The beauty of the National Party Leadership race


The beauty of the National Party Leadership race is that If Judith Collins doesn’t win, she will undermine and destroy whoever does.

Joyce won’t win because he’s despised by the Caucus who see him as being parachuted in and arrogant.

Amy Adams is just too weak.

Simon Bridges is a Manchurian candidate for Judith and Mark Mitchell is going to get too much scrutiny for his time in Iraq to last longer than 6 months, so it keeps coming back to the Machiavellian brutality of Judith.

We have a situation where 2 out of the 5 current candidates have the ability to be dictators. National should be concerned, NZ should be alarmed.



  1. “We have a situation where 2 out of the 5 current candidates have the ability to be dictators. National should be concerned, NZ should be alarmed.”

    Yes that is very true, and joyce is the same animal as his namesake in Australia Barnaby Joyce who is now so arrogant that he is being hated by his Party for his arrogance to believe he should be PM.

    Our Joyce is the same as Steven believes NZ is his baby that he modeled and nurtured to become this imaginary wonderful land of his making.

    National is in deep shit Martyn as NZ has grown so tired of these old farts that think they were born to rule, but as the roman leader found out there is always someone hiding in the shadows really to knife someone for there own wants.

    • Today on the AM show it was relieved that Banaby Joyce is Stevan Joye’s cousin no less.

      “Like name like nature” strong rebel genes in that name ‘Joyce’ since William Joyce began his Irish journey to stab Britain in the back during the second world war and he joined the German war effort by becoming Adolf Hitlers own English speaking “propagandist’ spouting lies and propaganda for Germany as he attempted to talk British solders to give up fighting against Germany while the Germans were exterminating 6 million Jews ,gypsy’s and vagrants.

  2. It’s like National is challenging itself to install a leader with even lower standards than Key.
    Given the current lineup of candidates, it’s all but a lay down misere.

  3. I think the suggestion of Mitchell not lasting more than a few months because he dusted some tangos from a rooftop in Iraq is is a serious misreading of the quantity of fucks the wider electorate may give. The people he killed were actively operating with a terrorist militia group; even I don’t particularly care that he killed them for money.

    I’m far more concerned that he might want to kill our healthcare and education systems for money, and may attempt to persuade the electorate to join him in doing so in exchange for the promise of a tax cut. Let’s not take our eye off the ball.

    • Well I do care who any Kiwi kills especially. Making money out of killing people… I have always thought killing anyone was murder, not sure how this differs except he was paid for it. Disgraceful.

      • Oh by all means make conclusions about what drives him as an individual, but as to the OP making conclusions about what would make for a scandal with the general public, one should not pretend his time as a removalist for lead to his removal.

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