The two factors that are pausing English’s hand on announcing election date


Bill English is an incredibly savvy and intelligent strategist and the Left should not underestimate him.

The Machiavellian smarts  to stay out of the Mt Albert by-election and allow Greens and Labour to be framed as fighting, the Machiavellian dog whistle to dump on Waitangi and his fluent use of Maori at Ratana yesterday all suggest a Politician who has relied on sly cunning over the retail charisma of Key to keep and hold power.

He’s pausing on announcing the election date because he want’s to think about two things

1 – Global ructions that hit the economy – the first sign of danger Internationally and he might want to go to the Polls sooner rather than later and allow the damage to set in.

2 – Mt Albert by-election – If Labour can be wounded or worse then Bill might want to call a snap election.

If the Left underestimate English, National get another term.



  1. The cumulative damage done by National and Labour since the 1970s is now so great it will make little difference who forms the next government. The damage done by National and Labour since the 1970s is now way beyond repair.

    And whichever party forms the core of the next government, we can be absolutely certain it will make matters worse. The globalized financial-economic-political system DEMANDS that everything be made worse.

    Furthermore, while we wait for the ‘election’ (which will be a totally contrived affair, in which all the fundamental issues that needed to be addressed long ago will once again be totally ignored), we can be absolutely certain that the government will make matters worse.

    One of the most dismal aspects of Bill English is that he is a climate change (planetary overheating) denier. You may recall the Environment Commissioner’s report on sea level rise (which understated to coming catastrophe) being rejected by Bill English because he ‘doesn’t believe in science’.

  2. There’s an old saying. ” As cunning as a shit house rat. ”

    Please allow me to beat my drum.

    ‘Labour’ and National are the same. Same-same and not that different.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Andy and Billy were not having discrete tete a tete’s re maintaining the dubious status quo that is the Greatest Swindle On Earth.

    Get farmer made goods for fuck all. ( Bye bye Farmer. No longer needed nor wanted. Until next time when your goods are spilling out the farm gate. Then? We’ll ratchet up on-farm costs, specifically bank interest rates, but fuel, fertiliser costs and many other costs associated with barely getting by while making world class foods and other goods to have swiped out from under your noses by the very same ‘producer boards’ who pretend to best market NZ farmer goods off-shore. When, in reality they’re there to thieve the be-Jesus out of farmers specifically, but also NZ generally. And the irony is that it’s cocky crooks like Big Little Bill that spearhead that swindle/theft. Call it what you like. )
    While all you polite city people breath in your own beautiful gasses, just out there in cow shit land there are slaves, slaving. Just like you, in fact, to the machine that’s powering up The Great NZ Institutionalised Lie.
    The richest scum in NZ are those who are trained and educated in the fine art of money fiddling. Funny that. They are of no other use. John Key could barely bang in a nail and yet etc. My question is? Where did that money come from? That they fiddle so profitably with?
    It’s the same old story. There are a minority of us who know what’s been going on for years but try to tell that to the young people of today?
    You guys … ? A lovely bunch of humans. But you can’t see the forest for the fuckers cutting it down.

  3. Still pushing your anti-Green Party barrow, Martyn?

    A win for Julie Ann Genter in Mt Albert would be a good thing for the Labour/Green Party alliance.

    But I agree this could bring the election date closer, out of the National Party’s terror.

    • It is not an ‘anti-green barrow’ – as I have stated here in the past, one of my two election votes have always gone to Green – I am critical of the Greens because this is a stupid move.

      To the wider electorate it looks like the Greens and Labour are fighting – that perception could cost them the election, and if Genter wins it makes Labour look weaker and their vote collapse.

      You seem to be more focused on killing Labour than beating National. You can’t have both.

    • I’m just not seeing the effort from Labour to unit the left. In fact I’m seeing the opposite, which is how Labour has operated for years.

      It’s worth mentioning again that Labours entire economic thesis has been discredited. Also the way they introduce new candidates by sticking them in losing seats needs a fucking good look at. Mater a fact I hope they put Greg OConor in a marginal National held seat and see how that goes. Not well I’m guessing. You never know, trying to take votes off national might work. But that’s why we call Labour National lite.

    • JSB. I’ll wager that National WILL NOT get a fourth term. You give me five good reasons that suggest otherwise.

    • JSB. I’ll wager that National WILL NOT get a fourth term. You give me five good reasons that suggest otherwise.

    • JSB. I’ll wager that National WILL NOT get a fourth term. You give me five good reasons that suggest otherwise.

  4. The housing crisis continues to plague the Nats. If Millenials get pissed off enough and someone reminds them they get to vote, it’s all-over for English’s first term as a PM.

    Remember how young people voted for Labour when Clark promised zero-interest rates on student debt?

    That’s the path to take.

  5. Martyn, your blogs have listed time and time again how New Zealand is sliding down into a mire with people treated as castaways. Why oh why back any system with any name which has failed us so miserably for so long but rolls comfortably with corporate money and dictates. An improved economy means what and for whom? Growth means what and for whom? There has to be a better way which acts for the highest good of all. What is that way, Martyn? It sure aint with what’s been on offer generation after generation.

  6. Hordes of foreign residents (colonists) vote for the Transnational Capital Party in order to bring more of their compatriots to our shores. A win for National. Any other idea is ludicrous.

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