Police can arrest suicide survivors, steal babies, illegally search Nicky Hager & me – but can’t arrest a Tobacco lobbyist?


Let’s get this straight.

The NZ police can arrest suicide survivors.

The NZ Police can steal babies based on people being smelly.

The NZ Police can illegally search Nicky Hager and me.

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But somehow the NZ Police can’t arrest a former Tobacco lobbyist and National Party MP Todd Barclay despite Todd person telling the police he had illegally recorded a staff member who was then bullied by National Party hierarchy, paid off with public hush money and included Bill English who tried to hide his involvement and the 450 text messages he sent to that staff member.

It’s remarkable what the Police can and can’t do when it comes to the powerful and the rich isn’t it?



  1. … ” It’s remarkable what the Police can and can’t do when it comes to the powerful and the rich isn’t it? ” …

    Yes , exactly. I read that yesterday in the NZ Herald. I imagined little Toddles safely ensconced in his cozy London flat , breathing a sigh of relief while sitting in front of his fire sipping brandy after selling his NZ home…

    Justice NZ style under the Nats. Rewards the crimes of the wealthy and the elite, crucify’s the poor and powerless.

    However ,… we have a new govt in power now and there will be a few changes around here…

  2. The man child criminal Todd Barclay is precious. He’s untouchable. He doesn’t have to cooperate with the police. He’s National.

    Meanwhile the force of the law applies to the rest of us with all its might to make up for the non arrests of the elite and powerful, the class from which the slimy Barclay slithers from, along with the loathsome John Key and the rest of the corrupt mob of thieves and miscreants!

  3. I don’t think his being a former tobacco lobbyist had much to do with it.
    It is more that the police are very reluctant to charge any politician with anything.
    Not sure why, but I suspect it is because they know it almost inevitably leads to a long drawn-out and expensive (to the crown) process of legal delays, legal challenges, appeals, etc. and they can’t be bothered.

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