Political Caption Competition



  1. Oh dear ….

    Michelle forcing a smile, but more of a grimace. Melania crying at the thought of … ???

    To be truthful, both women look as though they have a belly full of wind they want to release!

  2. Melania proving that while they both don’t like one another, she’s the one who can show enough maturity and decorum to do her duty at a public political ceremony where a show of unity is expected. Michelle obviously feels that her obligations to the public were done with.

    • Hehehe…Melania seems more like echoes of the ‘ Jackie Kennedy ‘ look… and that’s not bad… Michelle looks like shes just a more informal sort of personality … and that’s not bad either…

      Its been a convoluted campaign producing peculiar results … on a human level… I find it kind of distasteful that so much is attached to things like this … Just two peoples different responses to a situation . I say let it be .

      Trump has been brutal yet conciliatory to his opponents , and they have to him. Its testament to the Americans they haven’t digressed into open warfare like other country’s have in similar circumstance.

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