Is Patrick Gower a sociopath? Look for yourself

By   /   August 13, 2017  /   30 Comments

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Never before has the voice of rich white male privilege sounded so delusional. If the tv3 gig ever ends, Gower has a job for life as Trump’s Press Secretary.  

Patrick Gower isn’t a journalist, he’s a barking dog that chases every car that moves. I enjoy watching his work for the pure bloodsport element, when his eyes rotate into the back of his head as he starts his death roll on whatever unfortunate soul has been stupid enough to be interviewed by him,  you watch with all the excitement of a really gruesome snuff movie.

The homicidal chipmunk of NZ current affairs represents the mixed martial arts of journalism.

As an agent of the fourth state that holds the powerful to account however, he is devoid of any credibility, value or  character.

Paddy is to actual journalism what Trump is to diplomacy and good governance. Gower is a sadistic gladiator pretending to be a surgeon whose service is to his own brand of ego promotion than insightful broadcaster.

But is he a sociopath?

I never thought that was a question that needed asking until I watched in absolute bewilderment his interview with James Shaw on the Nation this weekend.

Now, remember, Gower has been at the front of the pack in the racist, sexist and classist attack on Metiria. His was some of the most vicious venom spat and sickeningly was desperately trying to claim credit over Radio NZ for Metiria resigning.

In short, his hate campaign was one of the worst and he demanded acknowledgement for assassinating Metiria.

So, how the fucking Christ can Gower ask James Shaw the following question…

Patrick Gower: Well, an important aspect of that is what Metiria Turei’s venture around this benefit fraud was all about, which was empowering the disenfranchised. Now, where do they sit — those people that she tried to reach, or, as you’ve argued, did reach now they’ve seen someone who’s stood up for them slapped down and destroyed, effectively? What message does that send to those people that you were trying to reach that this is what happens when someone speaks up for you?

…are you fucking kidding me??? Paddy, YOU helped destroy Metiria and then your network crowed about needing credit for that destruction. You have the fucking audacity to ask James Shaw to his face about all the people Metiria stood for seeing her ‘slapped down and destroyed’ when it was fucking you doing the slapping and the destroying???

It got worse…

Patrick Gower: Yeah, but what do those words mean when what they see is she stood up for them and she was taken down by her own party in some senses? You guys didn’t stand behind her.

…can you believe he said that? He’s blaming the Greens for not standing behind Metiria after he was personally involved in orchestrating her demise???

Is he a sociopath?

Here’s the definition…

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour.

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  1. In Vino says:

    He is a semi-literate fool. And a nasty bully who never gets hauled up for his malpractice when interviewing. If someone has actually hauled him up on the spot, I bet the the footage has been deleted and nobody knows.

  2. Marc says:

    I hate to repeat myself, I just commented here, after three to four days of extreme depression and utter anguish:

    Read it further down there, the same applies to Gower the psychopath, and he is a nasty one, he should be sacked, he is not a journalist, sack his mentor Garner too, that piss head, who “screwed” up, loves many women and got away with various forms of hypocrisy and dishonesty.

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    I don’t particularly like the term ‘ rich white male’ in reference to people like Gower.

    I prefer to call that sort of ilk ‘neo liberal arsehole’s ‘.

    And you can include the prefix ‘ embedded media propagandists’ .

    Because that is who they go into bat for.

    Similar to the arsewipes who attacked Jeremy Corbyn. Same thing, same odious little cretins. The exact same wankers doing the exact same job.

    People have just got to realize how far down the rabbit hole of neo liberalism we have gone. We were the test case. The experiment . The guinea pigs for the neo liberal ideal. No other country in the world embraced neo liberalism like New Zealand did.

    The IMF recently stated that neo liberalism is a failure.

    But here in ‘ it takes 20 years for us to catch up ‘ New Zealand, there is a remnant population that still holds the public in its grip. We should take comfort in the fact that this, like it has in England and the USA , will be changing.

    And when it does, the current social position enjoyed by this current crop of embedded media neo liberals will fall. And when they do , – it will be a mighty crash. Yet they will still protect it as long as the good times last for them , the tax payer salary’s are paid to them, and their egos can be stroked by a misinformed and easily led public…

    These are , – among all sectors, – the ones responsible for helping to perpetuate the neo liberal myth of prosperity amongst the glaring evidence of gross ongoing poverty in New Zealand today.

  4. Heather says:

    This seems to be the modus operandi of many journalists now. Attack attack.
    They do seem like vicious snappy little dogs in for the first kill.

  5. phillip ure says:

    i know he smirks in his sleep…and that is one of the top ten psychopath-indicators..

    and is anyone else mildly embarassed for him when he looks at the camera – and with his eyes – beseeches it to come over and fuck him..?

    • Margaret says:

      Yes, this creature is definitely experiencing something physiologically


      The stuff of worst nightmares. Unfit to be let loose on the public.

    • Jono says:

      Phychopaths used to be locked up in Asylums. Not now they appear to be relished and popular. I think neo liberalism was invented by the Physchopath for the Phychopath. These people are dangerouse.

      • mary_a says:

        Jono … you say …

        “Psychopaths used to be locked up in Asylums.”

        True. However, these days psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists, are free to become Prime Ministers, media commentators (Hooton et al) msm journalists and public broadcasters (Gower, Garner, Smith, Williams, Hosking et al)!

        Disturbing really!

  6. Whispering Kate says:

    I too couldn’t believe my ears when he accused James Shaw of not standing by her and supporting her. I saw James struggling to contain his composure and then swallowing and answering as best as he could. James is too much of a gentleman to have given him twin barrels which is what other less mannered people would have done about how he had pilloried Metiria and went for blood, not satisfied until she resigned.

    There were occasions when I would have told him to “mind his own bloody business” with the way he was trying to get info out of James prior to the Greens meeting about bill boards etc.

    Yes, I believe he is an unhinged man and full of anger. Certainly not a professional journalist who would have accepted answers as they stood out of James without the rudeness and uncouth behaviour he displayed.

    • Marc says:

      Would you vote for this?

      Yawn, and no enthusiasm detected, they may as well fold up their tent and send supporters to Gareth and TOP now.

      • KJT says:

        Yes. James Shaw was totally impressive during the whole witch hunt.
        “Journalists” who think their job is to tell everyone their opinion, rather than report the facts. Not at all.

    • mary_a says:

      @ WHISPERING KATE … I saw that interview too and like you, thought James Shaw handled himself very well, considering he was being questioned by a cretin like Patrick Gower. He came across as confident, relaxed and self assured and wouldn’t allow Gower to interrupt him. Gower was unable to get any hits either, which was good.

      And that look on Shaw’s face, when Gower made out Metiria’s downfall, was due to the lack of support she received from the Greens! Shaw’s face was priceless and said it all, to the extent he didn’t really have to say anything. The look on Shaw’s face at about 7.35 into the interview should be preserved for future reference, to be used to educate trainee journalists on how not to make yourself look like a two bit clown!

      • Whispering Kate says:

        Totally agree – it wasn’t hard to observe just who had the superior intelligence and yes, Gower made a complete ass of himself.

  7. Jack Ramaka says:

    He is definitely suffering from some kind of personality disorder ?

  8. CLEANGREEN says:

    Gower = Low self esteem of himself obviously;- so he loves ridiculing others!!

  9. KJT says:

    50 000 signatures on change org to get rid of Hosking’s.

    The one against Metiria only managed to rake up 900, with a blatant appeal to sociopath’s.

  10. Michelle says:

    That is why we need a change of government ASAP so we can get rid of the parasites like Gower he is a nutty arse-hole and his days are numbered.
    I watched him on Sunday and he is also very two faced and seems to suffer from amnesia. I can’t wait to see Winny give it to him and the rest of the two faced bias NZ media sucking parasites. Jessica Munch or what ever her name is just as bad only more subtle she was quick to defend them when interviewing Kelvin Davis.

  11. countryboy says:

    I think he’s a narcissist. The deadliest psychiatric condition known. They’re dangerous, unrepentant and manipulative. He tried to spin the Metiria affair back around onto her colleagues. A classic tactic of the narcissist. I bet he’s a charmer to live with or to have a relationship with. It’ll be gower all the way. He should be chipped and we should be able to down load a smart phone app that alerts us to his presence.
    Homicidal chipmunk ! Brilliant. Reminds me of the chipmunk in The Young Ones. SPG or Special Patrol Group.
    The best thing to do with the likes of gower is to ignore him. He should never, ever be involved in media. Ever. Unless it was making cups of tea for the actual journalists but then he’d only spit in the tea because they didn’t understand his brilliance and beauty.
    I never saw the interview, won’t, but did shaw pull him up on it? As in knocked gower on his arse?

    • Jono says:

      Yes countryboy I totally agree the narcissist is bad and can damage Families and businesses. Not sure what he can do to political parties. I think you maybe right more Narcissist than Phychopath maybe?

    • mary_a says:

      @ COUNTRYBOY … Jame Shaw did indeed “knock Gower on his arse.” Not by calling him to account, or being rude and obnoxious though, but by answering every question intelligently and thoroughly. He wasn’t evasive and definitely did not allow the continuous interruptions to put him off track, making Gower look more than ever like the Natz party clown he is!

      Poor Paddy boy must have been really disappointed he was unable to get some hits on Shaw! In fact Shaw was able to achieve the reverse on Gower, through a few looks here and there, one of which was a gem. But to see that, you would have to see the interview.

    • Whispering Kate says:

      Yes Countryboy he did show Gower up just by his superior intelligence and obvious skill at getting across what he wanted to impart. Gower got sod all out of him on the things he was he heckling him to disclose. It was a classic display.

  12. Jonathan Roe says:

    Gower is like a rabid dog (with a Kermit the Frog pose), released from the security of the newspaper room to have free reign of the TV screen, and spreading terror on the public.

  13. savenz says:

    I’d put him more as a narcissistic personality disorder. I mean members of the National party are even following his career and sending him prep notes…

    I know there’s not much money at TV3 and our health system is not working as well as it should, but have they ever thought of getting Gower’s hearing checked, I’ve never seen him listen or even relate anything to what someone’s said. It’s just a vomiters diatribe of RWNJ discourses that don’t relate, cobbled together.

    Oh well, I guess that’s why people don’t watch TV anymore.

  14. Tamihana says:

    Martin i was in fits of laughter reading this, but then the the truth hit home and the laughing stopped, you absolutely nailed it, nice one.
    Alfred E Neuman – we found your long lost son.

  15. Tamihana says:

    Sorry Martyn, got your name wrong.
    (not a comment, an aplology).

    • P says:

      Low life people need to use low life language.
      Guys a creep but keep comments cordial.
      Lying frudster needed to go and James should too as he backed her 100%.

  16. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    “Gower is a sadistic gladiator pretending to be a surgeon”

    I’d laugh (actually I did), but unfortunately it’s also so very accurate that it transcends humour. Honestly, 20-30 minutes of Breakfast and the first 20 minutes of the 6 pm news (either channel) is about all the MSM I can handle. I just can’t do “The AM Show” or “The Nation” because that sort of deliberate anti-intellectualism requires a masochism that I just can’t muster. I’ve been watching “Blood Drive” lately, because it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t (i.e. cheesy exploitation). Also it’s actually a very on point metaphor for our current society… it’s about a road race with cars that literally use human blood as fuel all dictated by a giant corporation. Yeah.

  17. john stone says:

    Gower is not bright and looks odd but isn’t this going bit far?

  18. john stone says:

    Gower is not bright and looks odd but isn’t this going a bit far?