Dear Green Party of NZ – if you aren’t too busy – why the hell are the Overseas Investment Office doing THIS!!! (Actually maybe I should just go straight to David Parker)


Kia ora Green Party of NZ.

When you aren’t too busy handing over your questions to the National Party, could you ask National to ask Labour to ask you why the hell you aren’t kicking up hell about this decision by the Overseas Investment Office to deny organic farmers and entrepreneurs, Gary and Meg Hirshberg’s, application to purchase land in Ngatimoti, Nelson?

The Hirshberg’s are Americans wanting to  cultivate organic low intensity dairy farming in Nelson. They intend to expand organic dairy and connect them with American markets…

We intend to get the property certified within 3 years, which is the minimum period allowable under the regulations of all three NZ ORGANIC certifiers.

The Hirshberg’s want to work with and mentor the sheep milking and cheese making businesses in order to assist them in exploring organic sheep cheese making (through managing the sheep herd as an organic herd) and possible export markets in Australia and the United States…

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First, at the November Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute, I introduced David Barrett of Thorvald to Tristan Harris, CO-CEO of Harris Farm Markets, the owner of a 27 store natural foods chain in Australia who expressed immediate interest in carrying the line.  At present, Thorvald is unable to keep up with his NZ demand, but once he is able to expand supply, principally by expanding his herd to this property, he expects to be able to ship to this Australian customer.

And second, we have already identified two major US customers (each of which is a +US $2B business and oversees the purchasing for hundreds of individual natural foods stores across the US) who have communicated their interest in the Thorvald line.  This would enable Thorvald to initiate sales to the largest natural products distributor in the US, UNFI, Inc. which would be the first step to expanding the brand to major supermarkets across the US.

…so two organic entrepreneurs who want to invest in low intensity organic dairy farming, (the very product we all agree we need to move to), can’t get approval by the Overseas Investment Office while Chinese business after Chinese business manages to continually take our fresh water, something has broken in the system.

Could someone in the Greens kinda, you know, do their job and start asking some questions?

That is if you haven’t handed those questions over to National.

Actually, screw this, Christ knows what the Greens are doing anymore – who is the Environmental Minister? David Parker – dear David Parker, can you look into this?



  1. Snouts at the public feeding trough, Martyn. Snouts at the trough.

    The ‘Green’s’ are worse than useless, and have been for nearly two decades.

    ‘who is the Environmental Minister? David Parker – dear David Parker, can you look into this?’

    Don’t look to that deceitful traitor to fix anything. David Parker’s ‘job’ is to keep NZ locked into off-the-cliff policies centred on fossil fuel extraction and consumption.

    NZ has a loot-and-pollute economy, with the necessary puppets and traitors in positions of power. Genuine sustainability has no place in such a loot-and-pollute system, and poses and existential threat to it.

    Business-as-usual poses an existential threat to business-as-usual, of course.

    Daily CO2
    April 3, 2018: 409.64 ppm*
    April 3, 2017: 407.82 ppm

    …every year more pollution and less natural world. More people; more consumption; less sustainability and a deeper hole for the next generation.

    But we are not suppose to think about such matters. We are just supposed to carry on with the mindless consuming, as required by the banks and corporations that own practically everything, including the politicians.

    * the annual peak comes at the end of May, and will be well over 410 ppm.

  2. You should be asking Theo Spierings. The amazing $8.3 million dollar per annum Fonterra cowsploiter. I realise he’s made good his escape but none the less… Where is he and lets ask him?

  3. Oh? And if you want to find The Green Party? Look up jonky’s anus. They’re up in there along with NZ federated farmers and the banking ‘industry’.

  4. +100 …good post…the Greens look pretty but they are not even interesting

    …prefer the old Greens who were rough around the edges and who definitely were interesting





    We now have lived up behind the gisborne lowlands up in the hills where in 2005 we saw very little farming up here except for a few old established ‘subsistence’ farms with sheep and cattle scattered around the natural bush land, but since national big intensive farming has come here now, and Chinese are moving into the area also with their “factory farming” and finishing fattening of stock units so the roads are crammed with trucks and feed/stock activities, so the whole area needs to be reversed back to the low intensification model now that our rivers steams are becoming polluted sso the writing’s on the wall now.

  6. They are not an Asian Ponzi scheme and not into intensive farming…

    They can not lie well enough on the forms… Their agent forgot the bribe, who knows….

    Many reasons for it probably…

    It’s like the PHD migrant gets rejected while the 600 Chefs at Sky City or the fake cafe worker on $16.50 p/h with no degree gets the green light from immigration.

    The government wants to please big business and big business wants polluters, liars and exploiters in this country not do gooder greenies and the OIA and immigration department is there to make it happen!

    And so right about the Greens, sadly they are too busy to see the wood for the trees.

    • What do you make of this?

      “Most medium level idiots would be able to interpret “Mr Shaw then said he made the decision without consulting party membership” as meaning he hadn’t consulted the membership but that he had obviously consulted his Caucus…,”-

      The Greens has some acceptable ideals and policy, BUT here is evidence & moral reasons for why it is seen badly. But, when you have to use research to argue why some one has low IQ (ie not your own intelligence) you already lost, like Bill English during an election.

      The whole exchange between solkta and The Chairman proves factions are finding there voices while we’ve got much bigger factions who really want to make them stupid. It’s unbelievable how much research these muppets will go into to proving there false ideology. It’s literally the MH17 of spreading multiple conspiracies so no one can know the truth.

      But you know, normies gotta blame.

      • I don’t think the so called and semi official Green supporters who attack constantly and seem more Nat Lite are helping the Greens get any votes, quite the opposite, scaring the Green voters who do not support an extremely narrow position that they take..

        Another comment by Solkta…

        “It’s like for some people history just doesn’t exist so they come up with the same stupid ideas that lead to the likes of Stalinism. These people are far more an enemy of democracy than the likes of Key.”

  7. Because we don’t need ANY MORE foreigners buying New Zealand land.

    “The Hirshberg’s want to work with and mentor the sheep milking and cheese making businesses in order to assist them in exploring organic sheep cheese making (through managing the sheep herd as an organic herd) and possible export markets in Australia and the United States…”
    How bloody nice of them.
    And there’s no NZ farmer who can do exactly this?
    Isn’t Murica a big place? Does it have NO farmland that these people could use for their grand scheme?

    • I think the point is, if we have to have foreign investment of our farms, why are the OIA denying one that appears to be more of a ‘green’ venture than the usual intensive and ground water pollutant applicants?

  8. You answered your own question; because they’re American! We can do this stuff ourselves, we don’t need wealthy foreigners coming too buy up our (safe haven) land & telling us what to do. You’re falling into the typical kiwi CARGO CULT worship of the Obama/Sheeran types trap. While I’m at it, we should not have Chinese citizen (Yang) or American citizen (Genter) in our parliament.

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