Has the Commerce Commission gutlessly caved into corporate media?


Look at the NZ media elites joyfully declaring the Commerce Commission has gutlessly been bullied by mainstream corporate media threats into flipping on their decision to stop their Newspaper Monopoly…

…how fucking ugly for Democracy.



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  1. Our pathetic right-wing corporate media is as good as extinct anyway no matter how you look at it. But clearly someone had a word with someone who knows someone to make this whole annoying Commerce Commission go away.

    Did you know that Stuff.co has investigative journalists? I really didn’t, but rumor has it they do. Maybe they uncover what washing powder Richie McCaws house boy uses to launder his clothes or what brand of cigars were smoked at Dan Carters summer dinner party. I’m sure its bloody serious and important stuff like that regardless.

    Fairfax and NZME are indistinguishable as it is so joining the two together won’t make any substantive difference to your average person who probably no longer uses either as their source of news. It may temporarily boost shareholder profits (banks, National Party) but that is about it!

  2. Ugly but not surprising – what is surprising is that the Commission didn’t cave in originally. It feels like these sorts of forces are unstoppable.

  3. Corrupt, evidently we will now have a media companies with the monopolistic control over the market similar to North Korea.

    Likewise 90% of food distribution in NZ is controlled by two companies.

  4. When the big corporates decide on a plan it WILL be implemented. If it breaks any laws then they simply keep the pressure on until the Commerce Commission gives in. They know they will win in the end, it is only a matter of how long it will take.
    Every man has his price under National.

    • The Commerce Commission is purely their to rubber stamp the deals for the Multinationals, I don’t know why we actually require a Commerce Commission?

  5. Right wing control almost complete and the people of the commerce commision have rolled over.

    The consequences are huge and shows that like the OIA, and other watchdogs they have no authority or act in the public interest.

    A right wing revolution complete without one tank in the streets or a bullet fired.

    • Corporations, Conglomerates, Mass Media, whatever…are not Right Wing or Left Wing, they are without any sort of moral or political compass, and our politicians of all shades, seem pretty ‘pragmatic’ about giving them anything they damn well want.

  6. We have a government that micromanages all the decisions. If they ‘wrong’ decision is made they will over right it.

    Makes the commerce commission look like losers too, so probably all part of the National strategy to undermine the public’s confidence in any organisation that is supposed to reign in big business.

  7. Just the Herald and Fairfax making sure they control the news in NZ,with the Herald so one sided (NATIONAL) Fairfax have to make sure competition dosnt appear. The elections coming up they have to make sure we know what they want us to know. National is the party that controlls the commerce commission right now,they are getting their ducks in a row to try to ensure a win.

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