Waatea 5th Estate Mass Surveillance & Internet Democracy Special


7pm tonight on Waatea 5th Estate, we host a special show discussing the new mass surveillance laws, DNC email leaks, Australian Census debacle and internet democracy post Snowden with…

Taiwanese Civic Hacker – Audrey Tang

Engineer from Odeo (the company that built twitter) – Evan Henshaw-Plath

Virtual democracy consultant from Washington – Ele Munjeli

Former Green MP under Government surveillance since he was a teenager – Keith Locke

Political and Media Commentator from the AUT school of communication – Dr Wayne Hope




  1. An excellent discussion, and international, we have MSM sink in Olympic obsession and trivialities, and idiocy, we have on TDB real commentary and smart ideas from great participants from three continents. I know what I choose and prefer.

  2. The problem with “the left” is, you still have this perverted, absurd hope the MSM may finally see the light and share your views. They NEVER will, as the MsM is private or compromised, virtually private public media, who is full of jerks who sing the song as the piper and boss tells them to sing. So do not waste your time, get organised, sign up those for alternative and honest media, and run a separate channel. Fuck the MSM, they are already preparing to give Key his fourth term, for damned sake!

    • Yep, sad but true, but we won’t give up the fight so easily, will we? National and John key have been given enough rope and they are hanging themselves with it, it’s not a shoe in for key next election, despite the media.
      I think a lot of the public now see John key and msm as dishonest liars.

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