How convenient for the SIS eh? Terror threat level is burgundy – I repeat, burgundy!



Terror threat level is burgundy – I repeat, burgundy!

Terror threat to New Zealand revealed in security handbook

Concrete evidence has emerged that there has been an actual attempt to carry out a terrorist attack on New Zealand soil.

The security services will release no details of how the plot was foiled or when it emerged, although the system which was activated to deal with it has only been in existence for two years.

A new spy power that was only ever to be used in the most dangerous & rare situation just so happens to have occurred after the SIS got this power?

How incredibly convenient for the Secret Intelligence Service huh? What are the odds that the SIS would need to use a new power that is supposed to be for the worst and most rare of occasions and lo and behold they have such an emergency.

Lotto have better odds than that.

In the week National are forcing through the TPPA, our media is overloaded with a manufactured terror threat.

This is our security services all flexing their new muscles…

  • Social welfare agencies are now demanding mass surveillance of beneficiaries.
  • Police using false breath test check points, falsifying Court proceedings and entrapping people with elaborate and deceptive means
  • The GCSB going from an $80million dollar a year budget to $120million  per year as they start proactive operations

…the deep state are trying their new powers on for size and the spy agencies have been caught again breaking the rules…

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Spying files missing, incomplete – was the law broken?

Our electronic surveillance agency might have illegally spied on New Zealanders to a greater extent than previously revealed, Parliament has been told.

But the scale of any illegal surveillance by the Government Communications Security Bureau might remain hidden because documentation which detailed it was either not kept or is missing.

The few details of the GCSB’s latest legal problem are revealed today in the annual report of the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn.

The revelation opens the bureau again to allegations of sloppy handling of the world’s most sophisticated surveillance technology which it uses through a partnership with the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

…so the GCSB has been caught lying about their spying and Gwyn is either being kept from seeing the full scale of the problem or the GCSB  continued spying illegally after they knew they weren’t allowed to.

Either way it’s an enormous problem that is being ignored while the Government is quickly trying to ram through more legislation legalising the GCSB to do mass surveillance on NZers and allowing them to break any laws they like while on a mission. This law change will also allow the GCBS and SIS to deputise any other Government agencies with the power to legally break the law as well.


Feeling safe yet NZ? You don’t protect democracy with a police state.



  1. Because if you can’t laugh about the Tory idiots, and the b.s they dropped us in, your buggered.

    Bad joke…

    Don’t you hate all this terrorist business? Didn’t you love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or bus and think to yourself “I’m going to take that!”

  2. Okay, okay so I walked out of the grocery store and forgot to pay but they sent a staff member to call on me at home and I successfully excused myself by claiming fluoride and chem-trail poisoning. Happy now, jonkey? And to avoid future super duper spy satellite technology reporting any future forgetfulness and costing other tax payers trillions, I left my ‘phone number with the girls at the store. Now are you happy jonkey et al? You can lower the colour to green now. Actually, didn’t you give us to understand it’s a case of black, no white, no grey, oh who gives a rat’s ^&%$ about colours anyway? We’ll have to keep a close eye on you John.

  3. Maybe the terror threat was caused by a madman who tried to explode a cow in a paddock, by holding a lighter at its mouth when it was burping?

    Perhaps it was an alert set off by a paranoid person, who saw a woman wearing a burqa at a shopping mall, thinking this was an ISIS sympathiser with an explosive belt under the garments?

    Or someone saw a Muslim man talk and behave strangely, so the police, then SIS were alerted?

    We get no proper explanations, no proper information, just throwaway comments about an alert, and then the defensive line, oh, we cannot tell you more, but there was a system alert, and the threat was dealt with.

    Sadly too many take this kind of stuff seriously and blindly trust our PM and his government and agencies, to protect them. When there is any concern about mass surveillance and intrusion into our private spheres, the government swiftly comes with some rumours or alleged stories that they claim are true, so we must be on the alert and accept ever more power to be given to GCSB, SIS and Police.

  4. At this point, if John Key told New Zealand that there is a terrorist threat that only he can see, and is too secret to release any information on, but that we all need to wear tinfoil hats to protect ourselves from terrorist rays – I think most NZers would start doing-so.

  5. Jihadi brides all over again. Govt manufacturers a story to help the perceived need for gcsb legislation, media is complicit, and doesn’t ask the questions it should.

    I’m sure we’ll find out later it’s not true or it was a “domestic” terror threat on Australia, not New Zealand.

    But the media have taken the story and run with it

  6. Hmm?

    NZ is a police state facing collapse. And the government is Orwellian. So the government behaves in exactly the way one would expect from an Orwellian government operating a police state which is facing collapse.

    ‘Nobody’ cares (well not enough to matter).

    How bizarre.

    • @ Afewknowthetruth.

      Perhaps it’s a tactic deployed to desensitise by slowly administering propaganda?
      Rather than drop the bomb, so to speak, they instead release information disguised as outrage thereby allowing us to be informed but know we won’t act therefore we’re conditioned to expecting the worst which will never be as bad as predicted but yet bad enough.
      Do you see what I mean?
      The frog dropped into boiling water causes it to jump out as opposed to the slowly heated frog which boils before it realises what’s going on.
      I think we’re being boiled alive.
      We’re losing our country to an as yet unidetified invader.
      My guess would be the Zionists/Jews. I see grave similarities between the propaganda used here and those used on the World re Palestine.
      Have I offended anyone? Tough. Fuck off then!

    • NZ is a police state!!!
      Have you ever lived in a police state?
      Yes actually I have and the fact you can say what you have just said proves you wrong.

      • @ Patrick. No, you are wrong. NZ IS a police state. It’s just a little more polite about it. Think Cop Goons on anti depressants.
        And while it’s rich coming from me, the odd comma wouldn’t go astray.
        What prevents a society from becoming a police state ?
        No, not your logical fallacies. I’ve also lived in a police state and the police were/ are so corrupt on a basic level that I weirdly felt more secure there than here right now.
        Preventing a Bankster operation, ( i.e. Always fuelled by greed. ) like reducing a society into a ‘ police state’ is called the democratic process.
        To regain society from a police state is called a revolution.
        To head that scenario off at the pass is to do precisely what @ Martyn Bradbury is doing here. Ringing the alarm bells!
        Sure, @ Martyn Bradbury might not yet be dragged from his bed in the wee AM’s by a cadre of armed NZ police people for his political views but it sure as Hell might happen if he doesn’t raise the aforementioned alarm bells.
        I’d rather write to you about this developing situation from the safety of my home than write to you with an I-told-you-so from a prison cell.

        • I find it hard to credit that you have lived in a police state and felt more secure there than here.
          In the 1980’s the one I lived in sanctioned the killing of anyone with a tattoo.
          I guess you have never been shaken down at the central police station on trumped up charges either.
          Pretty scary – and that was after the country had supposedly moved from a military dictatorship to a democracy!
          Had to fake a heart attack to get out of that one which is not too difficult when you have the bypass scar to show.
          They didn’t want a dead foreigner on their hands so couldn’t get rid of me quickly enough.
          You don’t get to write letters from your cell in a police state either.
          Must have been a very polite police state you lived in.
          If you think NZ is a police state you should probably look up the definition as it doesn’t fit with the NZ I know.
          Incidentally,( note the comma) my friend Max lost both legs in a terrorist attack in 2009.
          What makes you think it can’t happen here?

          • ‘I guess you have never been shaken down at the central police station on trumped up charges either.’

            I have. And been deliberately put in a cell with vomit on the floor, and deprived of water. And have witnessed police subsequently lie in court in order to justify their trumped-up charges, and witnessed their lying being accepted by a judge despite it being proven in court that the police were lying.

            Does that not constitute a police state?

            And that was central Auckland, by the way. Not very long ago.

            How about having public comments to council so-called submission process deleted from the pubic record because they pointed out obvious Orwellian nature of council policies and literature, and pointed out numerous breaches of the NZ Statutes by the council. And shortly after a trespass order issued and delivered by policemen, to prevent any further truth-telling in the council buildings.

            Does that not constitute a police state?

            Needless to say, with the corrupt NZ media not reporting the truth about anything and filling the so-called news’ slots with propaganda and drivel, the bulk of the populace remains clueless, as required by the banks, corporations and opportunists that run this country.

  7. “Concrete evidence has emerged that there has been an actual attempt to carry out a terrorist attack on New Zealand soil.”

    So the SIS stopped a terror attack? Really??

    So why haven’t we heard a court case over it?

  8. where is the the Labour Party and Andrew Little on this?

    …can they justify their silence?

    …or are they as corrupt as the US Democrat Party?

    …are they in collusion with Clinton?

  9. Remember that their are lots of military exercises and exibitions happening soon too!!!!

    On the 16th, the arms conference is happening in Auckland.

    Then on 17th the US warship is arriving for naval war exercises!!!!!

    So it seems that this propped up bullshit has shades of the “Cameron Slater” or SS Joyce propaganda here??

    And this may have been set up to soften any NZ public resistance to the Nactional Government to follow the US current eagerness for war games??????

  10. Whats the definition of Terror”
    The common definition, the legal and the governments definition?
    Is there a correlation?

  11. Ever wondered why they don’t have a “brown” rating?
    Because brown is also the colour of b…s.

  12. I forgot to mention in my reply to Patrick that the pretext given by the police for the deletion of my public comment to council was that it could instigate acts of ‘terrorism’.

    That was 18 months ago, before the fascistic Key government ramped up the provisions for spying on citizens and ramped up the ‘terror’ alert level, in preparation for the next round of removal of free-speech and the next round of increased control of the masses via draconian legislation.

    For the moment we can still comment on blogs such as TDB but it would not surprise me in the least if Internet censorship were to be introduced in NZ any time -tomorrow or next week or next month- and the last vestiges of freedom of communication (other than talking directly with people) were to be removed.

    The war the 0.1% are engaged in against the general populace will eventually demand suppression of truth wherever and whenever it can be suppressed. Money and power rank above life. It’s just a matter of time. The warning I personally gave 5 years ago we would reach this dismal state was ignored by the masses.

    Since the populace has been carefully trained to act against their best interests, it will soon not be safe to speak out against the system in public. The dumbed-down general populace and all that.

    Hence, awake and aware young people need to be very careful what they say or do in this police state. For oldies like me it really doesn’t matter. I’ve had my youth and prime, and there is only decline and eventual death in a world that is being rapidly turned to shit by the bastards (and bitches).

    The only hope, it there is any at all, (not for the planet but for a less fascistic end to it all) might come from movements such as that of indigenous people and their supporters opposed projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline. And Russia, China and Iran etc. resisting further expansion of the fascistic industrial-military-financial complex.

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