#FakeNews: Trump & Corporate Media are both Enemies of the People


Over 100 newspapers to publish damning editorials against Donald Trump’s attacks on the press
More than 100 publications across the US will publish editorials rejecting Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the press.

The move is part of a coordinated effort by the Boston Globe’s editorial board to denounce the president’s claim that the media “is the enemy of the American people”. Each newspaper involved in the campaign will publish their own unique editorial refuting such criticisms, to arrive on newsstands Thursday, 16 August.

In a statement calling on other newspapers to join the effort, the Boston Globe wrote, “We propose to publish an editorial on August 16 on the dangers of the administration’s assault on the press and ask others to commit to publishing their own editorials on the same date”.

It’s almost as if Noam Chomsky never existed.

It’s almost as if his ground breaking research into the way corporate media control, constrict, manipulate and twist the truth for their corporate masters are no longer remembered

It’s almost as if ‘Manufacturing Consent’ was never published.

There’s a reason why Trump’s orange carnival of ignorance manages to make so much milage out of the ‘Fake News’ mantra, it’s because corporate media serve the interests of their corporate masters, they sure as Christ don’t serve Democracy.

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There is example after example after example after example of Corporate Media using their dominance to hide, lie or manipulate the truth to the populace so when a fascist like Trump came along the groundswell of distrust was ready to be tapped and used.

The first  editorial of the NZ Herald was calling white settlers to go to war with Māori, let’s not pretend that the industry holds the powerful to account, it’s there to preserve the hegemony.

Sure, there are individual journalists whose work rises above the industry, but they are the exception not the rule.

Trump & Corporate Media are both Enemies of the People.



  1. The great Noam Chomsky is exactly right in your image. Modern political “journalism” has disturbingly become more about controlling the narrative than unbiased reporting of the facts; this is best achieved by making the debate artificially narrow. Good on you for holding the so-called “free press” to account, regardless of their political slant.

    • 100% Marty and Nitrium.

      Like they keep mushroooom from keeping ‘sporns’ in a dark damp place and feed them mushrooms they are using the same principal to grow our brain as they want us to be totally subservient;

      This fitting ‘saying’ from years ago was saying it all;

      – “keep them in the dark and feed them horseshit.”

  2. ‘corporate media serve the interests of their corporate masters’

    Of course. How could it be otherwise?

    And since the corporations’ business model is predicated on making everything that matters worse, omissions in reporting, business-as-usual propaganda, distraction, and outright lies must necessarily increase as time passes….until some kind of implosion point is reached.

    There is certainly a ‘lack of awareness’ of the seriousness of numerous energetic and environmental ‘issues’; one has to wonder whether there is a deliberate wide-ranging policy of not reporting just how catastrophic recent trends have been. The truth would be bad for business.

    A case in point is the extraordinary drought that is affecting southeastern Australia.


    At some stage it could rain enough pull New South Wales back from the absolute catastrophe the people (not to mention the wildlife) living there face. However, if quite a lot of rain does not come fairly soon, it will be ‘all over’ for the most populous region in Australia, perhaps within a year.

  3. International corporatism and consumption driven by short-term commercial interests have been an unmitigated disaster for the Earth and for its inhabitants. And generally the ‘news’ media do not want the populace to recognise that.

    However, unpalatable truth does sometimes leak out.

    Pity children, who are victims of much of the malaise that corporations foster.

    The Independent UK reports:

    ‘The number of children with diabetes largely caused by obesity has soared 41 per cent in just three years, figures show.’


  4. News outlets did once seem more interested in reporting the news a few years ago. But were they always bullshitting us about anything that mattered? And the net has provided a more honest alternative ( or a host of alternatives from which we can work out the likely truth), or is it that the MSM has recently become a source of misinformation rather than information?
    Stuff i comes out about events decades in the past that reveal that what I understood at the time was not how it really was. So my inclination is that it was always rigged in favour of the powers that be, but now we have other sources to refer to and we are doing so en mass. And the MSM and their controllers are panicking.
    Trump sure is hard to work out. Some thoughtful commentators abroad credit him with far more nous than he seems to display. His self congratulatory tweets are so banal , so ostensibly pathetic and vain that it’s not unreasonable to think it can’t be real. If he isn’t a complete moron as Tillerson apparently called him, where does he sit on the IQ range? Is he in control? Or is he floundering around trying to look as if he knows what he is doing while really leaving all the decisions to minders like Mattis , Bolton and Pompio.
    If he really meant much of what he said re foreign policy before election then he has not been allowed to act on it. Economically he is getting much criticism from MSM and financial institutions, and from trading partners, but the US domestic economy is doing fine so far under his direction, and that includes a massive drop in unemployment esp among African Americans who are coming around to support him in huge numbers according to recent polls. Getting Americans to work is what he said was his priority and so far it’s pointless to deny that he is succeeding.
    In the meantime if you follow the rhetoric of Bolton and Pompio on Russia, Syria, Turkey Iran and Europe , it is incredible arrogant bullying and insufferable disrespect for everyone. They are every bit as offensive as he is but much more militarily aggressive. You could almost imagine he as put them in their positions to let them wreck US international creditability completely, turning the whole world against them and precipitating a complete rethink .
    But it could be as it seemed at the time that his run for the presidency was a publicity stunt to get more exposure to enhance his businesses. If as it seemed he had no expectation of winning and was horrified when he realised what he had done to himself and his family, that would be consistent with blundering around but really leaving it to others to make the decisions. I don’t know what to think . I don’t think anyone knows yet. If he has cleared himself of Mueller’s apparently everlasting investigation by his next term we may get a better idea. But I would not count on the investigation not lasting the full 8 years. Some people in the deep state in America really don’t want him. That is the most hopeful clue as to his ultimate intentions.
    D J S

    • David Stone: “But were they always bullshitting us about anything that mattered?”

      Yup: that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. There were occasional glimpses in the past of the ugly truth: the Pentagon papers, Watergate, the Iran Contra scandal, the My Lai massacre. But it’s taken the rise of the internet to alert us all to the extent of msm propaganda at best, lying at worst.

      “Stuff i comes out about events decades in the past that reveal that what I understood at the time was not how it really was. So my inclination is that it was always rigged in favour of the powers that be, but now we have other sources to refer to and we are doing so en mass. And the MSM and their controllers are panicking.”

      About sums it up. I thank Noam Chomsky for showing me what the US has been up to in Meso and South America over the past century at least. And for informing me about what actually happened during the Cuba missile crisis. As opposed to what the msm told us at the time. Look at what’s happening in Venezuela at present: that’s straight out of the CIA playbook.

      The msm here in NZ has been no better. There are no foreign affairs specialists among journalists here; nor is there any tradition of it. Michael Field pointed this out a few years ago. It is a huge gap, and redounds to the great disadvantage of all of us; nobody has the journalistic expertise to critically analyse NZ foreign policy. We all suffer the consequences of that.

      I note that, in a previous post, Martyn characterised Vladimir Putin as “a KGB thug”. That comes straight out of western – especially US – propaganda. Yet in this post, he draws attention to Chomsky’s valuable work in exposing the lies and manipulation of western media. Surely it’s by now obvious that we’re being fed propaganda by the msm about Russia?

      Consider the outright lies we’ve been told about the war in Chechnya; the conflict in Georgia; the US-backed coup in the Ukraine and the secession of the Crimea; the shoot-down of MH17; Russian assistance to Assad during the Syrian war; the false flag at best, fictitious at worst, claims about attacks with chemical weapons in Syria; the Wiltshire incidents. All this is part of the propaganda war on Russia.

      I’m a boomer. I’ve been exposed to western propaganda from the msm for all of my longish life; nowadays, I take nothing I read in the media at face value, unless I’ve seen corroborating evidence elsewhere.

  5. Trump’s election showed that modern technology has made this Chomsky quote out of date, if it was ever true.

    By using Twitter he bypassed conventional media and repeatedly pushed the political debate outside what was previously considered acceptable and “the people” stopped being passive and obedient and voted for him.

    Trump and the far left have much in common – they both despise the mainstream media, however he manipulates them much more effectively. His best trick is that whenever he’s getting bad publicity he uses distraction by some stunt that plays well with his base such as pardoning someone, or insulting Muslims, Mexicans, or any one of his usual victims. The media then focus on that and the agenda changes. They fall for it every time.

    He’s by no means stupid, but he is crazy – crazy like a fox!

    • In the run-up to the election Trump had Millions of dollars worth of free publicity by the us msm – one actually said as much to shareholders: he gave them great ratings. They showed Trump’s empty podium while Bernie Sanders was holding an event at an overflowing sports arena that they never covered. He IS stupid but he knows how the media works and how to use that -to an extent. The media is focused on click bait that’s why every one knows about Stormy Daniels – not so much about Trump University.

  6. control the narrative=Lie,
    Main Stream Media=State controlled propaganda machine,
    Twitter shadow ban=State and MSM attempt at mass censorship
    NeoLib=Fascist State Actors
    “their lips are movin cause they lie lie lie”=musical interlude

  7. It’s almost as if Noam Chomsky never existed….That’s exactly what I think when reading NZ political blogs*. Its a mystery to me the faith people have in the msm narrative. Just because a media outlet isn’t wearing a Trump cap or foaming at the mouth doesn’t mean its your friend.

    *Though not TDB, thank goodness.

    • Siobhan: “It’s almost as if Noam Chomsky never existed…”

      Indeed. Chomsky himself must be frustrated by it, when he looks at reportage by most of the msm in America.

      “That’s exactly what I think when reading NZ political blogs*. Its a mystery to me the faith people have in the msm narrative.”

      I agree. Critique of that narrative is thin on the ground, at least in the blogs I read. Commentators do need to take a sceptical approach to everything published by the msm: that includes the NZ iteration.

      When I stop seeing anti-Russia – and anti-Trump – hysteria on these blogsites, I’ll know that people have realised that they’ve been propagandised by the msm. I’m not overly hopeful, I must say.

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