Phantom Billstickers disregards free speech principles – Free Speech Coalition


The Free Speech Coalition suggests that companies supportive of free speech principles should consider refusing to advertise with Phantom Billstickers, in light of its discriminatory treatment of Speak Up for Women (a group campaigning for consultation on the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill).

Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Rachel Poulain says, “Because Phantom Billstickers is a private company, they are not obliged to provide a platform for speech they disagree with. But the fact that they are discriminating on the basis of political opinion is a concern. These signage locations are visible to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, and will be perceived as communal spaces. Therefore, the public deserves a heads up that those spaces have become politicised.”

“Companies supportive of free speech principles in the media should even consider boycotting Phantom Billstickers for its failure to follow those principles.”

“The Human Rights Commission, which has refused to react to recent issues of free speech and political discrimination, needs to comment on this story.”

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