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  1. As expected, atmospheric CO2 has broken through 412 ppm:

    Daily CO2
    April 26, 2017:  412.63 ppm
    April 26, 2016:  407.41 ppm

    Highest-ever daily average CO2  |  Maua Loa Observatory
    2017 (so far)
    412.63 ppm on Arpil 26, 2017 (NOAA-ESRL)
    410.28 ppm on Arpil 18, 2017 (Scripps)
    409.44 ppm on April 9, 2016 (Scripps)
    409.39 ppm on April 8, 2016 (Scripps)
    404.84 ppm on April 13, 2015 (Scripps)

    And the politicians and bureaucrats and media will continue lie about ‘a sustainable future’.

    • And meanwhile, Trump has appointed a climate change denier to head the EPA, and re-opened coal-mining in the United states, bleating on about “cleeeean coal, cleeeean coal!”…

      Because, y’know, we haven’t pumped enough CO2 into the atmosphere.

      Ironically, it will be American coastal cities that will suffer from increasingly powerful storm-surges and rising sea-levels.

      By then it will be too late for millions, perhaps billions, of humans on this planet.

      Thank you, Amerika, for electing a man-child into the White House.

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