Update on my case against the NZ Police with the Human Rights Review Tribunal


My case against the NZ Police for their breach of my privacy and breach of my civil rights is slowly continuing in the background.

The Police have responded to the Privacy Commissioner’s report that they breached my civil rights and my privacy and the Human Rights Review Tribunal is very, very, very, very, very slowly moving forward.

To date the process seems aimed at giving all the benefit of the doubt to the Police.

I have had to send a letter into the Human Rights Review Tribunal which has been forwarded to the NZ Police. The HRRT have asked why they should hear this case sooner rather than later.

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This is my response to the HRRT and the NZ Police.

I would urge that this case is heard as soon as possible as the Labour Party of NZ have now become the Government and it is my belief that the NZ Police investigation into this Dirty Politics hack also included high ranking members of the Labour Party.
Throughout this process the NZ Police have lied and attempted to hide the true extent of their investigation. They misled  the Nicky Hager team when they were forced to disclose information about the raid on him by omitting that they had also spied on me. 
If the scope of this failed and flawed investigation also included privacy breaches and BOR breaches against Labour Party officials then the incoming Labour Party Government must be made aware of this.   
The Privacy Commission found that the Police breached my privacy and the Privacy Commissioner himself intervened in my investigation to note that the information seized from my banks were a breach of my Civil Rights as they amounted to an unlawful search.
I would also point out that the NZ Police still have my banking information and it is available on their Intelligence Computer to a range of other security agencies. Allowing them to hold onto my information that they took illegally for one second longer is utterly unacceptable. 
Throughout this process to expose the NZ Police breach of my privacy and breach of my human rights the Banking Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner have been exemplary. I am waiting for the Human Rights Review Tribunal to show the same leadership.
It has become obvious to me from the outset that this entire process to hold the NZ Police to account for breaching my privacy and civil rights is made to be as difficult and impossible as possible so that people complaining give up rather than hold them to account. So let me make this clear – I’m not going anywhere until I get my pound of flesh out of the NZ Police and force them to destroy the information from all NZers they have illegally stolen through this loop hole.


  1. “It has become obvious to me from the outset that this entire process to hold the NZ Police to account for breaching my privacy and civil rights is made to be as difficult and impossible as possible so that people complaining give up rather than hold them to account.”

    I take note of this, and will follow developments with great interest.

    This is nothing new, many other people have the same experiences, particularly when going to such supposed ‘watchdogs’ like the Privacy Commissioner, the Health and Disability Commissioner, and even the Ombudsmen.

    They work by strictly and tightly following the very letter of the law, that means often, seek for every provision allowing DISCRETION to take no action, seek for every loophole in the law, that would let the agency or office holding person get away with doing whatever they did.

    Only if there are such compelling grounds, it cannot possibly decided to let the person or persons get away with what they did wrong (from our ordinary citizen’s point of view), that it would simply make it look like an official cover up, will a ‘watchdog’ decide in the complainant’s favour.

    Emotive appeals will be fruitless, the law does not respect emotion, it follows strict principles and provisions, and you may be seriously disappointed in the end.

    Stuff I have been made aware of:



    There are links in those posts, showing PDFs with correspondence, including with the Ombudsmen, that will raise serious questions, that is for those, who’d bother to care.

    Our ‘watchdogs’ too often seem to rather be mindful of the agencies complained about, than of what a complainant may have gone through. And the HRRT may after all exhaust a complainant to the extreme, that is especially, if you have no professional legal representative. Hence criticising them may not go down well either, may even decide in being sued for defamation, in the worst of cases.

      • Yes patricia you hit the nail on the head there, why cant these beaurocrats be straight with us all instead of putting up smoke screens all the time?

        Must be they have something to hide?

  2. process seems aimed at giving all the benefit of the doubt to the Police.

    Sadly and as well, anyone observing or participating in the criminal justice process knows this only too well.

    • And they all get legal advice, before they say or decide anything an ‘delicate’ issues or challenges. That legal advice is usually provided by legal experts that Crown Law employ or commission. Those legal representatives come from leading law firms, and WE ALL, as TAXPAYERS, do actually for for this ‘resource’ they have. WE PAY for them to DENY us true justice in so many cases.

      If only people out there would get it, they pay for being denied justice, in some cases to be shafted!!! Yet they vote accordingly, to keep exactly this system in place, and the government we just had, cut back on legal aid, so the balance does not exist, between ordinary citizen and the powerful office holders.

  3. Try bringing any action against the national party Board, Bill English, John Key and David Carter for their part in the national party’s Conspiracy to Obstruct, Prevent, Pervert or Defeat the Course of Justice in the Barclay illegal recordings matter… astonishing how many hoops they will make you jump through just to get permission to proceed…

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