bill and his No Vote on Gun Law Reform. Any one who makes there money by impoverishing an I tire generation to Third World disease and poverty are scum. While it is political suicide to do around calling 1 million voters scum we can atleast go after the really scummy bastards with rental warrant of fitness and tighter lending restrictions.

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