Why National are to blame for violent Dairy robberies



Our migrant communities who staff our local Dairy’s have become a shock absorber for National’s welfare reforms.

The pressures of poverty and the rise in homelessness and over crowding are going to explode somewhere, and its happening to the communities who are seen as weak and an easy target. Indian and Asian owners of Dairy’s are seen as those communities by the desperate.

A report last week shows how Asian-NZers were afraid of being in NZ, and so they should! There is a huge number of muggings that target Asians in Central Auckland every single week that never make it to the media because those migrant communities don’t have any voice in the mainstream.

Meanwhile the Police do what the new unemployment stats did and what Nick Smith tried to by blaming water pollution on birds and not cows – they falsified the crime stats and distract attention elsewhere.

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The true counter productive nature of National’s ideological ‘jobs set you free’ style of social policy has still not sunk in for many NZers who never interact with CYFs, WINZ, Housing NZ, Probations, Corrections or Ministry of Development.

Forcing beneficiaries into low paid wages with draconian results if they miss a phone call does not do one thing to help the welfare of that beneficiary or the family they are supporting. National’s social policy has nothing to do with the welfare of the person, it has to do with punishing the beneficiary for being poor!

These frictions are going to manifest somewhere and it is the desperate vs the migrant community where that manifestation is causing the greatest harm.


  1. Those who have lost everything and have nothing left to lose lose it!

    National’s policies are driving people into destitution and for some a prison cell.

    Social security was the name once: that’s security for the person on hard times but also security for that society.

  2. Maybe it’s not entirely John Key and his cronies fault. Maybe John has to do what international bankers, corporations and their agents tell him to do, otherwise he would lose his job -you know, an employment contract. They say: “You get the job of PM of NZ, and can keep it, if you destroy the economy and the environment, increase debt levels, wreck social cohesion, and open up NZ to profiteering by us, and in return we’ll see to it that you get well rewarded and get unstinting support from the mainstream media, however badly things go for ordinary folk -because they will go very badly for ordinary folk. You just have to pretend you are a good, honest ordinary kind of bloke who cares about NZ, and lie as necessary. We’ll even throw in lessons in smiling and waving and lying, and a list of responses to deflect criticism, such as ‘you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs’ or ‘at the end of the day most New Zealanders don’t really care that much about’…. that sort of thing.” John agrees if is a very good deal, especially when they point out he’ll have the opportunity to more than double his personal wealth, get lots of free travel and other perks, and will be able to use the position of PM as a stepping stone to becoming an ambassador or being awarded a position at the UN.

    • I think that’s pretty much how it works, and has for quite some time. Cronyism combined with bought and paid for politicians who serve the needs and wants of giant multinational corporations as opposed to those who elected them.

    • Blaming National is only a small part of the picture. John Key agrees and Obama agrees and they are just puppets for the U.N. – Agenda 2030 NWO. These violent attacks and desperation and homelessness will increase. The politicians do as they’re told and the goal is a totalitarian worldwide governance. Most are unaware of this all encompassing agenda. It ” sounds ” great with the U.N. asserting that they want an end to poverty etc. but it is mostly smoke screens to cover their real and devastating plans and agendas.

      We try and blame governments and politicians but those in charge are way above the likes of Donky Jonky ( the serial liar ) and Obama ( the B.S. artist ) and other puppet politicians who sold their souls out. Now they are selling our assets and this along with cutting social services etc. are all part of their plans. Poverty and homelessness and worldwide chaos are no accidents at all. The economy is fu_____ worldwide due to this sick agenda and the financial terrorist ( money printing ) bankers and greedy corporations and they are all in bed together. Secret pay offs to insure asset sales and continued use of 1080 poisoning of our people and wildlife – profits before people – broken record goes round and round – ad nauseum. No wonder there is so much suffering and desperation.
      Let’s be more like Iceland. Ditch the dead weight and move towards a healthier and happier country. The U.N. are not our friends.


    • Work sets you free was the motto in German at Auchwitz( not sure about spelling), concentration camp. A horrible thought that there are people who could still use this as a quote.

  3. It’s all of that and the fact those who rob such businesses know the chances of being caught are extremely low, thanks in no small part to National butchering the police budget.

    Chickens are coming home to roost from all directions for this useless government.

    I predict in response the continuation of lies from National! And to save the PM his breath, its got to be Helen Clark’s fault.

  4. The Nick Smith solution:

    [Our migrant communities who staff our local Dairy’s have become a shock absorber for National’s welfare reforms.]

    “Well, just as our waterways are being ruined by large numbers of migrant birds, and a cull is the obvious solution, this is clearly a great example of that logic at play. Unsustainable numbers of immigrants are being culled by locals in a brute Darwinian show of survival of the fittest. These so called “thugs” are cleansing the employment market of foreigners, to create a market suitable for locals. Oh, and somebody pass the sherry, please.”

  5. Increase immigration
    Increase cigarette prices
    Increase unemployment( and no, searching Trademe doesn’t count)

    Underfund Health
    Underfund Education
    Underfund Policing

    All of the above, resorts to extreme acts of survival. Clearly dairies are easy targets especially if policing is underfunded.

    All of which, doesn’t take a rocket surgeon, as to why N.Z is in the state it’s in.

    Now we hear DHB’s have a 54 billion dollar budget deficit.
    If we halt immigration so the allotted budgets meet population per capita we wouldn’t have these blowouts.

  6. Why don’t they just throw their support behind an existing party that will fix the problems, e.g., Greens or Mana?

  7. I think the realisation is dawning on people that New Zealand’s peaceful reputation is a fiction.

    As is our “clean and green”, “100% Pure” image.

    It just took a while to get there.

  8. We need to STOP importing stupid people. We already have enough.
    I lived in South Auckland for 6 years,in Meadow Court caravan Park.
    Trust me there are some seriously dumb fuckers out there and they don’t need drugs or alcohol to be that thick.
    All governments have tried to educate these folk,just look at the size of MIT.

  9. Did I wander into the MSM?

    Who says this is ‘desperate’. homeless and beneficiary people being thugs? Who knows it for a FACT?

    People between the ages of 10 and roughly 25 are definitely implicated. And either sex, too.
    People with a penchant for hoodies? Certainly. Or balaklavas. People with the amazing skill of finding lengths of metal. or a possibly sharp knife, or a baseball bat at fairly short notice? Yes. People with the habit of pushing and menacing? Yes. And hurdling obstacles.
    Definitely amoral, with a poor set of values, xenophobic and cowardly.

    But there is NOTHING in those proven attributes that says the perpetrators are poor, homeless, or beneficiaries. Something else, perhaps?

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