Guess who’s back? Back again? Rawshark is back. Tell a friend.


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As Jordan Williams sues Colin Craig for defamation (I will be appearing as a witness for the defence Tuesday of next week), a ghost from the past pops up to remind us of something.


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The hacker who gave Nicky Hager the details to base Dirty Politics on has suddenly come back from the dead to remind us all of something about Jordan Williams.

As Williams tells a Court that he had to move against Colin Craig because he was so horrified by the sexual harassment of a woman, Rawshark removes the redacted material from their first dump which read…


…to reveal this…


…and the reason why Rawshark has done this? They link to this…



This will scare the bejesus out of many on the right. They thought they had escaped any real damage from Dirty Politics and they thought Rawshark had burnt everything and wouldn’t reveal the full distasteful picture.

Nicky Hager will be giving evidence late next week in the case.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful Long may he / she keep digging and give these right wing nut jobs nightmares right up to the election.

    • Yep. The sad thing is though that in the post-truth era, common sense is defunct, and the ability to detect the charlatan and bullshit artist has been lost.
      If you’d shown me either of those pics a while ago, I’d have told you “Alert Alert Will Robinson – steer clear of the both of them”

      Colin Craig – well there’s as much hope for him as there could be for that other (now jailed) bastion of Christian family values – the one assaulted beside the Avon River), and
      Jordan fucking Williams – whose now hoping for International Rescue and the boys.
      Then of course there’s Bett Lynch Rankin – whose no doubt managed to swap her low-hanging lavatory ear rings for one or two diamonds and a swap on the “P-P-P-Paul Henry Show” (going forward).
      Did you know??? Mex Key is a DJ!!!!!!. Chrussy Renkun and Mex could prolly do s spot on PH. OMG!!!! OMG!!! Imagine! Chrussy and Mex.

      The idea that you could defame Jordan Williams is a contradiction in terms. I don’t think they’ve invented the language to do so yet, and the idea that Colon is a sleeze goes without saying (going forward)

  2. This is brilliant 🙂

    The creepy cretins from the right will be evacuating their bowels at a great rate of knots at this news.

    Welcome back Rawshark. Your presence (and information) will be well received by us here at TDB.

    Great stuff 🙂

    • “He has that puppy-faced school prefect look, complete with custom cuff links bearing the Taxpayers’ Union logo…..Williams is pushing 30 and wants kids”*….if that’s not a tempting shout out to the ladies I don’t know what is.

      February 6 2016

    • Bloody awesome, cant wait for more shit that’s just great, made my day.

      This clearly shows the underside of the corruption this Government is embroiled in!@!!

      As we see the black ops “dirty politics” scheme they denied was going on during the run-up to the 2014 election, was actually occurring and now instead we see they all planned it, and are repeating again now as we go toward the 2017 election is unravelled for all to see, then the MSM will be forced to cover for once in their lives.

  3. This sort of sleazy right-wing dirty politics being played out between Rachel, Jordan and Colin, reminds me so much of Luigi Wewegi, John Palino and Bevan Chuang “honey-trap” politics in relation to Len Brown.

    What’s the common denominator?

  4. What a pair of creeps! Poor woman needs to learn more about men?
    One of them was a fantasist and the other one was having a wank reading her texts! And could stop himself so he had to make some up!-Definition of a creep. Oh, and BlubberOil too!

    • There should be a support group set up for Bevan Chuang and Rachel MacGregor, both females who have been pimped by the dirty politics sex-op branch of the National Party and its coalition party.

      Something’s fishy about the National Party – and it’s not the Kermadec Sanctuary.

  5. 2nd edition of Dirty Politics ? ? – hope so.
    ” Dirty Politics ” went very well – it exposed the hidden
    greed based unethical and lying behavior of the real criminals.
    colin – have you read the book ? – bet not !

    We will continue to questions these sleazebags and expose
    their dirty laundry. The more the merrier.

    Deep felt appreciation and honor given to all whistleblowers no matter
    how much the puppets Key and Obama dislike having their dirty laundry
    aired in public. Thanks Rawshark and Nicky Hager.

    Don’t believe polls, the majority of people in NZ do not support
    the serial lying elitist Jonky donky. His days are truly numbered ! ! ! !

  6. How interesting it is, this resurrection of Rawshark.

    But with these revelations, does it not kind of prejudice the court hearing, or was this also already mentioned there?

    Jordan Williams had his “mum” defend him the other day, telling the court how much it upset her what he had “suffered” at the hands of Colin Craig, almost in tears.

    What turns me off is all this dirty laundry being washed in public now, it does not look good for either party.

    So next week will be interesting, I suppose, to hear from Nicky and Martyn, re the “dirty politics” that seems to be behind all this.

    • Yes, his mummy said that butter wouldn’t melt in wee Jordy’s mouth.

      While the rest of the country thinks that wee Jordy’s personality and his links with the National Party’s dirty politics, black-op sex team, could curdle milk.

      Who would you believe? Jordy’s mum, or the court of New Zealand public opinion?

      • Something only a mother would say? Has someone photo-shopped Jordan’s picture here? It makes him look a bit down syndrome-ish?

  7. In his defence Colin Craig simply become confused between whether he was setting up a political party promoting conservative Christian values, or a dating site for married men.

  8. …and meanwhile Kim Dotcom is in court as well. How coincidental is that?

    Throw Craig, McGregor and Williams under the dirty politics bus and that will keep the journos in click-bait for months, while Dotcom’s case gets ne’er a mention.

    Who sets dates for trials in this country? While National throws some of its lesser lights under the dirty politics bus, to hide a more damaging aspect of the National Party and its coalition’s dealings with Dotcom.

    So welcome back Rawshark. We’re rooting for you (but not in the same way that Williams was). Chuang and McGregor – honey-pot pimped pawns in a dirty politics sleaze-ball game.

    • Yes,…. good points about National manipulating the timing of events for political ends.

      Particularly in the case of Mr Kim Dotcom.

      The amount of political abuse meted out to him and the alien police /surveillance methodology and the sheer illegality perpetrated against him, his family , and his co workers is a testament to the vicious , Nazi style tactics of the Key led National party.

      And I’m not retracting that reference to the Nazi style tactics either.

      Because THAT WAS the kind of methods employed by that odious political party.

      And while our social services burn Key commits large amounts from the state budget to the 5 eyes GSCB and its appendage the SIS – and then essentially amalgamates them.


      • Perfectly said Wild Katipo,

        As we already know in Keys history he studied Hitler greatly it is recorded.

        He got immersed in study of Hitler’s tactical skills at fighting a war.

        This was his start I suppose “Twilight over England”
        as Hitler coupled with William Joyce as his voice to England was complete at that time when Joyce spouted his daily propaganda from a Berlin address set up by Hitler and Goebbels, and learned a lot about the power of propaganda along with Joseph Goebbels as the evil three.

        This is similar to how Key set up our SS Joyce as the most powerful man in cabinet now as he is running the mega agency MBIE octopus like control network of Key’s similar to Hitler’s mega agency run by Goebbels called by a very similar manner called “Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” as MBIE stands for “Ministry of Business innovation and Employment” don’t they sound so much alike????

  9. I’m probably going to get some eye-rolls and be accused of victim blaming, but, sounds to me like Rachel was happy to play along for her career and actually quit over a legitimate pay dispute using the sexual harassment allegations as leverage. If the kiss in 2011 was non-consensual, why was she still there in 2014? Why are witnesses to the behaviour between the pair saying they thought there was an affair going on, if it wasn’t a two-way street? Having an affair is wrong but this doesn’t sound like sexual harassment and harms the integrity of legitimate cases.

  10. 95,000 Christian Conservative votes up for grabs 2017. Where oh where will they go? All the retreads in the Con Party are has-bins and only wanted Craig for his putea? Oh, and his good christian values!..And his resources too! Looks like there be another hikoi, door knocking, begging along their way to the promised land …I just hope the can get there get soon….Graham Capils’ waiting!

    • @ Higherstandard.
      Thank God you’re there. To maintain that higher standard. Based upon your own opinion of you, by default as indicated, what do you think of you? You clearly regard yourself as less bumbling and twerpish so what’s your view of things?

  11. Great the truth crusader is back !!
    Rawshark you bring light to an otherwise dark room under this Government.
    Just when we think its hopeless you remind us that its not all one sided and that eventually there will be an event that will bring this National led administration down.
    These vicious right wing idiots dont have it all their own way and are exposed for the gutter trash they are.
    Lets hope you have something on the main man himself, someone as corrupt as Key must have skeletons in the closet, probably several bodies truth be known.
    We live in hope.

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