Why would you take advice from John Key?


I’m sorry, what?

Don’t get frazzled as Acting Prime Minister, Key tells Winston Peters
The best piece of advice former Prime Minister Sir John Key gives to Winston Peters as he prepares to become Acting Prime Minister is “Enjoy it – it’s the best job in the world.”

“I think for six weeks he will thoroughly enjoy being in the role,” Sir John told the Weekend Herald.

“I mean he has dreamed about being in the role for a very long time.”

Jacinda Ardern’s due date is tomorrow, June 17, and the plan is for Peters to step up from the deputy’s job for six weeks.

Audrey Young today interviews Key about being PM & he has odiously offered Winston advice!??

Someone who ran a dirty ops team in his office, lied about mass surveillance, signed off on a war crime & grotesquely underfunded public infrastructure for tax cuts has no advice worth giving

His legacy is the 300 000 kids living in poverty, a meth hysteria his Party fed while they privatised state housing, the 41 000 homeless, entire generations locked out of home ownership and trapped in debt for life and a prison population built on punitive get tough on crime rhetoric.

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National in power were the ultimate ‘pump and dump’ Government led by a Merchant Banker who took mercenary corporate culture and used it to form social policy. Short term gains and low horizons built on greed are their legacy.

Why would you ever want to copy that?

Advice from John Key is like advice from Ronald McDonald. Empty with no nutritional value whatsoever.



  1. Anyone seeking advice from crooked Key would be wanting do do dirty deals i would assume as Johnny Key is a bottom feeder shark and a blood sucker on the carcass of NZ Key is uncaring of NZ as he would sell the lot in a heartbeat and nothing more.

    Winston is a man of morals and dedicatin to us all and John key is an opportunist.

    • Well sorry but I found him to be the best one butterthan the one we have she should not even be there

  2. On this subject but slightly different, last week there was a focus group held on and about Phil Goff of all things. I have no idea who initiated it but the National Party live by them so I’m guessing they are involved. And because there appears to be a concerted/orchestrated effort to undermine him at Auckland Council.

    Interestingly John Keys name was raised as an Auckland mayoral candidate as part of the questions and the groups views on him. The overall theme was he was a guy they could relate to. Obviously this says little for the integrity of the groups individuals .

    Anyway by continually undermining Goff and then putting Key up for election, Key stands a good chance.

    And there are an awful lot of ratepayer owned assets that the top 10% will then get their greedy little hands on, as was the intention when Auckland Council wad created.

    The political right scheming away, like rust, never sleeps

    • This has the ring of truth, unlike Key. There certainly seems to be anti-Goff activism suddenly dirtying the horizon enough for the casual observer to note.

  3. …and don’t forget about the raids on Dotcom and Nicky Hager and trying to change the NZ flag?….he cost the country a lot of money

    jonkey Gollum

  4. Winston will be grinning into his whiskey

    …and tempted to reach for a Cuban cigar ( dont do it Winnie!)

    • John Keys advice may be more prophetic than he realizes about “Enjoy it – it’s the best job in the world ”….

      When the Right Honourable Winston Peters Acting Prime Minister takes to court a number of individuals in the National party and their embedded stooges in various govt depts over breaking the law by illegally releasing Peters personal financial details to the media…

      Be careful what you wish for Key ,… be careful what you wish for…

      • And what fools Nat MP’s were to think that Mr Peters would be embarrassed by some pedestrian human error on the part WINZ. And how excited they got themselves about it in their narrow little world.

        Were they in touch with the real world, they would have known that this is not an uncommon occurrence but they aren’t, so they didn’t. This what they have shown us about themselves.

        Peters is quite right to call them to account, which happens far too rarely.

        Top legal minds defend squeaking gnats- where is John Cleese ?

  5. Why would Audrey Young report “advice” from a former Prime Minister who left New Zealand with no positive legacy?

    In a few more years, very few will recall anything that John Key did that stands out.

    Except maybe the cycleway. And isn’t that symbolic of Key’s administration: being taken for a ride.

    Winston Peters has every right to roll his eyes at this poor joke.

    • As much as it grieves me, I believe Key’s legacy as a “successful Prime Minister” will keep shuffling grotesquely along like a reanimated corpse. His is the gurning face we’ll be subject to whenever the MSM require a basis for comparison in regard to how awful the new government allegedly is. The National Party will continue to dredge him up to mutter brain-numbing platitudes whenever their already vast coffers need topping up, and nothing short of a fucking exorcism will rid us of him permanently.

      No… we’ve not seen the last of John ‘Ponytails’ Key by a long shot.

  6. John Key and Bill English mistook borrowing for rank. My advice to them is to hand in there knighthood and take a pay-cut.

    • Good suggestion Sam. Also as punishment for their lies, deceit, subterfuge … in fact treason against NZ, Key & English could also be made to spend the rest of their lives doing community service, wearing work vests with their names scrawled across the back, with TRAITORS & WARMONGERS highlighted!

      • I’ll tell anyone when they’re over payed and can not connect there lifestyles with the destruction of the community around them. So John Key and Bill English presided over the widest growth in inequality and youth suicide in modern history and I dare say all of NZ history. I doubt they’ll listen because they always say they make to much money to care. They just can’t see the connection between making $10mln on the sale of a house and rising asset prices. It’s idiocy, not genius.

  7. Sir John to you Martyn.
    Best job it the world he says? So why give it up?mmm
    Best job in the world looking at the poor and not doing jack??!!
    I got the impression he got fed up with it all and realised the people could see his cusp of a brighter future was just someone talking crap.
    What he means is he liked being mates with Obama, staying with the Queen, world cups, Richie and la de da. But when you reflect on it he was an odd fit for NZ-the persona of everyday man was a facade. He saw the real NZ was different to the prosperous one he wanted to preside over. He had to turn a blind eye to the squalor. He had no desire or guts to fix that despite his state house upbringing. His legacy is the worst type of legacy as he had the opportunity do something worthwhile for people but he made it worse for them while improving his own CV and life experience.
    Sir John Key?-yeah nah.

    • That’s cos Jacinda’s got a ponytail – along with the best job in the world – and a couple of cops – so it behoved his right hand to know what his left hand was doing. Golly life can be a challenge.

  8. Based on behaviours exhibited, the former-PM is a psychopath.
    He’s been shown to be a lying, shallow, bullying confidence trickster, who betrayed his country (and his supporters).

    But as a psychopath, there is one thing he can never be.
    No amount of psychotherapy, no surgical intervention or pharmacological treatment exists to help him.
    Psychopaths can acquire and polish the skills to mimic caring, understanding, and empathy. They can fool lesser people like Audery Young, and ensnare them just as some snakes seemingly hypnotise their prey.

    But despite all that, there is one thing they can never be, no matter how hard they try. They can’t, because their brain simply isn’t wired for it.

    They can NEVER be…………………………………..human.

  9. Not too long ago Key was asked as to what was his biggest regret from his years of self-serving, selfish, opportunistic, ego ridden and greedy prime minister of New Zealand.
    The man showed his true shallowness by not regretting that so many NZers cannot afford a home, shelter, protection, decent health care, education. The man didn’t say that one big regret was sexually harassing a waitress at a local cafe by repeatedly pulling her ponytail despite her request he stop.
    No, Key showed his true wonts in life by claiming his biggest regret was him not getting his flag.
    Key didn’t mind spending many millions of NZ taxpayers money on a piece of fabric that would never provide accommodation for the homeless, food in the bellies of the homeless, education, health care and even a liveable wage. The man also didn’t regret using an RNZAF plane as his very OWN Airforce One to take him and his family all over the place.
    Key’s lagacy will be that of someone who never ever cared about NZers.
    And now Key, who has ONLY been in politics for a short time, has the cheek to tell Winston who has been in politics most of his political life-time, as to how to be a Deputy Prime Minister???!!!!
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some staff at ANZ has experienced the Smiling Assassin hatchet job and they have found themselves out of a job by lunch-time.

    • Key knows the the only noteworthy thing he’ll be remembered for in NZ
      is as a serial pony-tail puller. It will get into the history books.

      Gross imbalance of power: the PM of NZ – protected by two police-men, toying with a defenceless young working lass, time after time after time. Poor girl.

      If his son’s callout to cyclists, “Real men ride women,” reflects the Key ethos, then John Key is not in the position to give man to man advice, esp to an elder statesman like Winston Peters.

      Smart alec wind-up it was – aided and abetted.

  10. jonkey is just trying to retrieve something left from a tattered disreputation by attempting to associate himself with Winston Peters

    …its an old paternalistic boys political game of one up-man-ship

  11. so what is New Zealand going to do about John Key and the way he has ruined new zealand .
    my kids will never be able to.afford a home of their own now thanks to tje national government .
    its about time there was an enquiry into john keys doings and he should be held accountable

  12. so what is New Zealand going to do about John Key and the way he has ruined new zealand .
    my kids will never be able to.afford a home of their own now thanks to tje national government .
    its about time there was an enquiry into john keys doings and he should be held accountable

    • i don’t think you can absolve labour for responsibility for how fucked we are now…

      they both did the neoliberal waltz..

      and funny story..!

      far too many of those neoliberal labour trouts are now in government..

      which makes me think of a question:

      who is the most neoliberal-tory-like/most likely to eat the poor for lunch in this labour government..?

      i’m going with nash and sepuloni..

  13. What a brilliant lot of comments you get when you mention jonkey, always the slimy small man. Only thing he isn’t responsible for is his lack of height!

  14. ‘Sir John’, it makes me want to vomit.

    And most worrying is that nearly half of those who bothered to vote in the elections 2008 to 2013 voted for that piece of crap and his party.

    A nation of happy sycophants, or about half at least, it seems.

    Deeply disturbing, that is.

    And Audrey Young appears to have cherished every moment talking with her favourite leader of the nation, or past one, that is.

    MSM sycophants catering for the wider community of sycophants.

    And the new government has so far not reversed much of the damaging policies that the Nats introduced, for instance the hideous welfare changes in 2013.

    If they want another term they better start working and doing something useful and constructive.

    • New govt has done two really important things – which cannot be measured in money, but are nevertheless important.

      (1) Addressing Pike River
      (2) Addressing the NZDF in Afghanistan

      Neither would have happened under the National Govt but both can
      help us feel better about the sort of people we are.

  15. Don’t forget the tax havens the ones key said weren’t tax havens he should go down in history as the worst pm elected that we have ever had. This country is more divided than it has ever been. Is this what key got his knight hood for, dividing the people, destroying our beautiful country and then fucking of and saying he needs to spend time with his family who have made big sacrifices poor bronah sitting at home with moonbeam. the poor thing. In the mean time many people have no secure jobs, no homes and no hope this is disgusting and this man gets a sick title for all his nasty deeds .

  16. Any “advice” from the crook Key will I’m sure be met with “PISS OFF” and perhaps a flipping of the bird from Winston, who is no fool.

  17. I am glad his flag got the thumbs down.

    It would have been a constant reminder when flying anywhere of the man who changed it for his own personal legacy.

    That would have been unthinkable.

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