David Parker shows how polluted our rivers have become


Labour Party spokesperson for water, David Parker, has released photos of his visit to the Hawkes Bay to check out how close farmers are to the water supply, his photos are damning in the extreme…


I visited the Hawkes Bay to check out the water quality of some rivers in the area and I was disgusted by what I saw. Didn’t have to go far or try very hard to find this.
There were battery beef farms right next to streams which eventually flow into major rivers, and one next to a recreational reserve covered in animal remains. This is out of control. No wonder our rivers are too dirty to swim in.


Battery beef farm No. 1 next to stream which eventually flows to the Tukituki River

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Battery beef farm No. 1 next to stream which eventually flows to the Tukituki River


Battery Beef Farm No. 2 – next to Tukituki River


Battery Beef Farm No. 2 – next to Tukituki River. This area looks like a pigsty and stunk to high heaven.


Sheep carcass in the reserve. This could be stolen livestock or home kill or dumping from farmers


More sheep carcasses in the reserve


Entrails in the reserve. Disgusting!


Ngaruroro River – downstream from Hastings. More beef cattle – this time unfenced from the river!!!


  1. Now, David. You can’t say anything bad about farmers. They’re the chosen ones. The children of the gods. Any derogatory comment that might call into question their environmental track record is tantamount to economic sabotage. Now, keep walking. Nothing to see here. Nod and smile.

  2. Just goes to show that city and regional councils are not just completely ineffective in protecting the environment but actually act as agents in the ruination of it, right across the country.

    And, of course, none of the ruination we currently witness has suddenly occurred in recent years but is the result of decades of inappropriate policies being promoted by governments of all political leanings.

    NZ has the characteristics of a corporation because it is one.

  3. A part of a larger problem.

    If a factory poured waste into the river today, action would be taken. This was not always the case.

    Dairy has been a bonanza for Banks as they have welcomed increased debt facilitating escalation of land pricing.

    Banks are without any responsibility for environment, public and social good, public health and the future well being of NZders. Yet they hold powerful influences within communities but add nothing except debt. Financing does not have to be done by banks as better models are available without cost to a country. Private banking privileges cost us dearly as wealth is extracted and accumulated

    Debt creation cost them next to nothing and they reap the free new money they are allowed to create. If the Govt tries to create new money for social or infrastructure purposes they will be pulled down but banks can do it for their own pockets daily and there is virtually no comment.

    97% of new money is created by private banks in NZ – only because we allow it. Many tens of billions a year.

    The dairy farmers are supported by NACT and BRT so the mess not only continues but intensifies.

    Polluted rivers are a result of aggregated effluent over decades and fertiliser used to push up production as increased stocking required short term pasture deficits to be mitigated. The fertiliser poisons the land and many areas have residual cadmium levels now so high that plants grown are unsuitable for human consumption.. All problems well known but not acted upon.

    Good scientific advise is given linked with better financial returns for farmers but banks play a part in farm management as they control what an indebted farmer can do.

    Scientific opinion is virtually ignored. Organic soil management is actively discouraged. The investor state of course runs the fertiliser companies. Similarly with GMO and pesticides / ecocides which are increasing in our water tables. A massive problem being made now.

    Regulation to change this will hurt the farmers who are stuck with high debt.
    This madness has to stop and intervention on a large scale initiated.

    The Banks are “sacred” but the root of the problem. Free money for them in loans and the blackmail of debt along with withdrawing financial support, is a powerful hand that is unlikely to change while banks are free to operate they way do.

    So how does a Govt fix the problem if banking has control. Skirting around the bankers and their powerful investor state mob is extremely difficult so the farmer and his/her reduced down stream spending will hurt rural communities who and vote against any action.

    We have let the damage go too far and casualties will be high both to communities and the environment.
    A new reliance for rural communities has to be initiated. Small scale local and sustainable food production will have an important role.

    But rural chaos it is not the only problem created by the investor state. They are everywhere. Reform is unlikely unless a collapse of the investor state is pulled by deliberate bursting the housing bubble of dairy bubble.

    The housing bubble and dairy bubble have made the banks much wealthier and expanded their book assets. They cannot loose in the event of a crash but will treat book debt as losses. a debt that cost them next to nothing. So their real losses are fictional , but still they will demand being bailed out and so black mail the nation through complicit Govt who allow them to continue to operate with virtually no state competition. Your bank deposits are likely to be forfeited as Nact have facilitated this recourse. You will pay but you don’t have a say nor any benefits.

    If you look at Ireland you can see how it is done. The state takes over the Bankers “debt” which then becomes socialised and bankers profit and continue the game.

    Farming is largely owned by banks as is housing. Banking is a wealth generating activity, that is wealth for the banks which comes out of the public purse, labour provided by the public, the environment and natural resources.

    The debt industry is a racket and eventually smothers all community activity.

    Degradation of the environment, rivers and water is not new but will intensify.

    If labour attempts to change this they will probably be thrown out as Nact. BRT and banking will cloud the public perception of what is happening and paint Labour as the villain.

    Labour will also loose grass roots support as they accommodate the investor state demands.

    Offshore investment in NZ will continue to aggravate the situation as it has in the past and present. We have lost control but most refuse to recognise how this works. A drastic mistake removing our money flow border control.

    Educating the public is a start if that is allowed.

    Public education, health and environment are the main priorities for NZ but instead we let business, banking and the investor state dictate, extract profit and expatriate wealth created by the public.

    It is termed Neo-liberlism , a deadly disease that kills environment, and eventually all priorities for public good.

    The obesely rich get fatter and the ribs show more for the rest.

    Environment comes last as it does not vote.

    • Thats why Environment Canterbury got sacked most of the councillors would’nt bow down before the farming industry.

  4. Exactly why environment canterbury got sacked because most of the councillors wouldn’t bow down before the almighty dairy industry.

  5. This issue is not new globally, and not even new in New Zealand. Mono-culture production based upon industrialization of crop and fruit growing and unsustainable animal raising was always a problem of the New Zealand agriculture sector; the accumulated environmental, ecological and economic costs for damages done through these are immense, increasing, and unaccountable.

    Practical concepts like ‘agro-ecology’, ‘ecosystem-based agriculture diversification’, ‘conservation agriculture’ etc. are basically outside the perception of the responsible policy makers and others that skillfully form and manipulate the NZ public.

    There are significant negative effects of such cannibalistic modes of production on quality of soils and water (and food, let’s not forget), also increasing GHG emissions, diminishing agro-biodiversity and, finally, variations in the atmosphere (climate change) have to be recognized.

    The problem is not the individual farmer but an established agricultural “market” mechanism that requires such kind of savage farming to bring forth an marketable economic commodity; some of the relevant points have been sketched out in other comments.

    Scratching a bit on the surface of the green image, one would discover similar structural, ecological devastations caused by the forestry sector, especially associated to large-scale mono-culture plantation forestry.

    Not even talking about most of the commercial fisheries here……

    The issues will not be addressed as they should, as long as some knowledgeable actors are predominantly aiming for cookie-points recognition within the parliamentary process alone.

    A new down-to-earth paradigm for rural development must be discussed jointly with participation of the NZ farmers, enabling direct build-up through community levels.

  6. Yawn.

    A $-six figure, plus entitlements, politician trying to deflect the responsibility away from his 1980’s Labour government fucking around with what which wasn’t broke.
    You don’t want farmers? Then don’t fucking eat.
    Don’t buy the expensive pap you think whoo hoo about on Monday and is being chucked out on Friday because , Hey ! New model, with the foreign exchange they earn either.
    ‘ Slumbergod above says Screw Farmers, they’re only in it for the money. ‘
    Do you have a job @ Slumbergod? If so, why do you do that job? For the love of it while turning your back in your pay check? Do you know how to spell hypocrite? Here it is in case you struggle with that. H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.
    It’s not the animals fault nor is it the farmer. The fuckers pushing for ever higher returns from farmers are the Bankers lobbying our politicians.
    That leads to over stocking and mono culturalist practises which will, in time to come and in my view, will see mass starvation on a global scale.
    But you’ll never get plump, harrumphing politicians making a fuss about those Banker fuckers. They’re too gutless and cowardly. Far too easy to snipe at the powerless.
    David Parker. Grubby little money fetishest with blood on his expensive cuffs.
    Double Yawn.

  7. When you go for a tour of the Tui Breweries at Mangatainoka you are told that the site was chosen by the founder because he thought the river water was so good.
    On one of the tours a couple of years ago I politely and discreetly asked the tour guide if they still used water from the river given that all the local rivers were so badly contaminated by dairy effluent. She got very embarrassed and politely declined to answer the question on the grounds of commercial sensitivity.
    Yeah right!
    The Mangatainoka brewery has been scaled down a lot over the last decade or so. The company says it is due to financial pressures. I would bet that part of the reason is that they can’t use the dirty filthy phosphate drenched water anymore without distilling it first and the cost of distilling that much water would make the beer unaffordable.
    When you have a classic Kiwi icon like Tui affected by dirty dairying then you would expect an uproar over the country wouldn’t you?
    But no! Silence! not a word about it.
    Care for a Tui bottled in Mangatainoka?

  8. If you really want to know the cost of dairying, read this copywrighted thesis from a knowledgable Massey student.////http://mro.massey.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10179/5759/02_whole.pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y

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