Nashy goes full Trump – Gang rhetoric to punish 7000 children

By   /   May 7, 2018  /   21 Comments

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When it comes to bullshit ‘get tough on crime’ rhetoric,  Red is the new Orange. 

When it comes to bullshit ‘get tough on crime’ rhetoric,  Red is the new Orange. 

The Nashy has gone full Trump.

It’s the very ‘get-tough-on-crime’ rhetoric that has seen an explosion in our prison numbers and it’s a voter favourite.

Nu Zilind hates dirty filthy crims as much as they hate dirty filthy beneficiaries.

Giving the dirty filthy crims the bash by banning more of them from public spaces and removing welfare is a good counter move by the new Government just as National gain attention for two new get tough on crime Bills that were drawn last week.

While bashing dirty filthy crims is great politics, it’s dehumanising, spiteful and leads to poorly thought out and expensive counter-productive social policy.

Stripping welfare away from Gang members would directly impact the 7000 kids frowning up in those households.

Hands up anyone who can guess whether stripping welfare out of the homes of those 7000 kids is going to be a net positive or  a net loss?

Cut the moralising bullshit, gangs exist for very specific socio-economic reasons, you want to deal to the organised crime level, not your average biker gang.

These ‘gang members’ are human beings before they are ‘gang members’ and the second we start thinking otherwise is fucking dangerous. I don’t like crime anymore than your next citizen, but what I don’t like a hell of a lot more is a State that gives itself civil liberty eroding powers which make us less safe, not more.

They are human beings.

They are human beings.

They are human beings.

They have the same intrinsic human rights that every human being has, regardless of their action and behaviour.

This kind of crush the gangs drum beating is tedious and beneath our collective intelligence. Getting more punitive and giving the Police even more power when the existing power they have is unchecked can’t be a solution.

It just can’t be.


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  1. esoteric pineapples says:

    It’s never acceptable to charge people for a crime they didn’t actually commit.

    “Mr Nash says the Government also wants to strengthen section 98A of the Crimes Act, which makes it illegal to be part of an organised criminal group, whether or not you actually commit the crimes yourself.”

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m very disappointed in Nash and I don’t have much confidence in him as police Minister. So far he has shown he is not suitable for this position . I’m trying to think who would be able to do a good job as this a difficult role after having tolley and judeath theres got to be someone that can do a better job. When you all him nashy isn’t he more of nashy (pear)

  3. e-clectic says:

    Decriminalise or legalise marijuana would be a good first step to reducing gang power.

  4. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    he seems to have a very authoritarian bent. will have to be watched closely.

  5. doc says:

    Gangs generally equals disorganised crime you can see them coming from a mile away, its the ones wearing suits that are totally organised and hard to see.

  6. Mjolnir says:

    One day we’ll learn from our Scandinavian brothers and sisters. But until then, it’ll be more of the punitive Anglo-saxon mentality that has been such a feature of this country since colonisation.

    • Lone comet says:

      Agree with you there, they are ahead in prison reform and its getting positive social results. Why do we not look and learn?

  7. countryboy says:

    What a fucking moron. And that tony blair crocodile smile? Fuuuuuuuck. Not that it surprises me. And not that I think I’m some kind of clever person. It’s just that the Idiot League, AKA Labour, are simply a different shade of Blue. Nothing radical has fallen out of Labour at all, and yet they’ve had so many traffic stopping opportunities to bury National forever.
    nash and labour both know that societal dysfunction is directly related to poverty and fear. Anyone with an average interest in politics and who can read will know that. So, what the fuck is going on? How come such a deviant and medieval brain fart from the nasho?
    What are they hiding? By raising this kind of dirty dust? What’s about to happen that they’re trying to head off with a vengeance piece targeting the powerless to distract us? Why doesn’t he instead attack the Big Four Banksters who create the poverty criminals are born from like the Aussies are doing? How come Da Nasch-o doesn’t talk to the Brit MP about billionaire chandlers alleged touchy-feelies with the Russians and of how the fuck chandler got his absurd fortune in the first place?
    Nash is either eye wateringly ignorant, a sadist, or is up to something as a diversion.

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      Answer to all your questions: Politicians never cross the people they serve (and that ain’t voters).

    • Maama says:

      Nash sounds very much like those Labour traitors Douglas & Prebble – we know how they served the working class of this country.

  8. Nik says:

    How much longer do we have to hear agenda-laden bureaucrats’ agenda-laden rhetoric espousing divisive policies that Never Work, before they are forced to admit they Never Work ??!

  9. Andrea says:

    “Hands up anyone who can guess whether stripping welfare out of the homes of those 7000 kids is going to be a net positive or a net loss?”

    Hands up anybody who can SAY whether providing income to ‘the homes’ of those 7000 kids is currently a net positive or a net loss? Are they in stable schooling? Well fed and clothed. Being supported and cherished and provided with holidays, learning opportunities and safe environments by the gangs?

    I have put ‘the homes’ in quote marks because we are told that many of these kids are in temporary homes and move about – a lot.

    What does the gang provide to its members? Is it like a benevolent fund -providing members who are homeless or out of work with assistance? Is it like an old-fashioned union where there was a strikers fund to ensure the ‘women and kids’ were fed, clothed, cared for?

    Is a gang like a co-op to help train its members, or even retrain? At what point does the gang organisation give up on the member and family and chuck them out to the welfare system?

    If the member is getting income from gang service – what makes them, or their family eligible for a benefit – other than Working for Families?

    Before we emotively head into Early Handwringing – we could definitely use a LOT more information about what gangs provide to their membership that the rest of us cannot access.

    Including families that are currently ineligible for income assistance – even when the amount made by the household is below Adult Minimum. (Think Teacher Aides for a start.)

    Otherwise it seems like a case of ‘have your cake and eat it…’ In the gang ‘family’ – work, income, perks – and a dip into social security on the side. Unless there’s clear evidence this is not happening.

    Do we have that evidence?

  10. Helena says:

    I don’t remember what I wrote in my comment which wasn’t accepted but I’ll have two of what Countryboy said!

  11. D'Esterre says:

    It’s never the children’s fault. Government policy should never punish them for the shortcomings – real or claimed – of their elders.

  12. Observer Tokoroa says:

    “Leave them alone ..”

    Hi Everyone. I am going to be the odd one out here. I simply do not believe you can raise children from birth to adulthood, without a modicum of wisdom and discipline.

    If you think we should turn a sweet blind eye to violence against teachers in school; to nurses and doctors in hospitals; to unbridled drug consumption; to serious violent crime; to homicide; to illiteracy; to obesity; to sugar poison; – then I cannot accept your version of a happy healthy Society.

    John Key and Billy English gave divine rights to Supermarkets (and liquor outlets) to sell any junk they wanted. Uncontrolled.

    But that was for their capitalist mates to make oodles of money.

    I think the People of New Zealand will have great confidence in the Labour Government if a leg rope is put around the open slather of ” go for it kids” get into the Piss and the drugs … go on ”

    “Go on kids – get into the Crime – you will love it”. “It is your right”

    I am going to support those parents -and Minister Nash – who see kids as needing some guidance – rather than just gutter upbringing.

    Why? I am ever grateful for my parents; my church; my community; my education – that kept me on the pretty straight path – and kept me happy and a little bit constructive.

    • Gary says:

      You are absolutely correct OT. The erosion of family values and acceptance of drugs for recreational use will destroy our society. The comments of Andrea and Country Boy leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

  13. Michelle says:

    I would like to see some of the gangs set up working gangs like they did back in the 70s -80s wasn’t it the Black Power. One of the biggest problems facing gangs and NZ society is ‘P’. This evil drug can bring in lots of money. We also need to start utilising our Prisoners ( the low risk ones and mu understanding there are many) They could be filling some of our gaps for example Kiwi fruit and apples need to be picked. If we use the prisoners we don’t have to worry about accommodation they have money instead of them being a burden on their family they may be able to start contributing and they are not stuck in a cell for hours going mad. Its a win win situation. Nashs’ idea is a backward step because we have our MSD Minister Sepuloni trying to fix the many problems in her area and him Nash creating more problems. He needs to think a bit more before he speaks and he needs to think of the consequences of his policies. Who will this policy hurt the most, the very people his government is trying to help thats who. Remember his idea to bring in thousand of foreigners to be police officers another daft idea.

  14. Siobhan says:

    well, there’s a reason why Nash won 53.4 per cent of the candidate vote in Napier, compared to the 37 per cent of the party vote that went to Labour.

    How do I put this politely….He appeals to a certain ‘mentality’

  15. mosa says:

    Individuals make choices on joining a gang and accepting that lifestyle its ramifications and what will mean for them and their family.

    Once they accept this they are no longer human beings.

  16. Janio says:

    When the governments Roper Report on Gangs came out a couple of decades ago the finding was the media and the cops both greatly exaggerated the crimes committed by gangs. Likely it’s the same now. Both the media and cops scare people to promote their own agendas. It’s necessary to create bogeys so we can justify ourselves punishing them to protect ourselves. Shame on you Nash, you’re a pathetic opportunist and watch out for all these bloggers who have sussed you out.

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