The only reason farmers suddenly care about the water is because they know Labour will win


The only reason the bloody corporate farmers who are intensifying dairy suddenly care about the water is because they sense the outrage from voters at the way they have stolen and polluted our water ways while giving us expensive product because they charge us what they can get off shore.

Voters, environmentalists and consumers are sick of the way National have bent over backwards to farmers.

  • National privatised our state assets to give farmers a $400 million irrigation slush fund.
  • National took democracy away from Environment Canterbury to allow their farmer mates to take more water.
  • National changed the bloody water quality rules to allow their farmer mates to continue to pollute our water ways.
  • National pretend no one owns the water to allow their farmer mates to continue to steal and pollute while creating a loophole for water bottlers to exploit.

So after all that, we are to believe suddenly dairy intensifying farmers care about the water?

Fuck the fuck off!

This is the same industry that spends millions on TV propaganda adverts to try and con sleepy hobbits that nothing is wrong.

This is the same industry that threatened to gag Greenpeace over their adverts showing the truth.

This is the same industry that threatens journalists and scientists for criticising them.

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We shouldn’t be looking at just hitting Farmers up with the true cost of their pollution, we should be going much further!

Instead of being forced to pay the same prices for produce made in NZ that overseas buyers are prepared to pay, which in turn inflates the cost to us, a ‘Kiwi Subsidy’ should apply.

The Kiwi Subsidy should be on all NZ produced produce and is paid by the industry to lower the cost to the domestic consumer rather than fleece us just because they can find a willing buyer who will pay more overseas.

We allow the agricultural industry to form monopolies and we allow them to take water and we allow them to import labour rather than employ NZers, and what do we as domestic consumers who allow all of this to happen get? Price gouging produce that we have to compete with a global market for.

I say screw that.

Domestic consumers have paid enough of a price by allowing monopolies to form, have our water polluted and taken and see jobs go offshore for this industry.

In return the agricultural industry owes us with a price for the product grown here that is lower than what the global demand can produce.

It is time for the industry that has taken so much to start giving back.




  1. Agreed. And let’s slaughter 3 million cows and have a BBQ because everything is always better after a feed. Not kidding. The sacrifice must be made to appease the gods.

  2. Yeah Martyn another powerful selfish lobby group that think we are all stupid. Actions speak louder than their weasel words and just before our election how convenient trying to be seen to be doing something. Now who does this remind you of.
    Swimmable rivers for their children and grandchildren perhaps they should add their great grandchildren and their great great grandchildren.
    This group have had Phillipino workers brought here to appease them, tax paid irrigations schemes paid for by selling our assets that belong to all NZers. It’s all about them cause they feed all of NZ well we fed ourselves before they polluted our waterways.

  3. While I personally appreciate the word ‘ Corporate’ before ‘farming’ in relation to dairy ‘farming’ or, to use my own label, cowsploitation, I do think it’s time to really go to the nerve of the problem of flogging natural resources and land use for a dollar.
    Lets examine the dreaded Bankster and their wily ways.
    Banks love money. The humanoids within those buildings which are sign written “ Bank” are the hidden virus within our society. To such an effect actually that some might argue that our society is, in fact, a Bank society. Just look at how hideous any main street is leading into any city in Nu Zillind? It’s an endless parade of desperate retail outlets trying every trick in the book to entice you and me into their buildings to part with our money on their product or service. Which is fine to a point. I’m no different to most others. I like to shop and buy nice stuff. I like nice stuff and things and services too. I like all that.
    But how does that logic apply to our Primary Industry?
    Sure, farmers have farmer oriented stores within which farmers can buy farmer-ish stuff and things. But then… There’s another strata where the dreaded Banks can ply their wares to the farmer. Particularly to dairy industry farmers who’re no more than human robots plugging cow robots into milk extraction robots to suck out the blood bi product that is milk into vats which is then collected by yet other human robots in GPS tracked milk trucks which take the ‘ milk’ ( Or white, liquid-money) to amazingly complicated ‘ factories’ where the liquid white-money is duly fucked around with until it’s sterile and with it’s water evaporated off, thus powdered milk solids which is even more easily shipped to ‘ consumers’ for ‘consuming’ over the seas and far away ( From Kiwi public scrutiny too, so win-win. )
    I’m a cow farmer ( No, I’m not. Just for the sake of an argument. ) and I know my cow farming job. I know, that carrying too many cows for my land area will compromise the way I can provide for them ( and me by association ) in worse case scenarios, like winter, like market fluctuations. Carrying too many cows, even when the market is agreeable and the weather is clement is a very, very dangerous thing. Not only to the land but to my cows and my quality of life.
    So, one might ask? Why carry too many cows and so need to spray poisons on fields to make direct drilling of fresh grass easier, sucking vast amounts of water out to a point where sucking water becomes dangerous and anti social and when the price of my cows liquid white money loses its value I start looking at the rafters with a rope as a viable career move?
    The reason you and I have cow piss in our decreasingly available fresh water supplies is entirely The Bank’s fault. And it’s a deliberate fault of theirs. It’s their greed, their status, their prestige, their slinky breeding mate slithering into ze fast German car once out from the big shiny Bankster buildings along Cuba Street.
    The Banks can manipulate the costs of living with such precision, with such eagerness to appease their shareholders that they will gleefully lead dairy farmers into a dooms day situation via mass production and over stocking then fiddle with currencies, supply versus demand and interest rates then sit back and watch as the rest of us, schooled by a corrupt MSM to flay those farmers alive for daring to poison the one vital resource without which we will all be fucked. Dairy Farmers know nothing. They’re like children without Mum and Dad. Doomed to crash around without constraint. What they do is extract white, liquid money from the cows they make sure don’t drop dead before they’re spent and drained. That is all.
    The Banks, and their minions around marketing board tables or in swanky offices who are often and ironically corrupted one time farmers, ply their gruesome trade of lies and swindlings to make $-billions at the expense of our water and our lands.
    The Banks. They’re the environment’s enemy. Then secondly, the idiot farmers who believe the banker hype of course. But they’re a distant second. Not the primary problem.
    ( If you get a chance, go for a tour of a large dairy factory. They’re amazing feats of engineering. Tubes and pipes and computer screens and people in sterile masks, gowns, hairnets etc. There’s a low table in a small room with a red live painted along that no one must ever cross over in normal clothes. Imagine a hair in the butter… Like the good old days. )
    I wondered if it was for health reasons? All that white paint, bright lights and sterility. Or was it to maintain control without appearing to be maintaining control, if you know what I mean.
    A vast factory/machine for laundering white, liquid money into folding cash and fuck the environment.

  4. Now come on Martyn you have just come down with a mild case of cowphobia ; deep down you know we need a strong economy and doubling cow numbers will assist in our long term prosperity .You can’t stop progress ……Yeah Right .

    Humans produce about 1 ltr of waste per day cows around 14 ltrs per day .

    With 1 million cows in Canterbury we have the the same amount of waste being dumped on the Canterbury plains every day as a ChCh city of 14 million people without a sewage system .

    Every day .

    That,s a poo mountain and intensive agriculture now wants to double cow numbers ? Fuck the fuck off.NZ has had enough and voting will reflect this Sept 23rd .

    The nitrate levels in bore wells and ground water will continue to grow as the urine takes years to soak down even without double the cow numbers .Its a major public health issue .

    Contamination of urban water supplies from proximate farmland ( eg:Hastings ) is a major public health issue .

    The majority of rivers have either been sucked dry , are toxic to life or unswimable .

    Its only a question of time before this impacts tourism and our fictional 100% Clean Green NZ marketing image.

    Double the cow numbers will double methane green house gas emissions which will compound ,not assist with climate change obligations.

    A ten cent tax on premium /export water over the current 73 water bottling companies will net NZ around 3 Billion a year with 90 % public approval of the greens premium water policy .

    But national just gives it away to foreign owned companies for free who then make hundreds of millions of dollars profit and NZ gets nothing.

    When intensive dairy has finally polluted all our ground and drinking water don’t worry ; because we can import our own drinking water back from china and pay $4 a litre for it .

    Ive had enough, youv’e had enough , lets vote them out , lets do this .

  5. It’s aimed at people who are considering voting National but are uncomfortable about what is happening to our waterways.

  6. Gotta agree Martyn,frontera have been screwing over NZ customers ( in concert with the supermarket duopoly)..having us pay top dollar for their products while they pollute our land and waterways..They are all shit saying they now have a commitment to cleaning up their about seeing the writing on the wall..I don’t buy their sudden conversion to giving a damn,it’s just a torture wrought confession.

  7. i say lets have real go at the farmers they don’t vote green or labour anyway
    make them pay for there pollution and green house gas emissions

  8. NZ was set up as a corporation, with the specific intention of extracting mineral wealth and agricultural wealth.

    Throughout its colonial history NZ suffered the dire effect of policies geared to establishment of sheep farms and dairy farms; that meant chopping down millions of trees, or even burning them as they stood.

    Then, in the 1870s, came the Rothschild-funded rail system to extract the wealth produced on remote farms and get it to ports to send it overseas.

    Then came the fertilizer subsidies, to force the land to produce more than it naturally could.

    Then came the livestock subsidies, to encourage farmers to overstock the land and generate ‘national’ income by sheer numbers.

    Then came the second-hand fertiliser factory, to convert natural gas into urea, and to further subsidise agricultural production.

    And then came the huge trucks that cart fertilisers and agricultural products hundreds of kilometres, and the subsidies to the road transport lobby groups.

    And the ‘carbon trading’ scam, to make money for speculators on financial markets whilst totally failing to address the matter of carbon dioxide emissions (Thanks Helen Clark).

    So now we march down the path towards environmental meltdown, with politicians cheerleading the way to self-destruction and rewarding their mates with short-termism of the most extreme form.

    And anyone who opposes the insanity of it all is called ‘extreme’.

  9. Don’t count your chickens quite yet…. if TOP take votes from Labour and/or the Greens and/or don’t get 5% and/or do get 5% and go with the Transnational Capital Party…. well…..

    By the same token, if the Greens candidate in Ohariu takes votes from O’Connor and gifts the electorate to the Transnational Capital Party…. well…

  10. Just a month out from the election farming leaders decide they want to do something about NZ’s dirty rivers???
    Is it just a co-incidence that National are in melt down and Labour are in the ascendant?
    For the last nine years they have either denying it or at best making vague noises about looking at the issue.
    Don’t insult our intelligence, please!

  11. It’s more likely they see an economic opportunity – siphoning fresh water off their land for whole sale export.

  12. Would love to have seen a cow pad land on Smith’s head whilst he was showboating in the river, then it would have confirmed to us the fact that Smith has shit for brains.

  13. Yeah we are getting rorted on what we pay for dairy and posioned when you take a swim in your local river.

    The dairy industry is untouchable and out of control and is not accountable to anyone thanks to successive governments and their lack of courage but these problems are coming home to roost and the tactics used by this industry are going to have to change weather they like it or not.

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