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  1. Subject; ‘HB Regional Council’s proposal to sell our Napier Port.’ is the wrong move.

    We at CEAC have submitted to Hawkes Bay Regional Council on 6th December 2018 at the hearings on sale of (our) Napier Port, first to ask the Government for some Regional Development Funds under the Government’s (RGF) funding to improve the services infrastructure to the Napier Port.

    This is justified by the taxes Government receives from the many ‘cruise ships’ that come to this Port every year .

    Our Napier Port already is enriching the Government’s coffers and this is a ‘cash cow’ for the Government.

    We at CEAC say ‘the Government owe us’ and they need to be fair and return some of the money collected back to the people of HB and our Council.

    Our HB Regional Council are already struggling to ‘save our environment’ and need funding to ‘mitigate for environmental damages to our region’ without selling it’s own source of income from the Port asset now just to improve the services and mitigation costs.

    There are also deep concerns about the ability to maintain our environmental safety, health and wellbeing of our communities if they sell part of the port that is seen as a very negative move.

    Hawes Bay Regional Council must consider this losing control of environmental stewardship influence is a real threat if selling part of the Port is their goal, as we see Council will be compromised of the ability to maintain our environment safety, health, and wellbeing of our communities.

  2. There is an ongoing and extremely nasty campaign to silence women, especially gender-critical feminists. It is being waged by elements of the new trans movement and involves no-platforming feminists, a wide range of threats (including rape and death threats), lots of incitement to violence, attempts to get gender-critical feminists thrown off social media and their websites closed down and to get them fired from their jobs. Daphna Whitmore examines just some of this campaign:

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