The mass surveillance of children is here – National’s ‘Predictive Risk Index’


The horror of the name ‘Predictive Risk Index’ is enough to send shivers down your spine. The Government is one step closer to their mass surveillance of children with plans to scrap the school decile system and attach the funding directly to ‘at risk children’ that the Ministry of Love decides based upon the mass surveillance data they have amassed on the child.

If school decile’s are alienating for people, how will being a member of the ‘Predictive Risk Index’  create anything other than fear and stereotyping?

This isn’t about targeting funding, this is about spying on the lives of children as they grow up and tainting them personally for life.

The frightening part here is that NZers won’t care about the rights of beneficiary children and will allow the State to continue their mass surveillance programmes targeting these kids.

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If this level of mass surveillance was being suggested against white and affluent children, it just wouldn’t happen, but by aiming it at beneficiary children, the Government hopes to con enough of the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind to give them what they want.

Dark days in the Land of the Long White Online Cloud.


  1. Another aspect I fear is that while Govt will spy on all, it will also cut many children from their list, and use this as a cost-cutting measure so that schools which are currently low-decile will receive less funding.
    This will be used for cost-cutting, and our schools will be worse off than ever.
    Stick around and watch it happen.

  2. People are expected to be “productive units” in National’s country of the future, so when they have “flaws” and grow up in “inappropriate” circumstances, or show “worrisome traits”, then they will step in early, after having profiled every child, and take ACTION.

    They will be ‘stream lined’ into conformist, highly “performing” human specimen, that provide the cheap and willing labour for the capitalist business operators and for the academic elite, who will serve as complicit professionals to the rich and powerful, to facilitate a “better functioning economy” of sorts, perhaps traditional East Asia style, where you “fulfill” your life’s purpose by working until you drop, by sleeping a few hours, and by doing the same again next day, seven days a week.

    Cut out ‘frivolities’ and unnecessary “waste subjects” at school, like arts and culture, and ‘focus’ on what matters, making products and services, through the sale of which the bosses make nice profits, and delight in having a mass of numbered humans, that rise to the task early mornings, and drop ‘dead’ into bead for rest at night, causing no more “troubles” for police and other enforcement officers.

    We can then enjoy “productivity” and high “output” and let the rich elite rest peacefully on the laurels that are not made through their efforts, but by the slaves that they keep.

    A perfect plan, indeed, next comes further enhancement through genetic engineering, before they are even born.

  3. So prepare for bullies in the school yard soon labeling other kids they dislike as ‘you predictive risk index child’ (“PRIC”), haha, you are “inferior”. What ‘progress’ this is, Ms Parata, the Parrot of the Nat Party bosses.

  4. A voucher system by another name. Funding will now be accessed via the individual rather than the school – end result will be cherry picking by private institutions taking the individuals who give the best return and dumping the ‘non-earners’ back into the financially gutted local schools.

  5. I’ve just checked my Predictive Risk Index Charts.(PRICs).

    It says that the school with 400 kids from suburbs with most parents working as doctors, lawyers and managers will have more access to resources than a school in a neighbourhood with parent/parents in low paid jobs.

    I will magnanimously allow the Min. of Ed. free access to my material and not charge a Shipley-esque consultancy fee for its use.)

    • Yes National continue to try and widen the gap, nothing new here. Hekia has just introduced the “spray and walk away” policy as she leaves politics in 3 weeks time. Good riddance to bad blood.

      • no john is the king of spray and walk away she is still spraying and hasn’t yet walked way but needs to buggar of

      • no john is the king of spray and walk away she is still spraying and hasn’t yet walked way but needs to buggar of

  6. I can’t count how many of National’s policies, in some way or another, go on to affect New Zealand’s children the most. It is ALWAYS the children that suffer from bad policy – making life hard for the parents, makes life hard for their children.
    The cycle of poverty will not be broken by putting cameras on the poor.
    What a cop out!

    • Time to rid this evil junta from our shores and return us to a shared caring “commonwealth” again.

    • Just remember readers/voters, that these children will be tomorrow’s citizens and taxpayers. ACT is the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers.

      These children, or as I like to call them, future wealth-generators, will fund New Zealand into the future through competitive wages, GST and tax payments, so we are investing in the future of NZ.

      The ends of a healthy, taxpaying, low-wage economy, justifies the means, of a little paternal/maternal beneficial and caring surveillance.

      Get real TDB!

      • “The ends of a healthy, taxpaying, low-wage economy, justifies the means, of a little paternal/maternal beneficial and caring surveillance.”

        Your ‘low wage economy’ and ‘paternal/maternal’ ‘surveillance’ may serve the rich pricks in your electorate, but will not advance any other persons’ interests, that is the truth, Mr David See No More.

    • TV is so 2001. Why switch on a TV in the hopes you will stumble across something interesting when you can go onto parliament tv youtube account and watch it with no ads.

  7. “Nothing to fear, nothing to hide”. It has always been ACT’s mantra (apart from ‘the cup-of-tea’ intrusion into private coalition discussions between the leading parties in the right-leaning governing coalition).

    “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”. ACT supports current surveillance proposals.

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