BREAKING: Pike River Mine blockade on right now



Pike River Mine Activist Karl Barkley has posted:

I have just setup a Blockage on the Logburn Road at Atarau Leading into the PIKE RIVER MINE I want to STOP The CONCRETE TRUCKS getting in To STOP SOLID ENERGY from Finally Sealing up the Mine Drift . I need as many people who can get out here to Help me Block The Road ring me 027 5940090


  1. There’s no way they’re ever let anyone into the mine, which will expose what REALLY happened (and very well may not gel with the “official” story). The location and positioning of the bodies will with 100% certainty allow us to know if the miners really were all “instantly killed” as we have been led to believe with ZERO evidence. If they weren’t, then the very awkward question of “could we have saved them?” will be asked, which obviously won’t reflect well on the Government.

    • And where is the Radio NZ now as they used to be very involved so have they now also been threatened to keep away????

      Where are the whistle blowers now???

      Disgusting as who is now our voice anymore or are we now actually in a police state now????>?r@#^&*()_

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