Notice to all Posters


Notice to Posters

While The Daily Blog welcomes viewpoints from a wide variety of sources, we have noticed lately an increasing amount of bad behaviour from some participants posting intemperate comments on this Forum. A number of them appear to be NZ First supporters.

Please take note that our patience is being sorely tested by some of the ad hominem attacks we have been seeing, and having to decline for publication.

To remind participants,  TDB reserves the right to decline publication of submissions that are:

TDB Recommends
  • defamatory
  • break Court suppression-orders
  • of a prurient nature
  • irrelevant/off-topic
  • repetitive
  • flooding (multiple submissions)
  • spamming
  • offensive/trolling
  • hateful/ad hominem

If certain  individuals persist with their behaviour which has crossed into trolling territory, then their posting privileges will be rescinded permanently. Passion for your beliefs is fine. Intemperate ad hominem comments are not. The Daily Blog is not a free-for-all and we insist on a standard of good behaviour.

Thank you for everyone’s co-operation.


  • Scarletmod


EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar 


    • Why? Just follow the rules, behave yourself, and you’ll have no problems. Do you think rules apply to everyone except you, Mr Slipper? That’s very Tory isn’t it?

  1. No one likes their little tanties nipped in the bud but it has to be done.
    I’ve likely broken most of the list above but I do understand that the spread of toxic nastiness must be governed. Otherwise, we, the human beings of the homo sapien species, not the recent arrivals, descend into the lowest common denominator which is where the Right Wing look up from to see if they can drag us down their level.
    Does @Slippery, a person who appears to have the emotional intelligence of a half stuffed muppet stand testimony to that? Once was enough@ Slippery. More than once speaks volumes for your psychiatric health.
    I will always have a point of view but I’d hope someone told me if I was really being just being a nasty wanker.

    • You got it, CB. I’ve noticed a toxic nastiness creeping in as well. Some of the comments don’t address the issues, they seem to take delight in trying to “take down” someone else. And yes, it seems to emanate from those on the alt-right (or alt-left, depending on the issues) predominantly.

      Anyone who thinks they have a RIGHT to post here should take a leaf out of Aaron Gilmore’s notebook. It didn’t work for him and it sure as heck doesn’t work on these forums.

      • Short memory Priss ,i seem to remember you taking me down for my views,not that i mind im a big girl,i dont believe we have to agree with everything written in Daily Blog.
        I,ve always thought Scarlet Mod was very fair but the list of items not to be discussed is a bit much.Maybe better to tell what can be discussed,but that can cause disagreements as well.

    • This site is not mobile friendly as far as responsiveness for sending comments, so apologies for the multiple tap –
      questioning my mental health over that seems like a feeble attempt at shaming or bullying, poor humour on your part perhaps?,
      there is nothing shameful about mental health & it is quite normal human behaviour to make mistakes, not many people know how to admit when they are wrong, its typical to pick & choose evidence that backs up your worldview – however if you don’t look at it from allside then it’s hardly objective.
      Scarlet mod might buy a story about a bunch of arab cavemen pilots with box cutters hitting the Pentagon, a hole in Shanksville ,both twin towers …. (even the building 7 official explanation defies scientific fact) & will not tollerate anyother point of view – is what this declaration is pretty much saying.

      • No, ‘Grogan Josh’. I think what Scarlet Mod and Admin are saying is, take it somewhere else.

        TDB has never published National or ACT propaganda, so any notion of “total freedom of expression” is one that never existed in the first place.

        And by the way, your racist description of the hijackers as “a bunch of arab cavemen pilots” is pretty much why you’re not taken seriously.

        • No one is saying you can’t expresse freedoms of expression per Se. Just don’t expect to recieve a get out of jail card.

          Its written into the UN charter that New Zealand is a party to that any State or non State actor that was in conflict with WW2 victors is to be treated as traitors the maximum punishment being capital punishment or what ever the maximum punishments exist with in a certain geography. Goodwins law is one of those punishable with maximum hand of the law.

      • 100%.

        Many blog sites are warned off some topics.

        You have unsupported ranting which can become endemic and you have well researched and presented evidence open to examination.

        Politics not rational discussion seems to control what we can discuss on many forums.

        Meanwhile the daily MSM propaganda does what it likes with little challenge it seems.

  2. Umm, I don’t think you quite understand a peculiarity of your website.
    I once posted a comment, but when I clicked on ‘Go back’ at top left of screen, back came my comment with ‘Post Comment’ underneath it again. So I did. Next day, my comment was there twice. I twigged that I should just Post Comment once, and ignore the second posting offered.
    New posters of comments do not know this – when they try to post a comment and it all comes up on their screen again, they assume it did not go through, so try to post it again.
    Above, poor old Slippery posted the same comment 3 times. I guess he’ll learn… but it would be better if you fixed this failing in your website.
    The multiple postings are your fault, not the posters’.

    [In Vino. We take your point. No, I don’t mean inadvertent duplicate postings such as Slippery’s above. We understand that is a ‘quirk’ of this website’s programme. I mean repetition, where a poster makes the same argument over and over again, using near identical comment, links, etc. In some instances, postings with near-identical content have been made on multiple threads of discussion. It makes the job of the moderators and Admin much harder as we might not be aware that one post has been previously made, on several occasions, as we are “on duty” at different times. We do not want to have debate drowned out by one person attempting to dominate the discourse. – Scarletmod]

  3. I think if you at least have the balls to use your own name you should get away with a lot more.
    But am happy with the tolerance you show me. (80% pass rate, not complaining)
    Thanks for all the effort this thing much take

    [The problem is, Robert, that it would be difficult to determine who is using a real name, or an alias. We’d have to physically track down every name on the electoral roll, and then phone the person to confirm they are legitimate. I haven’t got time to do that and and paid job and run my household. In your case, I can remember declining only one or two of your submitted posts. I can’t speak for the other moderator or Admin, though, sorry. – Scarletmod]

  4. Doesn’t look like you’r making much progress here Scarlet!
    D J S

    [No, we’re making a bit of progress, David. The number of submitted posts being declined for publication has dropped slightly, which is good. I take no pleasure binning some submitted comments which cross the line. – Scarletmod]

  5. Try getting opposing views published on whaleoil. At least this site lets you have your say and good debate often flows.

  6. ‘…..Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics’
    It may be difficult for a rigid metality that pidgeon holes all to a system of polarization,two legs bad, four legs good, to imagine, but some of us have no such rigid position of rejection on any of the above.
    We don’t really know the long term effect of vaccination, fluoride or chemtrails. We do know that Doctors won’t dish out antibiotics as freely as they once did. Some accept global warming and the real possiblity of the sixth extinction while not entirely rejecting causes in the universe which are additional to man made global warming.
    As for 9/11 the excerpt below from an article by Paul Craig Roberts may well be rejected by some but one wonders why?

    “There are now 3,000 architects and engineers who put their reputation on the line by challenging the official story of the collapse of the WTC buildings. According to all known science, the official explanation of the destruction of the 3 highrise WTC buildings is strictly impossible. There is endless evidence online provided not by ignorant presstitutes, conspiracy theorists, and lying politicians, but by real experts. Just go to the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth website, to the Firefighters and First responders for 9/11 Truth website, to the Pilots for 9/11 Truth website. Research what some foreign government officials have to say about the absurd story told by the US government. That any percentage of the US population believes the obvious false official 9/11 story is proof of the total failure of education in America. Much of the population is incapable of thought. People simply accept whatever the government tells them regardless of the absurdity of the explanation.”

    As for hate speech, I for one don’t believe in forced, top down, socially engineered control of the minds and hearts of people. We all know about the walls built in Israel to confine the Palestinians and that a wall with heavy surveillance systems had begun on the U.S./ Mexican border well before the arrival of citizen Trump. Come to think of it the Chinese built a wall to keep out the Mongolians. Was this racist? Walled cities were common in feudal times. I wonder why? Did the Hindus welcome the Moghuls, the Turks, the Portugese or the British? Has humanity changed? Jesus bloody Christ no. It’s worse than fucking ever and no amount of forced social behaviour is ever going to make it any fucking better.
    A more constructive thing to do would be to truly understand why, in the present era, this is the case.

    [Archonblatter, you’ve made your point and slipped in conspiracy theory stuff. Anything further will not be published. Anyone interested in such material can find it easily on the web, if they so desire. – Scarletmod]

  7. As a swinging voter and posting the odd comment here I have been accused as a troll. This just goes to shoe that females should not be in charge of anything.

  8. Seriously though with the greatest of respect it does smack a bit of curtailing of free speech unless you say what we want you to say.

  9. @Scarletmod. All sounds a bit doctrinal to me. I imagine none of us prolies are allowed to question the official reasons for invasion into Iraq, Libya, who has been funding the proxy war against the Assad government in Syria or the deep state reality of of the recent U.S. election. You may well feel that alternative possibilities and theories are a threat to the perceived, logical positivist, nuts and bolts, staunch and true, really very decent and sincere socialist reputation of T.D.B. and the N.Z. Labour Party but our world is not what it was in the glory days before 1984. That is the dilemma of the N.Z. Labour Party.
    It is no more tuned to the present day populist stream of thought than the National Party. It is clear to me that I have indeed, failed to make any point whatsoever but I would urge you to abdicate your position, stay at home and spend time reading. You’ll be on the very bones of your arse but in the long term it’s worth it. You could begin with Prof. Alfred Mc Coy’s ‘The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia.’
    A densly annotated book which has been translated into 20 languages.
    If I, a degreeless female creature appoaching 80 can manage this I’m sure you can.
    Then you may pehaps, pivot to Jo Marchant’s ‘Cure a Journey into the Science over Mind over Body,’ published 2016. Marchant has a PhD in genetics and medical microbiology and “spent three years probing the inner workings of cells at a top London hospital.” The raving reviews alone are worth reading.There were 18 holds on the copies in the Auck. Library Service so I bought a copy.
    My sincere advice is, get in touch with the age in which we live. Trump feigned this and actually got to be president. The stuff of myth.

  10. “but I would urge you to abdicate your position, stay at home and spend time reading. “

    Sexist rubbish.

    The Daily Blog isn’t a free for all and only the trolls would enjoy such a state of anarchy.

    No media allows unlimited freedom of publication so why some expect it on the internet is beyond me.

    • Priss;

      “Sexist rubbish.
      The Daily Blog isn’t a free for all and only the trolls would enjoy such a state of anarchy.”

      Shear Hypocrasy.!! Coming from one of the trolls himself.

      Do you really think that readers on this site have not worked out what has been
      happening on this site for a very long time?
      On most social media sites is my understanding.

      “If certain individuals persist with their behaviour which has crossed into trolling territory, then their posting privileges will be rescinded permanently. Passion for your beliefs is fine. Intemperate ad hominem comments are not. The Daily Blog is not a free-for-all and we insist on a standard of good behaviour.”

      Do you actually understand what “Intemperate ad hominem “ means?

      You have just broken 3 of the rules right here.!!
      One rule for “us,” another rule for “them” aye?
      Perhaps you need retraining

      No cheers.

    • Sanctimonious much Priss,you agree with the main writers whatever they say,how about having an opinion of your own .
      Daily Blog used to be a fun site,quite a few of the previous bloggers have dropped off, i used to view them as friends , didn’t always agree with each other but no grudges, now the site is becoming quite antagonistic.

  11. i dislike the foul language some writers use on this site,sounds so angry and adds nothing to a good article.Of course i wouldn’t ask to stop it, free speech and all that!

  12. With a moderator like you, who needs government censorship?
    Already here on Daily Blog.
    You have fallen into the ignorant /no time to research /but I KNOW BEST AUTHORITARIAN mindset.
    Generations who have been around longer than you, who are still in possession of their mental faculties can only weep in despair at your narrowmindedness and I wholly endorse ARCHONBLATTER above (- what a superbly written true and eloquent comment. )

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