If it takes a 19yr old rich lister kid getting a lenient sentence for you to think the Justice system is racist, you’re not paying attention


Let’s be clear, I respect and support the leniency shown this privileged and spoilt brat who bashed a Police Officer.

We want leniency shown to our 19 year old young men.

We don’t want them spending time in jail, we want them to be able to learn from their mistakes.

Teen brains are not fully developed, the frontal lobes where consequences are worked out are not fully functional until their mid 20s, this is the science people! Their hardware can’t deal with the software of seeing what their actions are going to lead to. Stupid in the heat of the moment outbursts are to be expected, not punished forever.

The problem is that this leniency never ever seems to extend beyond rich white brats though, and THAT is the problem. If it takes a 19yr old rich lister kid getting a lenient sentence for you to think the Justice system is racist, you’re not paying attention.

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The outrageous bias against Maori and Pacific people  in our judiciary and corrections services are so large they have attracted attention from the UN.

When a 19 year old rich kid walks after bashing a Police Officer while a Maori man is imprisoned for feeding his kids, you know the system has broken, but it’s been broken for a very long time.

We are close to 10 000 men in prison, over half of them are Maori, the Police Commissioner last year admitted on Waatea News that Police had an ‘unconscious bias’ against Maori, we know our system is biased and racist, but seizing upon the leniency we have given our Justice system because it benefits a rich white spoilt kid misses the point that we want that leniency given to everyone!

Watching the band wagon of comments where almost everyone has missed the deeper issues at play here is a reminder of how juvenile and lacking in maturity our country has become.


  1. My idea of leniency to a youth of his means for an over-the-top crime like that is not a pathetic $5,000 fine. Make him really feel the error of his ways rather than lust shrug it off like he will. Something like $50,000 might teach him (and help that unfortunate woman more). Other than that I totally agree with you Martyn.

  2. It’s a daily catalogue of disasters now.

    Everything is broken or dysfunctional in this society: the judicial system; the political system; the financial system; the health system; the education system; the transport system; the broadcasting system; the food system…… And the global environment is now collapsing as a consequence of all the corruption, stupidity, greed and dysfunction that characterise the western industrial culture.

    Most can’t see it because they don’t want to, or because they were born into this broken society and know of nothing different.

  3. I think this spoilt brat should have also got a condition added to his sentence and that if he committed another violent offence within say 2 years he would be sent to prison.
    The justice system and corrections are not the only government agencies that are racist and discriminative institutes the whole of the state needs a good clean out right from the top.
    We have a PM that introduced 50 new laws to stop domestic violence that has increased under his watch, why? because his polices have exacerbated poverty people have become so desperate. And what do desperate people do. Domestic violence has many triggers drug and alcohol abuse , unemployment, no education , low self esteem and so on. Why introduce all these new laws when we don’t have the police to police the policy. When we have spoilt brats getting a soft sentence when we have the police plea bargaining for peoples lives when we have rich white men that can kill there wives and only get 10 years prison when we have white middle classmen getting of having hundreds of explicit images of young children all of this and many other cases makes a total mockery of our justice system.

  4. This case shows white privilege in our country in fact it shows 150 years of white privilege. It shows how we have a 3 tier justice system one for the poor, one for the rich and one for the brown. We have a dick head pm who passed laws for domestic violence that has increased under his watch why? less police, no where to live, no jobs, no smokes too dare , no education, drugs and alcohol abuse and no hope plus others.
    Then we have rich spoilt brats beating up cops and sexually harassing and taking advantage of young girls online getting of lightly with a smack on the hand, we have rich white men killing their wives getting only 10-11yrs prison, we have perverts and paedophiles getting discharged with no convictions, we have our police plea bargaining with murders . So 50 more laws is this our pm ways of showing he cares he is sick in the head if you ask me.

  5. Not racist, classist. My young (maori) cousin got comm service for a hammer attack, and it really worked for him. He’s now a qualified, hardworking leccy.

    What’s being lost is that the kid is rich, and therefore powerful. These kids should be setting a higher standard than others, and sentencing should reflect that.

  6. Good post. I can’t believe that the poaching got 4 months prison – madness!!

    Agree that young people should get prison as a last resort. To me it is not about racism as much as money buys justice in NZ these days.

  7. I have to disagree with you on this one Martyn. Prison is absolutely the right place for this entitled little prick. Male assaults female is a serious crime in this country and deservedly so. His legal councel has been falling over themselves to say he received a just sentence and even had the audacity to claim he’s been treated harshly because his application for name suppression and discharge without conviction was dismissed.

    There are certainly wide disparities in the way NZ’s justice system deals with people from different races. In this instance however, it’s about money. If you can afford a Rolls Royce legal team to argue your case and convincingly plead the contrition you’re meant to be feeling, you’ve got an excellent chance of getting off lightly. The fact that daddy, Jim Delegat, is a major National Party donor probably didn’t hurt either. It’s also likely to be the reason Judith Collins, a pollie who’d normally be all over a case like this, has been strangely reticent in this instance.

  8. I like the idea of making his community service extend to one year and that it be spent entirely in the quadraplegic ward of his nearest hospital responsible for, among other matters, being practically involved in ensuring the patients have their daily bowel movement. If you know what that entails, and the gutsy calibre and fortitude of most of the patients, then Master Delegat would be a very much changed man at the end of that 12 months, and changed for the better. Now THAT would be a sensible sentence!

  9. “Let’s be clear, I respect and support the leniency shown this privileged and spoilt brat who bashed a Police Officer.” Shame on you Martyn

    • Think about it, the meaning is clear. He’s saying that he supports the idea of police showing leniency towards youth. Many young people who have lived law-abiding and responsible lives make one mistake and are forever tainted by it when police do not show such leniency. Smoked a joint and got caught? Let’s put that on the record and give you a black mark that will show up on background searches, visa applications, bank records… Yeah, that’s a great way to teach our kids – Make one mistake and you’re f***ed for life. That’s not teaching them, it’s just showing them that the monster under the bed was real, it was just hiding behind the mask of polite society.

      He is saying he supports leniency as the situation demands, but just finds this one particular case to be the bad egg in the basket.

  10. He should of got time. 3 months – 9 months. Picking up soap duties with the bro’s and a Anger management & counseling programme to fill some of his day. His mum & Dad too should be asked to attend the counseling programme with him to learn about what a privileged life they have and that they’re fuckwit parents. As much to blame and are just as responsible as he is.

  11. Martyn if this was your daughter or wife or auntie I’m sure you wouldn’t be asking the court to be lenient on him,because he’s young and stupid. You work out what you would want done to him ,and I bet it wouldn’t be jail etc…you’d want to murder the little shit.

    • As angry as I am I think he shouldn’t have got prison only because it is his first offence I think he should of got a suspended prison sentence this means if he does anything like this again in say 2-3 years he can be sent to prison. This is an issue of principle the fact the charge was downed graded to plain assault and not aggravated. The problem is we have a tory government that has no principles or ethics and the delegats are part of the Tories 1%

  12. Have they got rid of periodic detention, like scrub cutting and other hard, unpleasant work? I would have thought that would be a fitting sentence for this privileged young man.

    If work is good enough for brown folk in prisons, then it is good enough for a privileged white prick to get his hands dirty cutting gorse for 300 hours or so.

  13. What is the evidence that this sentence was “lenient”?

    That’s not what a lawyer with 29 years experience practicing in the field thinks:


    And Leef’s sentence seems somewhat coloured by his criminal history and lack of engagement with the process:

    “Leef failed to appear in court on two occasions and refused to take part in a presentencing report, which would have assessed his suitability for a home detention.

    According to sentencing notes, Leef has a long history of offending going back to 1995 and a long history of non-compliance with various court orders.”

    • The really lenient factor was the reduction from aggravated assault to assault.
      He attacked two people and smashed a window. The king-hit officer was unconscious for the next three punches he made to her head.
      It does not sound like a light assault.

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