Trump’s latest twitter fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights his cult of resentment


You don’t appreciate what a narcissistic sociopath Trump truly is until you read his tweets.

This is the next President of the United States of America boasting ingloriously about his ratings in comparison to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hosting of his old tv show

Forget post-truth, this is post-reality! Trump’s pettiness is the true insight into the culture wars that have propelled him into the Presidency.

Trump understands the power of resentment in a socio-economic sense. He has forever been laughed at and mocked by the Billionaire class of America. He knows the burnt cheeks of resentment and how it can fester.

That festering has been breeding within the white working class for decades. Free trade neoliberal globalisation has robbed these working whites of their economic strengths and the constant mocking of their status alongside a perceived loss of privilege has generated the cultural grudge that Trump has seduced.

Hillary Clinton Democrats can not look beyond their own cosmopolitan elitism to appreciate why the working poor would turn on their free market globalisation and that in turn generates even more cultural friction as the debate descends into two sides screaming past each other.

Trump’s thin skin and aggressive defensiveness is a symptom of what exclusion politics ultimately produce. That someone like Trump with such emotional insecurity and juvenile lack of maturity can ultimately become President of the United States suggests this cultural and political dislocation is far deeper, far more traumatic and far more bitter than any of us ever thought possible.

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2017 will be a dangerous year of the fact blind basing decisions on their hurt feels.


  1. Americans have been living under ‘post-truth’ (or maybe that should be anti-truth), detached-from-reality governments for decades. And so have New Zealanders. We are surrounded by the consequences.

    Try speaking the truth in you local council chamber and see what happens:

    a. The truth you speak will be totally ignored by elected councillors and council officers.

    b. If there happen to be any representatives of the mainstream media present they will ignore what you said or misreport it.

    c. The garbage that council officers generate as long term strategy, which is based on fabrications and lies and is completely detached from reality, will continue.

    Martyn, the entire western financial-economic-political system is founded on lies and misrepresentations, and you should spend less time worrying about Trump and more time worrying about the effect the activities of maniacs just up the road and the so-called plans of your local council will have on your future and your progeny’s future.

    Russia, China and Iran etc. will deal with the idiots that make up the bulk of the American population and all of the government when the right time comes. Or they will just sit back and watch America destroy itself via idiocy.

    If anything is to be done by ‘concerned New Zealanders’, it should be to ensure that NZ does not destroy itself by following the same path of idiocy that Americans have taken, i.e. consuming junk food, drinking semi-toxic beverages, using military-style vehicles to go shopping, watching corporatized sport and other utterly trashy ‘entertainment, and getting themselves into debt in order to buy stuff they don’t need and which is wrecking the environment.

    I am not at all hopeful. American-style industrial civilization and the idiotic culture that accompanies it is a mental illness. And most New Zealanders are severely infected with the local strain of the same mental illness. And inhabitants of neither nation will give up their idiotic behavior because their brains have become too addled.

    Hence, we probably have only a few more years before we start to witness meltdown of NZ society, and only a few decades before those who get through the first bottleneck witness complete meltdown of the global environment.

    Six months from now we will have a lot better idea just how dire the situation is. In the meantime all the factors that WILL determine the future are looking increasingly dire.

    Daily CO2
    January 5, 2017:  405.43 ppm
    January 5, 2016:  401.83 ppm

  2. Spot on.
    Worryingly though, I don’t understand your last sentence. ?? Is it me or …
    Is that fact-blind ? Anyway, I dunno. Excellent post.

    This link was trump-centric via Boingboing.

    Silent treatment, love-bombing, gaslighting and other traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder

    Isn’t it interesting? That we are governed, and intimidated accordingly to facilitate that governance, by people with a psychiatric disorder? And chillingly, they leave their toxic mark on us whether we like it or not and it spreads and morphs up through generations of innocent, otherwise emotionally healthy us.
    It’s almost parasitic… ?

    Hmmm ??? !!!

    Ed Yong . TED talks.

    Parasites .

  3. I dunno, I’m just glad Clinton’s finger isn’t on the trigger now. It’s interesting to see an increase in optimism coming out of the US right now. I’m not so worried about the coming year. When ‘progressives’ return to their left wing values they’ll start getting votes. Until then, people like Trump are the only alternative to a growing world of PC centralised controlled globalisation. That Trump wants to stop fighting wars outside of the US seems like a good thing for us.

  4. When trump throws a presidential tantrum over his damaged ego what country what nation will be put at risk of destruction. Will he bomb Mexico for example…who knows, he is crazy and crazy people with power to crazy things…his record proves it, his family history is one of utter failure, married three times, accused of rape, the only thing that saved him was money…
    without money Donald Trump represents an absolute failure. So long as America continues to cower down to wealth and power there is little hope for change.
    But we should not forget that over 50% voted against him and that figure would have been much higher if the black vote had been actually counted in the key states.
    I can just picture Trump stamping his feet like a spoiled child shouting and screaming at the generals that surround him…”bomb them, just bomb them I don’t care where or whom…just make America and me great again.
    Trump makes the North Korean leader look saintly.

  5. “That festering has been breeding within the white working class for decades. …. and the constant mocking of their status alongside a perceived loss of privilege has generated the cultural grudge that Trump has seduced.”

    I disagree. The white working class has been pandered to since President Ronald Reagan who understood that if you appealed to their prejudices then they would vote for you no matter how much you work against their interests in other areas. The election of Trump simply shows that this strategy works as well now as it did 40 years ago.

    The vote for Trump was a backlash against having a black President, fear of Christians of the secular state and what is not ever noted, an anti-gay rights back lash. Of the large cross section of people I personally know in New Zealand who support Trump, about 12 at last count, they range from liberals to conservatives and can loosely been categorised as Christians, Hilary conspiracy theorists, and two out of the 12 (neither Christians) who have a problem with homosexual men.

  6. I am counting the days to his inauguration with deep worry.

    What have we ended up with, I wonder?

    Time to get Nostradamus out and reread.

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