Job losses at key steel manufacturer amid flood of cheap Chinese steel – E tu



The union, E tū says the flood of cheap Chinese steel is really starting to bite, with maintenance specialist and steel fabricator, IMG Structural forced to lay off staff.

IMG Structural makes steel beams and other steel components using locally manufactured steel.

E tū Industry Co-ordinator, Joe Gallagher says the Takanini-based company has axed an entire shift, comprising five workers, because of the Chinese imports.

Meanwhile, he says tonnes of fabricated beams from China are sitting on the wharves, ready for use in the Christchurch rebuild.

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Joe says this cheap, imported steel has already affected the financial fortunes of NZ Steel, and now manufacturers further down the line are feeling the squeeze.

“There’s less demand for locally made steel, as well as the structural components produced by local manufacturers”, he says.

“IMG which makes steel beams is having to lay people off because they can’t compete on price with cheap, Chinese steel.

“This only reinforces the union’s view of the urgent need for an inquiry into alleged dumping of Chinese steel in New Zealand.”


  1. Key is slowly destroying this industrial base of NZ.

    And in doing so Key should be placed on charges of wilful destruction of our industries & economy.

    Key is leaving us venerable to the next global economic shock!!!!

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