All Bill English is saying, is give war a chance: The vicious calculation behind National’s war crime denial


Bill English will be investigating Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson before he ever investigates the war crime allegations of our NZDF.

It is insane that we can live in a  country where there is a bloody investigation over how a drug dog was shot at Auckland airport but there won’t be an investigation into serious war crime allegations.

The naked vicious calculation that Bill English is playing here has all the smell of David Farrar. Farrar’s spiders will have been out amongst muddle Nu Zilind at the malls around the country testing the opinion of people who listen to ZM and the Edge and Classic Hits. In those damp and dark parts of the NZ psyche Hager and Stephenson aren’t investigative journalists holding the powerful to account, they are Communists stirrers who are just trying to cause trouble.

English is playing to that. He is playing up the mistaken village identity as a serious blow to the book and reflecting it back as a credibility issue because that’s what the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind believe.

English’s decision to not hold an inquiry is as nakedly vile as that, he’s playing to the ignorance and petty bigotry of his supporters over the truth.

It frightens me that I live in a country where an All Black having sex in a toilet creates more media attention & public outrage than war crime allegations.


    • I fear you are 100% right here Martyn.
      Yet another indictment on what a disgraceful place NZ has turned into under this Government.

  1. Any investigation would probably have been a whitewash so hopefully this opens the door to an investigation from other entities

  2. I see Bill English is now the sole arbiter and judge of what constitutes a war crime , what doesn’t , what did or did not happen as well as the final authority to be consulted on , – whether there appears to be grounds for an inquiry or not on this or any other future issues whereby ‘experts’ and legal professionals are to be regarded as mere lightweight and second rate opinions.

    I would therefore suggest we now do away with all legal bodies , entities and due processes including that of the Hague because we now have Bill English to weigh in on these sorts of matters.

    The fact that he led the National party to one of its greatest ever electoral defeats should not detract from the fact that if he decides the death of a small three year old child in a bungled NZ military led joint operation is of little consequence , – then we should all regard his each and every word on ALL matters ( including questions of the universe itself ) as the final word in all its inherent , unfathomable and glowing wisdom.

    • Yes WK, English say’s “trust me”

      I say based on this…

      Of course, English has had his own personal moral failures. Principally, the one that earned him the nickname “The Double Dipper from Dipton” that has stuck to him like glue. He won it in 2009 by having nominated his primary residence being in his Clutha-Southland electorate when his real family home had for many years been in Wellington. That way he could claim substantial taxpayer support to pay for his “out-of-town” Wellington accommodation. English backed down eventually, conceding it was “not a good look”, but it took a lot of political agitation for him to accept he was in the wrong.

      Do you trust a thief?

  3. What is the difference between NZ Inc and a banana republic?

    The only difference is the charade that the supposedly democratic, constitutional monarchy represents, and the cunning, concealing window-dressing, hiding the common endless lies and corruption that are more visible in traditional corrupt banana republics.

  4. Waste of time having an Enquiry here in NZ needs to be an Independent International Enquiry.

    Here in NZ we would have a predetermined outcome just like the Winebox Enquiry on the collapse of the Bank of New Zealand.

    • I bet you, Andrew, Hager and Stephenson were to some degree prepared for this to happen, they have not even started batting yet, they are still warming up. The real hits will follow, and hit Blinglish and his idiot NZDF leaders right in between the eyes.

      Add the lawyers now working behind the scenes, you have not seen anything yet.

    • What was the word your right wing chum said when Defense Minister again , Andrew?

      ” New Zealand’s “biggest and most disastrous operation – a fiasco”.

      – Wayne Mapp.

      And so the next question is: Did a three year old girl die because of that raid or did she not?

      Or did she magically die in another town where the village was not?

      According to Afghanistan officials who administered the death certificates she most certainly did die.

      And to ascertain those facts , – is why we need a thoroughly independent inquiry free from bias. Something we will not get with the NZDF’s simplistic assurances and definitely not with this current govt.

    • So you support commissioning of a war crime, Andrew? You really are morally bankrupt.

      Of all the disgusting things you’ve ever said here on this forum, this one says more about you as a morally bankrupt person than you realise.

      as for your leader, Bill English, he is as much a “Christian” as many of the so-called Christians who end up in prison for their sins.

    • Just to remember what Andrew dismisses {and he gloats while doing so}

      Here’s a Video starting with an image of Fatima … the 3 year old girl killed by our NZ forces ….

      And it finishes with a brother and sister ………. killed years apart …. by u.s.a forces.

      All the rest of the children featured in it have suffered under u.s.a wars …..

      I would suggest using Fatimas image alongside with a simple message on social media and other places on the internet ………… that you will not vote for people who allow for ……….. and cover up…… the killing of children.

      Do not allow it to go away …… do not allow for Fatima and other children “not to be worth it”

      Do not allow Andrew to gloat over dead and injured children …………

    • Hahaha a a!

      Isn’t it funny? I go over to your side and write similar things, with more wit and originality I’m proud to say, but yes. Similar things.
      What’s interesting is that I’m never published over on your side. Ever. Whaleoil etc banned me some time ago and as for The NZ Herald? I get old copies to light my fire with. Too scratchy on the bum for toilet paper and a bugger to flush. ( The NZ Herald should print on softer paper. Would sell twice as many papers.)
      It’s interesting that TDB entertain your barbed snipes because that’s who TDB are. Open, honest, clear headed, able to encompass most opinions with respect while allowing even the most challenging commentator to keep their dignity. Like myself, for example. We’re similar, you and I. Just from opposite sides of The Great Darkness.
      So, welcome @ ANDREW. It’s very interesting to have someone telegraph the enemies sentiments reliably and openly. You’re very useful on that level at least. They must thank you for that.

  5. Bill is the tip of a thing. We don’t exactly know what shape or intention of the ‘ thing’ is yet. We can only guess.
    My guess is NZ has become the land mass upon which the Right Wing faction of U$A neo con criminals can now slither and Brother Billy has become their minion and for his privilege despite his bland public persona he’s swindled a stipend from us and God only knows what by them. Given some of the things I read and am told, I seriously don’t want to go there.
    Little Bill. With God on his side to tell him how to fuck us on the deal.

  6. Some of the people who protested loudly when the Rainbow Warrior was sunk and Fernando Pereira was murdered now couldn’t give a flying f@ck.
    3 decades of Rogernomics……..and NZ & her greedy grasping self-interested populace are unrecognisable. It’s heartbreaking to see this ugly transformation. People give more attention to the “Briscoes Lady” and the latest sale than respected investigative journalists reporting on state sanctioned murder.

  7. Is it possible for the opposition parties to unite and ask the International Criminal Court to investigate?

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