The shallow narcissism of John Key


I’m sorry what?

Sir John Key says biggest regret as PM was not changing flag

Sir John Key may have got the country through earthquakes and recessions, but the one thing he wishes he could have changed was the flag. 

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Sir John said his greatest regret from eight years as New Zealand’s leader was not being able to change the flag. 

Key feels his greatest regret was losing the flag vanity project & not the war crimes he signed off on?

The 42000 homeless?

The 370000 kids in poverty?

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The mass surveillance state he built?

The mass surveillance lies me made?

The grotesque underfunding of social infrastructure?

The 560 suicides per year?

The NZers living in cars?

The mass migration scams?

Helen Kelly living out the rest of her life as a criminal because he refused to move on medical cannabis?

The tens of thousands thrown off welfare with no where to go?

The worst housing bubbles in NZs history?

The housing affordability crisis?

The state assets sold off to fund irrigation infrastructure?

The 10 000 in prison and the vast expansion of our private prison industry?

The dirty ops campaign run out of his office?

His office colluding with the SIS to frame Phil Goff in the 2011 election?

How come none of those were his greatest regret?

Key claiming his failed vanity project failing was his greatest regret reminds us all what a shallow narcissist he really was.


  1. And do any of the gNat defenders who’re likely to come on duty and try to defend the record dispute your claims and figures?

    But but but GCF – there, I’ve given them a start.

    • They (the gnats) cannot blame the GFC they increased our debt tenfold, they sold assets including at least 3 thousand state homes possibly more. They also sold pockets of valuable state land to developers, they sold of part of Air NZ they ran one of our state owned power companies into the ground they ran NZ post into the ground. And to top it of they wasted money on a flag referendum & 11.5 million to the Saudis for an imaginary trade deal. And they have a damned cheek to say they were good fiscal managers of our economy. They are nothing but a bunch of greedy self serving crooks and liars. All of this and keys gets knighthood sickening.

  2. Well I guess anything to deflect the conversation from the omni-shambles that is the hallmark of ‘your’ government after less than six months in office …

    Labour’s teen age sex scandal
    Clare Curran’s lying in Parliament
    Eugenie Sages lying in Parliament
    Medals Mark and his Uber taxi service
    The Jenny Marcroft Affair
    Jacinda’s lying about the Petrol TAX
    The Minister for Pork Barrelling lying about briefings
    The Waka Jumping legislation poached from Mulgabe
    The billion trees that ain’t
    The first kiwibuild houses ready for occupation in just 54 days
    The $5b stolen from the roading budget

    and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

    I could debate your points and the assumptions that underline them but it won’t advance the conversation one jot as you and yours truly believe that the John Keys of this world eat babies … but tell me about this ‘mass surveillance state’ which, if true, is surely right at the top of your governments agenda for dismantling. Doesn’t appear to be happening does it? Nah, its OK when the ‘left’ do it.

    • but tell me about this ‘mass surveillance state’ which, if true, is surely right at the top of your governments agenda for dismantling. Doesn’t appear to be happening does it? Nah, its OK when the ‘left’ do it.

      LOL! So let’s get this straight; it wasn’t ok for the Nats to implement mass surveillance – but you’ll let that ‘slide’? But what irks you is that the GCSB/SIS expanded powers legislation hasn’t be unwound yet? Because you’re afraid “the ‘left’ do it”? Do what – surveil you?

      What are you afraid of “Veteran”? As Key and other Nats said often enough, “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”. Right?

      The billion trees that ain’t

      Jeez, ease up there, tiger! Trees don’t grow in five months!

      Who is ‘Mulgabe’?

      The rest of your diatribe is over-the-top by any measurement. Best lay off the “Whaleoil” spin on things. Not good for your mental health.

      • The Veterans comments are of the same arrogance of Mike Hosking on the government’s stance on the road carnage at present..

        “Since joining Hampton Downs and taking my car round a track at 220km/h I have not crashed, will not crash, and have concluded I am vastly less likely to be in trouble on a track than I am on a road. Why? Because there are no idiots. There is respect and concentration and rules are adhered to, and – oh the irony – ever safer cars.”

        Just today…

        Mike, by your own admission, you are a fucking idiot!

        I say to The Veteran, clean up your own back yard first pal!

    • @ The Veteran … Goodness what a load of tripe! Quite amusing some of it.

      I bet you think John Key can walk on water. That’s right, the very same John Key who could not keep his hands to himself, refusing to take “no stop it” for an answer and kept assaulting a waitress for 7 months! Seven months that young woman had to put up with his fondling her hair! What do you say to that?

      You are coming across as very bitter, twisted as well as pathetic, because your gang of robber barons ended up in Opposition.

      Natz lost the election fair and square.

      Get over it and move on.

    • You know Veteran, a decent man – any decent man – would have deeply regretted the Pike River tragedy, but no, no new flag was his biggest regret.

      You know Veteran, a decent man- any decent man – would have deeply regretted our young men being killed in other people’s wars, but no, no new flag was Key’s biggest regret.

      You know Veteran, a decent man – any decent man would deeply regret mushrooming hospital waiting lists, and boomeranging doctors’ referrals, but no, no new flag was this character’s deepest regret.

      And you know why ? Because none of the few things I have mentioned affected him, Veteran, they affected other people, and when it comes to values it rather looks as if Key valued his own wants above the needs of the people he was elected to represent.

      • Beautifully put, Christine.

        On top of which, a “decent man” wouldnt have gained tge reputation that key got for convenient memory lapses and outright lies.

    • “and I’ve only just scratched the surface.”

      I think @ veteran you might have confused the surface with your arse

    • Oh look, its Mike “The Veteran” Hosking. You can stop licking Key’s backside now, Mike, your beloved leader is no longer in the PM’s seat.

    • veteran I wont attempt to write a list about all the gnats failings because for one it would take far too long but what I will say is how come every time the gnats are in power we end up with so many inequalities in all facets of life.

  3. If that was his greatest ambition, then we as a nation were short-changed in electing him.

    He had nothing to offer us. His legacy was one of wasted opportunities.

    He will not be missed.

    • Because he facilitated the agenda of the owners of NZ -looting and polluting of the commons and faster transfer of wealth from the bottom of the social pyramid to the top.

    • Knighted by his own party, who thought he was more popular than Good. The same people who still crave his guidance and advise

    • Bert
      knighted for services the bankers club Internationale.

      We pay for it wealth wise and socially.

      Ignored Kiwis wishes not to sell the silver and gave it away to his investor mates.

      We pay over and over again.

      Hair tugger.

  4. Pretty weak Frank pretty weak, even by your standards. Still, I understand the hurt and the sleepless nights ‘your’ mob is causing you.

    You could always do what St Jacinda did when she rejected God and found whisky.

    • Yeah, so “weak” you evaded Frank’s points entirely, Vereran. Give it up, troll, your beloved leader is a wretched failure.

    • “Weak”, Veteran?

      Not at all. I notice your attempt to defend Key was premised on finding fault(s) with a government barely only six months in office.

      You couldn’t list a single achievement Key has left as a legacy.

      What does that say about your precious Dear Leader?

  5. WE didn’t elect Him, actually, Frank, DID WE?

    He got elected because he was pushed forwards (from where?) to suddenly appear as “leader” of “National”

    Much in the same way that all so -called “leaders” suddenly appear, out of the background, suddenly presented as “leader”.
    eg Jacinta.
    (Oh and what about Jenny Shipley years ago? SAME STORY. She got “Dame” title. What for exactly? )

    Doesn’t this alone make people think?

    (Are there ANY people left with more than 5 minute attention spans?)
    HERE IS A REMINDER of ESSENTIAL necessary qualities in
    >Leader of a Nation<

    1) Maturity, Wisdom, & strong moral character.
    ie Ethics, (Trustworthy & Honest)

    2) Concern for genuine wellbeing of existing /longstanding Citizens

    3) Proven record of above qualities.

    4) "politics" & "$$" NEVER SHOULD ENTER this picture.


    You will note that past "Prime Ministers" of New Zealand have not met the
    essential needed qualities, of a "Leader" of a nation of peoples.

    LEAST of all John Key. (- in fact the OPPOSITE)
    Even Jacinta (currently)…just another " personality figure" shoved forwards.


    "Democracy" is a scam. Better wake up & realise this.

  6. John Key et al are slowly fading over the horizon. They are no longer relevant. Jacinda Ardern is in charge and the times are truly changing. National will be in opposition for definitely 6 years, most likely 9 and probably 12.

    Unless someone is prepared to legally take Key to task and make him accountable for his “blighted future” then best to ignore him and concentrate on the positive.

  7. In my humble opinion, john key is entirely without Class. And that’s his Achilles heal. Sure, he’s also narcissistic and sadistic ( Hair tugging bully and lying sociopath.)
    The incurable thing he will always be, though, is without Class. His supporters whom are most NZ’ers, are equally without Class. They may try to hide that fact by sounding as if they’re gargling billiard balls while reciting William Blake but their actions defeat their charade. jim bolger is, aside from jonky, a perfect example. The Waffling Spud is entirely without class of any description. So were, and are, his supporters and yet to hear him speak?
    What we should remember, and forgive ourselves for, is that we few are with Class. We have it. It’s a wonderful affliction. Nothing at all annoys the Them’s more than knowing, that no matter how hard they try, no matter how determined long suffering school’s try to imbue Them with Class and her wonderful cousin, style, they still come out swinging off a tree branch, flinging their faeces about while grunting like fucking hippopotamuses arse deep in the veld muds.
    Sir John Key is $-riche, but he has no Class darlings. And there’s no amount of money on Earth that can buy that for him. Class, is an instinct. Class is a gift, an art, a rhythm, a birthmark. A soulful tattoo. You either have it or you don’t. And he ain’t got it. He’ll never have it. Ever. Not in this life, nor the next, and when he opens his viperous little gob to puff out his moron-convincing brain farts he will ever only appeal to those other Classless, vulgar, hoi polloi. The Big White Sneaker People. The Masses. The Great unwashed. The Grunters and The Squeakers. The dreaded ‘Consumer’. The Enemy of the Earth.
    Well done Martyn Bradbury for making sure we don’t forget.

  8. Yes, that was indeed a revealing admission by Key and gave pause that he is so entitled and oblivious to the moral desert he just confessed to as his big regret as a leader of a nation : not bring able to push through his vanity project, changing the design of the NZ flag. Remind me, why is Obama his friend….Birds of a feather flock together?

  9. Martyn, narcsisists love being talked about. Don’t give him and his ilk, the air time, they might think we care.

  10. The title “Sir” is one properly signifying nobility (of character). There is NOTHING about John Key – the liar – that is NOBLE!!!!! –IMO

  11. Key got a knighthood because it’s offered automatically to ex -pm’s nowadays, that’s why he re-introduced them, but it doesn’t matter two hoots, its’s meaningless now- he is not and could never exactly be Knights of the Round Table material, but is too silly to realise that.

    Thanks for the morning laugh,Countryboy, you said what I would not have dared to – his lack of class. He was a crude vulgarian, and that shouldn’t matter either, really, except that he and his mates helped to wreck NZ and create a huge social and economic deficit for the coalition govt to deal with. They messed up good hard-working people’s lives. They soiled, they didn’t care.

  12. don’t forget James Shaw and the Greens also supported Jonkey’s vanity project

    … to change the flag to corporate designed Red Peak

  13. This man Key is a parasite masquerading as a human being.

    That fact that he got elected says a lot about the sheer incompetence of the NZ voter and the sheer greed of the others who like Key would sell their own children for a profit and stand on the backs of hard working Kiwis to claim their share.

    My only solace is that he did not get his legacy wish of a new flag.

    If he was on fire i would not cross the street to piss on him and thank the person who lit the match.

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