Retargeting environmentalists & social media activists by NZ Spies


Late in 2015, The GCSB and SIS had to front for the Intelligence and Security Committee. Questions were being asked about what the bloody hell the GCSB thought they were doing spying on our trade partners to try and get Tim Groser a job. Instead of answering those questions, the mouth pieces for the GCSB and SIS said they couldn’t answer that – but they could talk about ‘Jihadi Brides’.

John Key immediately then seized upon this (as if this had been planned all along)  and in front of the media played up the domestic threat posed by ‘Jihadi brides’ which justified expanding spy powers.

It later turned out that the entire spin line about Jihadi Brides was bullshit because they didn’t even live in NZ!

Now that NZ doesn’t need Jihadi Brides to gloss over questions as to why the hell our spy agencies were spying for Tim Groser, who are our spy agencies now targeting?

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What deadly threat to our safety is there now?

Why look at that, environmental activists and social media activists – what a fucking surprise…

Homegrown terrorism threat is angry young people adrift from society
The warning about disaffected youth comes from the Strategic Risk and Resilience Panel, a committee of “free thinkers” set up in the centre of government to forecast threats to national security.

Details of meetings of the panel, released through the Official Information Act, show the panel’s focus was developing a “risk register” which posed specific security threats to New Zealand.

The full minutes of the meeting were withheld but the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet released a summary showing the panel was provided a “draft profile” assessing the risk posed by terrorism.

It showed key issues included “the importance of continuing to focus on the threat of radicalisation of disaffected youth”.

It also stated that there was a need for “a more forward looking approach in particular focused on community cohesion” and “more focus needed on the drivers of domestic extremism”.

Examples given to the panel were “those radicalised due to strong positions on ecological and technological issues” but the security services have previously expressed concerned over online targeting by Islamic extremists.

…it’s a funny thing about all these new search and surveillance powers we awarded the police with (which allowed them to be retrospectively cleared of all the illegal spying they did for the supposed Urewera terrorism case).Those powers we granted the cops were supposed to be used for serious organised crime or suspected terrorism.

The cops have started using those very powers we were told had to be implemented to save us from terrorism against suicide survivors and we have the Police spying on prisoner rights activists without even bothering to get any judicial oversight whatsoever.

Hell even my own case against the Police where they committed an unlawful search on me is an example of this mad rush to increase vast powers of search and surveillance for the cops with fuck all  checks and balances for imaginary monsters that don’t actually exist.

The sleepy Hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind have handed enormous powers over to the Police and the State security apparatus because they were spooked into believing there were some terrorism bogeymen threatening us, but the reality is that these powers have been obscenely expanded to be used against anyone who is calling for civil rights changes in NZ.

By deliberately highlighting environmental and social media activists as the new threat, the power of the 5 Eyes network can be legitimately used to now target them.

The new Government must demand far greater checks and balances over this because we can all clearly see where naming these activists as a threat is leading us to, an excuse to start mass surveillance against anyone these paranoid clowns perceive as a threat.




  1. +100 good POST….the new government depends on strengthening democracy

    …not allowing the sabotaging and closing down of free speech

    …the ‘thought police’ are the real enemy of an open society and democracy

      Poor old burning Bridges…

      Why is he crying foul? The Hobbit policy took only 48 hours to pass legislation with no chance of select committee input, no public submissions.

      So don’t be a hypocrite Simon no friends, if Labour wants to drop the select committee numbers, then as Bridges previous ponytail pulling dislikeable leader once said, when selling off our power companies, “you elected us, so we have a mandate”

  2. One reason why politicians attempting to reassure there political careers, hand over more state spying powers to police. Is because the traditional managers of signals intelligence and all the rest, the military. Well the military has to sign the contract when they commit to military service to protect the people. Police don’t have that bit of the contract. And that’s one reason why I’v been so dead against police gaining state spy powers. It should always remain with the military.

    • NZ Military top brass have to be approved of by the US before appointment. Go figure.

      Security has to be under civilian control not military. Preferable with representation from human rights groups.

      There is so much BS and propaganda generated to confuse /persuade the public, that NZ “security interests” are often mythical.

      The real security concern is how we are being taken over.

  3. Strategic Risk and Resilience Panel, a committee of “free thinkers”.

    Free Thinkers ?? says it all really .It should read “Men with Bias”

  4. “Retargeting environmentalists & social media activists by NZ Spies”

    Well said Martyn,

    I am on that list as my keyboard has been altered we have discovered now, as these clowns at GCSB can actually take control of anyone’s computer keyboard now we have discovered.

    Labour need to stop their takeover of our right to “free seech”

    Blame this all on John fucking Key the bloody liar said he would never let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think it goes quite that far. Are you insinuating that the GCSB, for example, can write incriminating material and make it look like it came from your IP? Or do you mean simply blocking your internet? From what I understand is that they do constantly monitor all our internet/phone activity (if not by the GCSB due to local laws, they still do it by proxy of the Five Eyes; i.e. it’s not technically illegal for the US NSA to spy on us and share that data with the GCSB). Taking “control” of someone’s keyboard is on a whole other level.

      • Bruh. It’s not a conspiracy. There’s a word for it: #FAKENEWS

        There are plenty of congressional testimony by ex CIA officers saying that news editors from top media corporations freely walk intelligence corridors waiting for the next WMD scandal that never existed.

        My own people suffered through similar terror when media was tipped ahead of the Tūhoe raids. And according to Annete Sykes, the Lawyer for pretty much all Tūhoe raid defendants. Was barred from accessing information that media freely had. One bit of information released by authorities to media that never existed was the false claim of Molotov cocktails.

        And all this for fire arms offences that are typically investigated by chance. The last time the Police legitimately seized a cache of illegal fire arms was when they were investigating a gang for petty crime. Seems a dangerous standard operating procedure in my opinion.

        One type of offence was investigated with state spy powers. The other wasn’t. Yet the fake news is as real as anything in the minds of free thinkers.

        • I understand “Fake News” – we (at least those that care) are forced to deconstruct it every day and take from it what preciously little actual facts are in there. But effectively creating “fake news” directly from people we trust (without them knowing and reporting it), afaik, is not (yet) in the government’s repertoire.

  5. Yep having an ex Chinese Spy as a National MP is not a threat. Giving away our passports like lollies is not a threat arc. (The other month a friend was in Europe and astonished when a large group of people pulled out Kiwi passports – who did not speak English – and obviously not living in NZ and looking like they never had – at immigration – clearly not just the Israelis security services that are keen to have NZ passports).

    Anyway in our brave new world it seems to be the good people who care about society and environment or who question and document the status quo who are considered threats by defence agencies.

    Cheats, spies and so forth are supported by government officials who increasingly have little allegiance to their country of citizenship but to a band of one percenters operating in a global economy that supports and increases their status quo and their cronies.

    The problem is, you can’t eat, breathe or heal with money. So if short term profits are the number 1 concern for the last 30 years by most governments and advisers, one day they might find out it was a mistake that is too late to fix.

  6. The guy that placed the bomb on the Rainbow Warrior (Mariani) did so in return for the French and US governments ignoring his cartels global heroin trafficking operation. The French Connection. Sigh. Will the truth ever come out? Probably not. Will the NZ Government continue to sanction actions against New Zealanders for dark economic reasons? Yes.

  7. The guy that placed the bomb on the Rainbow Warrior (Mariani) did so in return for the French and US governments ignoring his cartels global heroin trafficking operation. The French Connection. Sigh. Will the truth ever come out? Probably not. Will the NZ Government continue to sanction actions against New Zealanders for dark economic reasons? Yes.

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