Paula Bennett – a well-practised political conniver


Paula Bennett is well practised at political conniving as she demonstrated last week with her snide comment that the National Party had not spoken to Jami-Lee Ross about sexual harassment allegations but that

“What was put to him was inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.”

Despite claiming National was concerned about Jami-Lee Ross’s mental health she did her best to exacerbate it in revealing aspects of his private life.

She won’t be aware, and neither will she care (unless it negatively impacts on her politically) about the vast sea of misery she created with her snide denigration of state house tenants with the HNZ evictions she presided over as Associate Housing Minister and then Minister of Social Housing.

Here is a report from just one mother who has given permission for it to be used without identifying details. She says she has never used meth but got caught between profit-hungry thieves in the meth industry and a government determined to scapegoat tenants for the housing crisis and use it to push privatisation of state houses.

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My son has ongoing health issues and if you look in to the notes, every time he was at my house he got a sore throat, 9 years before my eviction I asked repeatedly for housing to do something, investigate why…with no action taken.

He is $20,000 dollars in debt for vehicles because he needed them to come and rescue me at times.

He suffers anxiety attacks, stomach problems and the treatment specialist puts it down to this situation.

My daughter, she suffered trauma (through the eviction) from HNZ. She struggles and I am not able to see her or my grandson as she needs counselling and time to heal. It was her 21st birthday last weekend. I was not invited.

She says I fucked up and lost my home, couldn’t put a roof over her head when she was pregnant at 17. She slept on the floor on a foam squab, homeless also.

While I went among 28 (places) motels, couches, garages and even a schoolgrounds with cardboard boxes over me for shelter from rain, wandered the streets of Mt Roskill and my teenage daughter did the same and was raped. The suburb where I was born, in a state home in 197_…

When I read that HNZ report I was just floored when I saw how HNZ fucked me over.

One other thing, though my house tested positive and I was told it was uninhabitable, it was rented to others. I was told “THIS HOUSE IS NOT CONTAMINATED” from the man HNZ paid to go and do a bit of work in the lounge.

The next day when I went to try and talk to this man again, he would not talk to me  or let me in the house as he had the day before. Obviously he had been told not to talk to me or let me in the house again.

HNZ are in gross negligence of not only my human rights but Housing Section 45.

This is just one of the horrendous stories of human abuse at the hands of Bennett and National.

She refused to apologise to tenants her government brutalised such as the woman above when the meth-testing fiasco hit the headlines.

Paula Bennett is surely one of the most unlovely people ever to enter parliament.


  1. They ( the gnats) have shown us all how they treat people with a mental illness or breakdown ‘like shit’

  2. Good point John. Bennett also disclosed the private benefit details of a single mother to the media. She also refused to apologise when she did this and said that she would not rule out doing it to others.

    Then she made public that a Maori Police Officer, who was also the head of the Marae in Mangere Bridge and got the jump on the then National Government about housing the poor, was charged with kidnapping a youth and holding him against his will (the cop was found not guilty). She denied she did this when it was obvious that she did leak this to the media.

    Now she is behind the attempted destruction by the National Party of JLR – she of all people – not to mention the callous, illegal and unjustified action she and HNZ took against HNZ tenants.

  3. bennett is almost indescribably vile.
    But what’s worse is surly the fact that she can still waddle amongst us as if untouchable.
    Only the scummiest of scum would knowingly create a deprived underclass then torture them for being so.
    Why did I just think about one dog able to herd thousands of sheep?

  4. Our sleepy hobbit society excuses Paul Bennett’s behaviour by labelling her as “a person who speaks her mind”. Other fellows famous “for speaking their minds” include Mark Richardson, Mike Hosking and Don Brash.
    Such nice people, eh?

    • Yes, no one praises John Minto for “speaking his mind”, for example, or anyone else who stands up for people etc – “speaking one’s mind” pretty much equates with saying shitty things, usually about other people

      • I praise John Minto, not only for speaking his mind, but for putting his life on the line to support those who cannot protect themselves.
        He is one who puts his body where his mouth is.

  5. The Natzi’s were not particularly kind in their comments towards JLR last week when he decided to disclose some anomalies in donations to the National Party from relevant Chinese Interests.

  6. The Natzi’s were not particularly kind in their comments towards JLR last week when he decided to disclose some anomalies in donations to the National Party from relevant Chinese Interests.

  7. The wider problem here is that 43% of the electorate support and vote for people like Bennett and kept them in office for nine years and would have been twelve years had it not been for Winston and the Maori party imploding.
    There is no accounting for taste.

    • The middle class don’t support or vote for either of them. What happened was John Key successfully argued that if you don’t vote Natiinal then your a commie. That’s it, there’s no grand narrative, nada.

    • No one praises Anthony Mundine for speaking his mind yet he is only telling the truth Australia have bad race relations

  8. Paula Bennett was once Minister for Social Development, then she suddenly moved on, without much of a convincing explanation.

    MSD was under her regime being turned into a Ministry overseeing a department (WINZ) where true evidence was not really relied on that much more, for bringing in new policy and draconian rules (they suddenly accepted more or less made up ‘evidence’, biased reports by ‘experts’ that were not even peer reviewed and supported), and this later created serious questions and issues.

    It would appear that Bennett lost her reputation and respect within MSD and WINZ, and became a bit of a liability.

    Hence she moved to other responsibilities under Bill English, such as Associate Minister for Housing.

    Meanwhile she appears to have managed to wipe some tracks and traces, that would have challenged her integrity even further. Some once praised reports are no longer found and heard of (re welfare reforms), some loud and boasting speeches by her are no longer found easily on the web.

    Bennett is a master of transformation and destroying evidence, including BS evidence.

    A post scratching only the surface:

    More revelations about used BS ‘evidence’ to justify welfare reforms:
    “Is the statement that if a person is off work for 70 days the chance of ever getting back to work is 35% justified?”

    ‘In the expectation of recovery’, Faulkner, Centre for Welfare Reform, Scrib
    (criticism of biopsychosocial model, Aylward et al)

  9. Wonder if paper trail of Paula’s time receiving benefits
    Would stand up to public scrutiny. For example renting out rental properties for financial gain or having a interest in
    more than one property at a time. Big huge think NOT

  10. Paula Bennett as housing minister, lead New Zealand in a modern equivalent of witch trials … for just like the evil catholic inquisition…..false evidence and abuse of science was used to persecute and convict.

    Under Paula and Nationals anti-science witch hunting directives .. “The agency (housing Corp) spent $100 million on what the report describes as mostly unnecessary tests, and took 900 properties out of its portfolio in the middle of the biggest housing shortage in a generation, chasing tenants through the Tenancy Tribunal to pay for “contaminating” properties”

    Make no mistake … this was a Dirty Politics ‘contamination’ fraud …. an evil trick to evict ..

    Paulas dishonest actions , her abuse of facts and language were harshly criticized by a science based expert ..”“As a country we’ve gone down this rabbit hole, I’ve described [meth testing] as the biggest scam that’s ever been run in New Zealand, and I still hold that to be true.”: Ross Bell

    The media ( dirty politics members) helped with the Paulas scam … repeating endless lies … from her … and the con artists getting rich in the meth decontamination / witch hunting industry

    the truth always was…“There’s no actual evidence to show any physical harm to any human being ever from having lived in a house in which there’s been previous meth use,” —

    Consider that Methamphetamine can be prescribed as a medicine … pills with the brand name ‘Desoxyn’ … and these prescribed 5mg tablets contain literally 10,000 times the amount of methamphetamine that would see a property classified as ‘contaminated’ … with the family evicted … and ordered to pay thousands for the clean up of something that poses no threat.

    Only under Paula and National could a medicine which is not toxic or poisonous at the prescribed dose when given to children….. But dilute and divide that medicine to an amount one ten thousandth the size … and then detect that invisible one two millionth of a gram amount on a wall ,,, and it becomes a toxic contaminant…. with an eviction notice.

    Its cruel bullshit ,,,

    and you don’t have to take my word for it …. The numbers show the lie

    Desoxyn 5mg = 10,000 x .5mcg .. or one pill equals 10,000 remediation at the old .5mcg threshold

    “The accepted New Zealand benchmark for remediation, 0.5mcg per 100 square centimeters” .


    To finish up,,,,,,, I remember reading of a state house , with an evicted tenant facing a $18,000 meth ‘decontamination’ cleanup bill….

    but after the $18,000 ‘decontamination’ the home tested at double the acceptable levels for Lead … but that was ok by Paula / housing corp …and the house was to be sold on the open market

    Proving Paula’s more than happy to let our homes be toxic playgrounds for our children ….

    “. A 10 kg infant would only need to ingest 5 mg of
    house dust daily containing 1% lead to develop lead toxicity”


    Symptoms in children include developmental delay, learning difficulties, weight loss, irritability, vomiting and hearing loss. If untreated, even low lead levels can affect the developing brain, and may impair a child’s development and performance at school

  11. Another great blog John. Is Paula’s new look a cover for her spitefulness? Her name continues to be a moniker for all that is inhuman in our household.

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