Kim Hill destroys Anne Tolley and are National protecting paedophile rings?



Kim Hill destroyed Anne Tolley on Radio NZ today over Anne’s despicable decision not to lead an inquest into the appalling child molestation, abuse and sexual assault committed by the State…

RNZ host clashes with Anne Tolley for her response to state abuse inquiry

Tension boiled over between a Government minister and RNZ host as she was forced to justify why no universal apology has been issued to victims of state abuse.

The Minister for Social Development faced 16 minutes of radio flames for refusing to launch an independent inquiry or make an apology for her department’s historic acts of child sex abuse.

The major clash saw RNZ journalist Kim Hill state that “we will never know the extent of the abuse” because of Minister Anne Tolley’s decision not to establish an independent inquiry to investigate abuse in state care.

…the disgust Kim Hill manages to drip with by highlighting Anne Tolley’s appalling stance is one that we all should share.

What is the National Government hiding and who are they protecting by refusing to hold an independent inquest into historic and current child abuse by State services?

If we look around the world, there are serious inquests in most modern societies looking into state protected  paedophile rings and in the Uk it’s moved from the political and broadcasting world into the sport’s world…

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Coach at centre of English abuse scandal hospitalised

The coach at the centre of English football’s sex abuse scandal has been hospitalised.

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Thames Valley Police say “a 62-year-old man was located and was taken to hospital in order to receive medical treatment, where he remains.”

Bennell was convicted in 1995, 1998 and 2015. But over the last two weeks, there has been a renewed focus on Bennell as former professional players have publicly discussed the abuse they suffered.

…so everywhere else there is a recognition that there has been something terribly sick and twisted going on, but apparently in NZ, we not only have none of those problems, and there is no current problem, yet when you look at the last 15 years, 80 children have been murdered in state care and thousands have been sexually assaulted and abused.

Who is the National Party protecting and when are we going to find out how many of our kids have been abused in state care.

Who are National protecting, the state abusers of children or the children who are being abused?

Based on everything to date, the National Party are protecting the abusers.

It’s time to demand why.


  1. Kim was so good they will be forced to get rid of her! It has certainly been neat having her back temporarily in Guyons absence. Kim is probably the best broadcaster we have had in my lifetime (60t+ years).

      • Probably one of the few remaining on air presenters that deserves the title of journalist! Fiercly intelligent, well read, and actually a bloody nice person.
        Probably why the dross are scared of her.

        • Garibaldi: “Kim is probably the best broadcaster we have had in my lifetime (60t+ years).”
          I’m a similar age (probably a bit older, in truth!) and I completely agree. Having her on Morning Report quite takes me back to the 90s when she was one of the presenters. She was known then as the rottweiler, and government ministers were rightly scared of her.

        • We don’t actually know why she is there at all. She appears to be replacing G Espiner. If he is on leave and comes back, we will be back to the usual dross interviewing. Stay away, Guy.

      • Absolutely agree 100% Garibali and Frank, and all those who follow with positive comments regarding the interviewing prowess of Kim Hill..

        Give Kim Hill an honorary doctorate for services rendered to the country in broadcasting over the years.

        (can’t wait for the “Him Kill interview” with FJK. It may never happen, but I really, reaaaaaallllly, REAAALLLYYYY hope that it might happen some day.)

  2. I love Kim Hill she is a gutsy lady I have immense respect for as one of a few shinning lights in the RNZ stable today.

    I was part of a local community group when we met this sad person known as Anne Tolley over noisy all night long traffic in Napier as she was just leaving Napier city Council to take on a position as a national Candidate in 2002, and she was pathetic and offered nothing to the community then so nothing has changed.

    People in Gisborne and the press call her “no show Tolley”

    Better gone she is as we have had a gutsful of her toxic ways.

  3. Typical National, hose it down with secrecy and lies. It certainly obvious this is a “sweep the nasty little family secret under the carpet” exercise.

    It was painful to listen to, a National minister trying to accentuate the positive and shroud everything else in pure bullshit. Tolley would have us believe this was only in the 50’s and 60’s, it wasn’t, it goes back to the 30’s at least and that’s only because few people are left to go any further back. And it stretches into the 80’s easily. Anecdotally the numbers are sizable.

    I assume the Nats see compensation as a problem and listening to Kathryn Ryan segment this morning her guest said, to paraphrase, that they try to buy a person off with a little bit of money in return for your silence.

    How many people would want to speak to the MSD about this, especially if they are also on a benefit? In the current climate set up by National complaining would have very negative consequences, hence no independent inquiry. National have the big stick out to make this go away.

    I think we are still struggling as a country financially after those tax cuts, hence the near freeze on most public service budgets and because of that they are simply walking away from this. But to be blunt, National couldn’t give a shit about these people anyway and I assume they have done the polling to support that.

    • That’s right , XRAY ,… we are still struggling from those tax cuts , and Key wanted to introduce some more… after the Kaikoura earthquake.

      { ‘ I think we are still struggling as a country financially after those tax cuts, hence the near freeze on most public service budgets and because of that they are simply walking away from this. But to be blunt, National couldn’t give a shit about these people anyway and I assume they have done the polling to support that.’ }

      And I believe its the same sort of skulduggery that is going on with National , Solid Energy and WorkSafe in trying to get Pike River sealed up super fast before the upcoming election year.

      The finding of bodies in that drift could of meant some of the men might have lived had an immediate rescue attempt been made , and further forensic evidence determining the cause of the blast would no doubt demonstrate gross managerial negligence regards to basic mine safety , – something which this govt could sorely have happen in the run up to the election. Especially when Pike River was meant to be the vanguard of successful foreign investment championing the ideology of this neo liberal govt.

      And like Pike River , again we see this tired shitty neo liberal govt skirting the issues to avoid not only covering their arses because of the lack of money caused by their original tax cut bribe for the rich , – but also because morally and ethically they DONT GIVE A SHIT.

      Especially when its common folk that have no political clout , and more so when its children who have no way of fighting back.

      As is my tradition , I always include an example of Keys duplicity – even more relevant that it involved another child … who fortunately , was too much kept in the public eye for Key to have pulled her ponytail.

      Thank goodness we have Kim Hill and people like her such as John Campbell.

      The woman’s a tigress.

      Long may she roar.

  4. Kim Smashed Aunty Tolley over! Metaphorically speaking. Ripped her a new one …. Tolley wallowed helplessly on the ropes and Kim gave her some room and drew her out into the middle of the ring. Then a right-cross followed by a mean as left upper-cut sending Tolley to the floor!
    Thats for 100,000 people who would like an enquiry! Bitch!!

  5. Your description of Kim Hill’s interview with Minister Tolley had a tad of hyperbole, understandably. But it was a good and fair grilling she gave the Minister.

    But Ms Hill needs to be careful – very careful.

    The last time she was a host on Morning Report (circa 1992/93) she gave PM Bolger a similarly hard – but quite warranted – time in an interview; it was the last time that PM agreed to be interviewed by Ms Hill on Morning Report. Kim’s days of fronting that show were then terminated after discreet but direct interference from that PM’s office.

    Interestingly, she was replaced by a youthful talk-jock from Christchurch named Mike Hosking (at the behest of then CEO Nigel Milan, an Ozzie import brought in by the Nats-dominated RNZ board of the day to sell off the commercial arm of RNZ. Which he did, and then went smartly back to Oz where he managed a media company that, so the story goes, bought shares in the newly privatised ex-RNZ stations).

    So watch your back, Kim. History has a habit of repeating itself.

    • I don’t think she’s that worried @BF. She has principles. No doubt there’ll be a train in motion out for payback or to ger rid of her….the thing is those that try have time against them (even if they succeed)

  6. Notice how Morning Report has taken on new life since Kim Hill was reintroduced?
    You don’t get subservience and bootlicking from Kim, not to anyone, and the National government politicians are just not used to being held to account like this.
    Kim will probably be replaced shortly to save government ministers more embarrassment.

  7. Well done bomber, for even broaching the subject most people run a mile and won’t even comment, but then ones confront of evil does have to be very high.

    • I wonder at that, the teflon seems to have been replaced with polystyrene, to be frank, and people are ignoring everything detrimental the govt has done/is doing while putting Labour to the sword for any minor gaffe.
      This govt sink, not while the ignorant ignore the arrogance

  8. Come on, are we so desperate on “the left” to even celebrate this. This should be damned NORMAL comments and challenges coming from a journalist, are we so damned desperate to celebrate the very rare and odd occasion that Kim Hill tries to hold a Minister to account?

    It shows this country is truly screwed, when that is to be celebrated, by the way, Tolley is just the head of some ministry, who always stuffs up, and they have their legal advisors from Crown Law, telling them, what to tell the dumb media and public, and that is covering their arses.

    It shows again how dumb and ignorant so many in the public here are, to even give these arseholes any credit whatsoever. Wake up, people, smell the coffee, you may get it cheaper and better if you vote this corrupt government out, at least you may deal with a lesser evil.

  9. Actually I thought Kim was well below her best, and sloppy. In the past she would have neatly skewered her, not got into a trumpesque yelling match

    • Jesus, really? A Trumpesque yelling match? All she did was more precisely define her questions to try and get Tolley to answer the questions specifically, rather than vague statements like “many people” or to answer with a specific number of how many of the recommendations had been undertaken, rather than rattling off soundbites about the ones they had chosen. That’s not “Trumpesque” – That would involve railroading the conversation into a completely different topic.

  10. So a set of expensive people goes through the process of an enquiry.

    They produce a report and recommendations and it’s just fat enough to prevent the dust from falling on a few centimetres of parlaimentary bookcases (plus out there in MSD).

    Someone draws the short straw and does a public ‘mea culpa’ and ‘how awful’ and ‘never again’. Job done.

    Except – it’s not, is it?

    Our support services are stretched to the max with just the few who get through ACC’s fine strainer. ‘Going private’ would easily take the entirety of a week’s benefit pittance for just an hour.

    Be damned to the apology! Where are the resources for healing and helping when all the crocodile tears have been dabbed dry?

    That is the sort of harm that’s been dealt. Enquire all you like, but without some serious shifts in social attitude and a practical level of support – it’s a waste of expensive time.

  11. We cannot rely on RNZ, we need a fucking revolution, but people are not ready for it, they do not dare bite the hand that they depend on. We have a social and economic dependence society, we have not a truly democratic society, and we have the threat of populism, that favours few and hates others, and that is the big problem we have.

    So one radio interview will not change anything, we need more awareness, but it does not happen, as RNZ is a fringe media outlet, nothing else.

    • Yes Mike. RNZ generates far more business-as-usual crap than anything challenging of the system. Far, far more business-as-usual crap. It is, after all, a major component of the disinformation system. That’s why I stopped listening many years ago.

      Revolution. No. People living in New Zealand are far too uninformed -partly because RNZ does such a lousy job- and far too comfortable at the moment.

      You only need look at the surge in new vehicles and the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy to buy over-priced garbage to see that people are not suffering materially.

      Therefore, the march along the road of self-destruction will continue for quite a while longer. probably another 3 years.

      The revolution will come AFTER the present system has failed dismally and people do not have access to the food and consumer goods they currently enjoy.

      Sure, the system is already failing dismally in terms of the damage it is doing to the environment and to people, but there is no shortage of food (if you can call what most people eat food) and no shortage of consumer goods, or the credit to buy them. So ‘nobody’ notices anything of significance and the majority continue to consume, just as they have been trained to do.

      You got it in your previous comment: ‘It shows again how dumb and ignorant so many in the public here are, to even give these arseholes any credit whatsoever.’

  12. I heard the interview, and it was classic Kim Hill at her best.

    She managed to make Tolley look every bit as foolish as when she did this bit of media-ops stupidity back in 2012. Remember this stunt;

    Tolley’s lack of empathy has been exhibited before, as I reported in October last year;

    Tolley is out of her depth – as are McCully, Nick Smith, and Parata. I suspect none of them will make it back as ministers should Dear Leader win a fourth term.

    Unfortunately, Bf above has a point; other ministers may become “RNZ-shy” from now on.

    • True Frank. But you missed out FJK in your list of gnats who are
      ‘out of their depth” – REGARDLESS of whether or not “Dear Leader” makes it back for a 4th term.

      “Getting elected” is one thing. “Being a worthwhile PM” is something totally different.

      There, fixed it for ya.



  13. Kim Hill was on fire, doing what any credible professional journalist should be doing, holding politicians to account.

    I’d love to see Hill interview Key. But I’d say the gutless wonder would back out, not having the balls to face up to a real journalist asking the hard questions.

    Go Kim Hill. And well done RNZ for allowing the broadcast to go ahead.

  14. Listening to the Hill-Tolley interview reminded me poignantly of what we have been missing these past eight years.

    If Kim isn’t going to be a regular fixture, perhaps she could spend a bit of time showing Guyon and Suzie what a real interviewer is about.

    The only way this government will be held to account is if the media prepare properly, demand access then require real answers and show the backbone to carry though.

    It was instructive that the interview overshot the news-break time by over four minutes.

    “We’ll have to leave it there…” ? No you don’t. Finish the interview.
    “The minister declined to speak to us…” Don’t leave that there. Constantly call the minister out until he or she is shamed into fronting.
    Front his house or limo, like on Fair Go. The government are our employees and owe us explanations if there are questions over their performance. Public media ,and particularly RNZ (in default of TVNZ) is the only broadcast media that can demand those explanations.

    Kim has shown how. It’s up to the rest to man (or woman) up and do their job.

  15. Tolley is just a useful minion for the 1% and may very well be conflicted, I sensed a bit of that when she spoke, but it’s more likely she doesn’t want to have an ‘accident’. Expect to see her move on out of Parliament onto a cushy diplomatic number and a gong for being a good team player.

    As long as it all stays in MSD’s hands the perps are safe. That’s the ‘Key’ issue here.

    • Kim Hill is in a league of her own, nobody else in MSM can touch her for her excellence. She is most certainly a New Zealand National Treasure. Its just a pity she is now only on a Saturday morning – she needs to be back on RNZ every day and Suzie Ferguson needs to go – absolutely useless. Guyon is not that much better either. Even if they do remove Kim from the airways for making the sitting Cabinet Ministers look bloody stupid she will always be her own person and not beholden to anybody – all praise to her for her dedication to her job of being a truth seeker.

  16. People forget who pays the MPs – they should be held accountable.
    @ cleangreen – do us all a favour and vote ‘no show tolley’ OUT next election – not long to go now…

  17. It was good to hear that interview
    Finally real questions being put to national ministers
    Their lack of empathy and basic humanity showing up
    Tolley must rank with Key and Collins as the most cold and unempathectic of this miserable lot

  18. Alas, Espiner and Ferguson will never make the grade, they just do not have the intelligence, the confidence, the knowledge, the impartiality
    nor the integrity necessary for effective journalism.
    They reflect the useless state of the media in NZ which directly contributes to people disengaging with the democratic process by failing to take an intelligent interest in politics.
    I cannot believe there are no people in NZ with the ability to be as professional as the excellent Kim Hill. RNZ just needs to get out and find them.

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