The Nashy pumps iron for MPI and promises something that will never happen. Ever.


When he’s not spear fishing, playing footy and reading poetry, the Nashy is pumping iron for MPI.

In a bewilderingly hilarious statement, big Stu Nash (‘the Nashy’ to his mates) looked straight down the camera and defended not having an independent review into the weeping wound of corruption and environmental vandalism that is our Fishing Industry by claiming that our public servants are the best…

“There are some incredibly competent and very skilled people in Fisheries New Zealand, they are not captured by the industry and I find that comment actually quite outrageous.”

Mr Nash questioned why an independent inquiry would be needed when there were knowledgeable, competent people within the ministry.

“Why set up another working group when actually we can do it through a series of public meetings, through a consultation document,” he said.

“We have the skills to go out there and deliver meaningful results. We don’t need an independent authority to do everything.”

…The Nashy tells us Fisheries NZ are the best bro, yet these are the same people who….

…and let’s not forget MPI’s general underfunded incompetence of Myrtle Rust, Velvetleaf, Bonamia ostreae in flat oysters, kauri dieback, Psa in kiwifruit and herbicide-tolerant swedes causing cow deaths.

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So the Nashy is firing up after pumping the iron and giving Russel Norman a public beat down for daring to suggest an agency with mind bending incompetence and a long record of deceiving and lying to the public about corruption in the fishing industry isn’t to be judged on that history and should  instead be accepted as a neutral fair minded Government body who won’t do what they always do, which is screw over recreational fishing while protecting Corporate Fishing.

Really Nashy?

That’s the best you’ve got?

It gets better.


After telling us all that the reason we are pushing for pathetic environmental protections is because we must have buy in from industry, it turns out privately that industry will never give any buy in

A letter has emerged from heavy hitters in the fishing industry to the fisheries minister Stuart Nash outlining overwhelming opposition to putting cameras on board boats. Forest and Bird says it shows that while some in the sector have been publicly happy to consider the idea, behind the scenes they have been fighting hard to make sure they never see the light of day. Fisheries reporter Conan Young has the story.




  1. I daresay it suits Nash to say that he believes public servants rather than environmental experts with no vested interests. A fellow who publishes pictures of himself wearing a singlet ? Spare me.

    I expect they’ll be getting rid of mine inspectors next because of mine owners’ assurances that they operate safely. Why not abolish Worksafe from peeking at the logging industry when they say they’re safe too ?

    If Nash won’t act, then we have to. To repeat from TDB:

    ‘The Talley Brothers are the embodiment of the old saying that “Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all”

    As well as boycotting McDonald’s fish burgers etc, here is a broader list to boycott.

    Talley’s products to Boycott


    Fish burgers and other fish products


    Icecream (Crème de la Crème, Crème de la Crème Guilt free)

    Peas, beans, corn, spinach, carrots, mixed vegetables

    Mussels, Talleys retail bags, Ocean Royale retail bags, Oyster Bay, Scallops, Squid bait, Hoki portions AND By Products: Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Fish Fertiliser

    Open Country

    Milk Powders, Milk Proteins, Milk Fats and Cheese


    Lamb, beef, veal, mutton, goat, leather, hides, pelts, calf skins, protein meals, tallow, casings, slipe wool, pharmaceutical blood serums.’

  2. It is undoubtedly an ongoing disgrace, one that the previous government maintained an obsequious silence over. Sadly, with Shane Jones and now Stuart Nash running interference, perhaps we all should just accept that Fisheries NZ will ultimately destroy our fisheries, assist some species to move towards extinction, and lead the way in showing how to run a fully extractive, unsustainable operation.
    Time for some more feelgood fisheries adverts?

  3. The word is that MPI officials are fearful of the Talleys brothers, who are litigious and with the wealth to back it up. No wonder MPI is so “accomodating” of the fishing industry.

  4. I guess that litigious is one way of describing Talley’s. Back in 2002 a Motueka woman brought a case against Talley’s for gender discrimination because they wouldn’t employ her filleting fish.said it was men’s work.

    Incredibly, one of the Talley boys said that women were better suited to be pole dancers – or maybe beauticians. Not nurse or teachers or typists, but pole dancers for heaven’s sake – that seems to be the level of a Talley mind, and enough for me, as a woman to boycott them.

    Interestingly the South Island’s Skeggs Fisheries did employ women filleting fish. Late 1990’s I attended Skeggs Fish Filleters’ Christmas Dinner at The Pines in Wellington. The ladies were pleasant and sociable, and it did not occur to me to wonder why they weren’t out pole dancing.

    The 2002 Talley mouthpiece said that men couldn’t be pole dancers, but I reckon there’s a few politicians with nothing to get in the way of them being pole dancers.

  5. Stuey went through 1984 on without noticing anything a-wry. Let alone in his own industry Forestry. He finds himself the symbol of Labour’s rotten heart. Like so many Righties he’s personally, or was back in school, a nice (the nicest) guy. 1984 delivered our country to the tender mercies of the rich, Stuart. From the fair place we grew up in. A couple of kids at the marble holes aside.

  6. The idea that some commentators seem to have had that Nashy is benignly funny and in some way okay?? tell that to the grand-kids who’ll grow up never eating fish and chips…

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