Trump launching missiles shows how easily emotionally manipulated he is or how Machiavellian he is

By   /   April 10, 2017  /   13 Comments

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There are two reasons Trump decided to go 180 degrees on bis position on Syria, and neither of them are safe.

There are two reasons Trump decided to go 180 degrees on bis position on Syria, and neither of them are safe.

The first is the most obvious, that he has flexed his military muscles and launched weapons against another sovereign nation with zero checks and balances for pure domestic politics. The second is that he was emotionally manipulated by seeing babies choking to death.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Babies choking to death from chemical weapons is a shocking crime, but this is the same President who during the elections was telling refugees fleeing from Syria that they wouldn’t find refuge in America.

Babies choking on chemical weapons is bad, but the ones trying to flee the chemical weapons are collateral damage?

If Trump launched to improve his domestic poll numbers, that’s disturbing but if he was honestly manipulated by emotionally harrowing images of babies dying, all he has done is green light anyone attempting to manipulate American foreign policy by attacking babies first.

Trump is either Machiavellian in the extreme or he is easily manipulated into risky military actions.

The world is a far less safe place while he remains in the White House.


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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    The best comment I have seen is by ‘AlbertthePudding’ on Zerohedge

    ‘General McMaster Ties Himself into a Pretzel Trying to Explain Syrian Strategy’

    “AlbertthePudding Apr 9, 2017 9:09 PM

    If Haley isn’t a Neocon apologist I’ll eat my mouse. In fact I believe she is so biased as to be a threat to any peace in the Middle East. ..McMaster on the other hand. I am not sure what he is..I know Bannon is against this current pantomime and the Russians have decided they won’t play along. Peczenik for the first time is not convincing me of the strategy he believes is behind the volte face on I am with Savage on this..the Neocons are pushing to take over and unless Trump comes to his senses he’ll end up with the entire Bush 43 cabinet up his Mar a Lago!”

    • Sam Sam says:

      Russia/Syria/Iran immediatly hardened thier Syrian theatre positions. They aint getting caught out like that again. This is what its like to have a mad man in the white house pointing super power weapons in all directions. In the gamer world trump is nood.

        • Sam Sam says:

          According to google feedback noob is “a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.”

          In the gamer world noobs have common characteristics. Some include.

          -repeated questions about what a button does
          -requires constant supervision traversing digital enviroments
          -runs with a sheathed knife. Every one knows you run quicker with a knife equiped.

          Basically in the gamer world a noob is some one on the same learning level as a new born infant. And that is what president trump is.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Spray n prey baby!

  2. JustMe says:

    Trump is a lunatic. He will happily seek a war with some other country because it is such a money-maker for him and his cronies.
    America has got what they voted for. They have a power crazy self-obsessed and bullying man as THEIR president.
    Trump shows up America as being a war-mongering country. I doubt ever since America achieved independence has they ever been at peace. If they are not busy invading other peoples’ countries they are busy bullying to get their way.
    I am soooo over America.

  3. Red Buzzard says:

    ‘Bullhorns: POTUS goes 180’

    “Is Trump doing a one-eighty to please his political foes – it sure looks like it. Indeed, the mainstream media is now singing his praises. One has to ask – have the deep state and the neocons tamed Trump?

    CrossTalking with Joaquin Flores and Dmitry Babich.”

    • Which means, Buzzard, that RT News will soon be displaying a more critical view of the Trump Administration; the New Cold War will erupt in earnest, and the alt-right will be seen as “un-patriotic”…

      Worst case scenario;

      • Red Buzzard says:

        RT has never been uncritical nor have they ever had any illusions about Trump

        … however, based on Trump’s statements and electioneering , it was hoped that he would be less of a warmonger than Hillary Clinton… no different than many Americans who voted for Trump

        It never ceases to amaze me how pro Hillary Clinton Democratic Party supporters ( globalists/racists?)will never admit to her war crimes against Gaddafi and Libya …or Obama’s war crimes ( drone strikes)…they seem to be particularly one-eyed. Western initiated wars in the Middle East are uncritically accepted and supported by the mainstream media…as they were by Clinton

        …as to whether there will be a “New Cold War” …well that is your conjecture ( or hope)…I certainly hope NOT. Russia is the peace maker in the Middle East , not the USA and Israel and Saudi Arabia

        • CLEANGREEN says:


          Hillary Clinton was a deep state incumbent and would tick off any action/war or other when her paymasters came to call.

          She was simply driven on greed and lust for power and as dangerous as any other dictator we have now in every corner of the globe.

          It seems that a third world war is approaching, spurred on by the Elitists who want it to reduce the population and easily take over as “One World Government.” since the TPPA and TIIP/EU are all falling apart.

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