Waatea 5th Estate – Child Poverty Summit 2016



Join us to discuss why can’t we get past ‘it’s the parents fault that children are hungry’

Māori Women’s Welfare League President – Prue Kapua

Child Poverty Action Group Economist – Dr Susan St John

Social Policy Analyst for the Salvation Army – Allan Johnson

And documentary film maker and poverty activist – Bryan Bruce


  1. I watched this, and it was a serious and sad interview, I feel for Helen, facing the final countdown:

    Lisa Owen, I am not sure whether she was so naive as a middle class white journalist, or not, but she asked Helen, whether she thought that people no longer care (about poverty).

    What Helen answered was “courteous” and diplomatic, but I think Helen knows full well, that many more people in New Zealand do indeed NO LONGER CARE.

    There is no other explanation for what goes on. We have a very divided nation and it is every one fighting for themselves, like rats locked into a cage, under stress, for a laboratory experiment, and they have found, they start eating each other.

    That is what NZ Inc has become under John Not The Baptist Key, the traitor at the helm, who is so casual and gets away with murder, but he only serves the interests of those in power.

    He indeed sees nothing wrong with what he does, he is a true liberal, a neoliberal, who meets the property enriched urban liberals, who have also forgotten their roots, and join into the divide and rule, the blame and get away with it, society.

    We have become a SICK society, as we are, and indeed, it is shocking fewer bother to care than we once had in this country.

    I am still flabbergasted, does Lisa Owen think she asks a true or made up question? Does she not get it, that her own employer, the MSM, contributed to all this to happen?

  2. Re social policy and the lies told, read this:

    ‚In the expectation of recovery’, Faulkner, Centre for Welfare Reform, Scrib
    (criticism of biopsychosocial model, Aylward et al)

    “Is the statement that if a person is off work for 70 days the chance of ever getting back to work is 35% justified?”

    We have been LIED to, but the shit MSM take NO note of that, and carry on as usual, assisting the rotten, lying government, to get away with all this.

    That is re the supposed “health benefits of work” and non existing evidence by the AFOEM, which is NO evidence, and which we have had pushed down our throats.

    When does LABOUR raise this, or have they too much to hide themselves?

  3. I am pleasantly surprised Helen now strongly supports doctors to make decisions about a person’s health, and with that ability to work, as we have had this challenge, of some “expert” trying to influence doctors:


    She was one signing for the CTU the disputed position statement on the “health benefits of work”, abused by vested interest parties, and propagated by the AFOEM:

    A short time ago they changed it to say “good work” is what has health benefits, a correction, but we learned this:


    Study all that and see the misinformation, the misinterpretation, there is no conclusive evidence on the health benefits of work. Also read this:

    Shot to pieces, but NZ media do not get it, or continue to protect a corrupt government.

  4. Great comments there Mike, and thank you for the link to Helen Kelly. There were 3 points that concerned me with cold hearted Liza Owens, and I hoped she wouldnt be contemptuous, bash Labour and promote National, and unfortunately the bitch couldn’t contain herself and did all 3. Owens would have hated it (her stunned exclamation gave that away), that Helen Kelly feels that Labour are gaining traction, and that National are gone next year, that there will be a change of government to a Lab/Green coalition. It was gutting to hear Helen won’t be here next year. Helen Kelly is such an amazing human being, what a great world it would be if everyone was even just a little bit like her. My heart goes out to her.

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