Hung rape jury, Rugby bloke misogyny and hating strippers – not a good week for NZ



After dropping my beloved daughter off at school, I walk home via Krd in Auckland. The coffee is good, the people are my kind of people and the bustle of the day carries a momentum with it that puts a skip in ones step.

If I’m walking before the street sweepers scrub the curbs neat, I always notice how wet the yoke looks.

That bright yellow never looks so cruel or cowardly.

Some men think there is nothing funnier than driving up to the working girls on Krd and throwing eggs at them. As if their life wasn’t difficult enough, as if their day couldn’t get just that little bit more awful, some men think this is hilarious entertainment.

Such needless spite and cruelty bewilders and disappoints me.

It’s been a terrible week in NZ for sexism and misogyny.

A jury ended up hung in the rape case where the defence lawyer tried to excuse his clients alleged rape with the ‘red-blooded male’ defence. She said no 3 times, he decided she had consented. It’s just another terrible example of the rape culture that has managed to permeate throughout society.

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Then we have this extraordinary situation with a stripper hired by the Chiefs rugby team. The stripper has said that the mens conduct was unacceptable and that they touched her after she expressly told them not to.

There are enough questions there about why professional sportspeople are indulging in such hooligan behaviour, but it’s been the reaction to the women’s concerns that are so staggering.

The Boss of the Chiefs first cast aspersions on her allegations because she’s a stripper and then the marketing manager of their major sponsor, a woman who also sits on the local Women’s Refuge board, asked what did the stripper expect being naked in front of a group of men.

Wow. So much for consent.

It’s as if this woman stripping in front of them isn’t even human. That her wishes, her consent, her rules don’t even matter when the rugby lads need to assert their heterosexual alpha male routine.

How depressing that it’s a woman who has uttered this defence.

In the month Kevin Roberts told the world that gender diversity wasn’t an issue any more, that cold hateful yoke that stains Krd most mornings feels like it has covered the country  this week.



  1. I wonder if the PM will throw the All Blacks and rugby players under the bus the way he pushed his “financial adviser/lawyer” under the bus?

    Maybe the PM will start remembering is anti-Springbok tour stance now that it could be convenient?


      Key used thew all blacks and when they aew no political use when he needs a stool pigeon or a crutch he will dispense with anything at a moments notice like Peter Dunn of his own party “United Future” as we never hear a ppep out of him anymore after being cast side for Kay’s new shinning light Michael Woodhouse who has would up with EU charges of a NZ “tax shelter scandal” to now deal with .

      We now ask ‘why’ was Dunn, as the then Minister of Revenue” overseeing the NZ Tax Shelter Scandal”

      There is some seedy stuff going on there so are now Elite Ex NZ rich folk’s fleeing aboard Brazil bound planes with illegally obtained dollars moving their funs to Brazil or event to Panama again?
      The mind boggles with amount of NatZ generated nasty Corruption we see now today.

      • At it again CleanGreen, but your hands are grubby with wealth-envy and ‘adonis’-rugby-player-envy.

        The two entities which you so willingly disparage are pristine and popular. One only has to watch SkySport and Paul Henry on Monday mornings to see just how popular they both are (although, Paul Henry can be a bit of a wag at times, with his 3-ABs-for-the-price-of-1 with Nehe, Milner and Scudder).

        Have you ever seen such a popular and wise Prime Minister? No. Have you ever seen anyone more handsome and humble than Sonny Bill Williams? Both are archetypes of their respective professions.

        While you, not-so-clean-green-green have issues which may require some serious counselling.

  2. Such weasel-words from the Chief’s spokesperson. On the full RNZ version I heard him say, “alleged allegations” … Yeah, right.. Then when supposedly apologising for what he had said earlier, he said he felt very disappointed about the way it had been expressed. No admission that he was the bloody egg who had actually said it. Such worthless waffle.

  3. “She said no 3 times, he decided she had consented. It’s just another terrible example of the rape culture that has managed to permeate throughout society”.

    MARTYN, Fitting image as these words convey the same treatment as we get from this cowardly Government also right?

    We continually demonstrate we don’t wont TPPA, another flag, nor do we want assets sold but they ignore all our repeat no no no.

    Yes this deep grained ugly character starts inside this Government who couldn’t care any less what we say or want, isn’t this the same treatment?

  4. “It’s been a terrible week in NZ for sexism and misogyny.”

    I was absolutely shocked about what I heard coming from about 11 or 12 year old school boys walking past our street, which is near two larger schools.

    It was absolutely vulgar and offensive, clearly sexist, and it was part of music accompanied by the singing of vulgar song-lines, blasted through one of these new, extremely noisy music players.

    Offensive behaviour and lack of respect seem to be spreading and some seem to not learn what is appropriate and what is not. I wonder how some kids’ homes are, with what I do at times see and hear. Then of course, there is the internet, and parental controls are very limited these days, you cannot keep a watch on your kids 24/7.

  5. Oh why do you blame the government for this appalling behaviour?
    It’s the rugby club that needs to sharpen their act up.
    I thought this kind of thing went out the window years ago.
    Mums and dads need to remind clubs of all kinds that this behaviour is NOT acceptable anymore.

    • Not blaming the Government Jack.

      But John Key is so quick to jump into the changing sheds with the All Blacks, and forget what he was doing in 1981 Springbok Tour, but very slow to come out and condemn their boofhead behaviour.

      He is quick to personally “knight” All Blacks, but slow to condemn the All Blacks who broke Electoral Law by tweeting support for National at the last election.

      Is he scared he might alienate rugby voters? Will JK come out and answer these TWO questions?

      Will he come out and absolutely pillory the Chiefs for their behaviour towards the stripper with the ponytail (alleged)?

      Will he come out and tell the nation what his attitude to the Springbok Tour in 1981 was?

      • Why should the PM answer you Thomas? You have a real bee in your bonnet about the PM’s stance towards the Springbok Tour. I was born in 1983, two years after the Tour. It is none of your business, nor should the PM have to answer to a commentator on a blog. If we have our way after the next election, blogs like this would have to be better regulated wirh regards to treasonous and personal comments.

        Our researchers have trawled through thousands of photographs trying to find images that might embarrass the PM from 1981. These images do not belong in the public domain as they are private.

        As a matter of fact, speaking with some South African friends from the Shore, they were really annoyed ‘with the Muldoon National Party and that John Minto in the 80’s leading the rest of the world to tear down apartheid and ruin their country’. The voters of Epsom and the North Shore, certainly do not need to open up that historical wound.

        As for the PM’s links with corporate rugby, we support the most popular prime minister ever’s right to go along and enjoy a beer with the players after a win. We do agree that he should stay clear of the changing sheds if they lose. Given my own sporting lack of prowess, don’t expect me to be given the sport portfolio after the July election next year.

        • “These images do not belong in the public domain as they are private.”

          what photos? The Police used to take photos of us and they have never seen light of day. Are you an ex cop?

  6. This is truly disgusting behaviour, wouldnt call these creeps real men. This is supposed to be 21st century, people are as backward and crude as ever.

  7. The criminal justice system simply does not work for victims of sex offences be they adults or children. The other truth is those who have to use it know it but are too scared to admit it. It is by and large the ultimate unenforceable law.

    Victims are cruelly re victimised, police who bring it to court hit their heads against the same brick wall and the guilty walk away, free to do it all over again.

    Jurys either think they are the real detecives, that there is a conspiracy between an evil victim and the equally evil police on par with faked moon landings and the grassy knoll all rolled into one and or they are denied valuable information because its “prejudicial” for the criminal, in other words its makes him look really guilty your honour and we cant have that and so return safely with not guilty.

    A broken system plagued by years of problems politicians could fix but are happy to leave it just the rotten way things are.

  8. well said Martyn

    “eat more, root more, drink more piss” was a documented training chant of Ross Meurant’s 1981 Red Squad; special Police units charged with defending the apartheid Springbok team and re-electing Rob Muldoon

    it seems now that even in the professional era that oafish attitude is scribed in stone for rugby

  9. Thanks to the Chiefs being all over the news Ive had to have a conversation with my 11 yr old girl about how drunk kiwi men behave towards women. Is that why you don’t like drunk men mum? Yes darling it is.

    • As the day rolls on and the news gets lighter, we see the story of a stripper, whom after offering “obscene acts” to some rowdy football players @ $50 a pop , gets all bent out of shape when they want to slap the cow before they buy the steak.
      She freely admits taking one of the “offenders” to the ground with a groin- throat combo that Chuck Norris would be proud of. (Assault in any other language. but she was undressed so he deserved it.)
      Erstwhile in the land of blogs and little people, we can read all the PC gone mad, haters and shame sayers gasping with horror when they should be calling this what it is. This woman is hoist with one’s own petard, and that is the simple fact of the matter.

      ‘ I know you won’t publish this one Martyn, but by God not one word is not true.’ aye?

      • You’re an ass, “Tophat”. An unmitigated misogynistic ass.

        It’s people like you that are the problem, not the women (or men) who perform the service they are contracted to do. Would you be ok if a bunch of drunkern men groped your daughter just because she was wearing a mini-skirt and crop-top on a hot summer day?

        No, somehow I think you’d be ok with that. Something tells me your views on women are darker than even your odious comments reveal.

        • No! In fact your right off base. I don’t think she was on her horse at all, people like yourself are. My comments made in jest, were aimed at the pitiful likes of yourself who get off on coming the high ground with such issues.
          If you are so far up yourself that you can’t see this was written full TIC, you should maybe crawl out and catch a look at the world. It’s snowing outside!
          The comment that got me was the one calling me a Shonkey supporter. It is the likes of himself (Jkey) and his actions in public that promote this shitty behavior, not the likes of me who would rather see the real issues, not candy coated clap trap.
          Your example using my daughter and a group of drunken men is mute. This girl put herself in that situation and then cries foul when it all goes southward. THAT WAS HER FAULT! The fact that idiots such as yourself cry in her support is more the problem too as it sells news papers, and that is all this is about.
          WHY DID’NT SHE JUST USE THE DOOR? or what ever other Health and Safety measures her “profession” has.
          Now, would you like a hand down?

          • ” WHY DID’NT SHE JUST USE THE DOOR? or what ever other Health and Safety measures her “profession” has.”

            Kinda hard to do that when you’re surrounmded by dozens of drunk guys, Tophat. It’s easy for you to pontificate frrom your comfy chair isn’t it.

            Anyone else you want to send guess and moralise about?

            • You make me chuckle.
              I am a pretty big guy, yet I still wouldn’t be caught dead stripping for a rugby team without at least one security guard at hand.
              Do you think maybe she should have considered that while writing up her risk assessment for the job? Do you think it is fair to say you should climb down too Theodore? Do ya?

              • So, Tophat, do you also think women shouldn’t wear mini-skirts because they “invite” the unwanted attention of men who find it difficult to control their urges?

                Do ya?

      • Very funny. But you do not know when to use ‘whom’, and a woman is hoist with ‘her’ own petard, not “one’s”. What a load of cacklemush. ‘Simple fact of the matter’… I suspect that the word ‘simple’ best sums up your state of mind. And your shonkey logic.

        • Oh, by the way, ‘erstwhile’ means formerly or long ago, you silly boy. I suggest you stop trying to seem highly literate.

          • And oh, by the way again, I read in the Herald “Scarlette had agreed to let someone lick a body part for $50 on top of her $100 fee.” Your groin/throat Chuck Norris combo is wrong, isn’t it? Or do you have inside info?





        • Reducto Hitlerium !

          [Remaining comments deleted. “TopHat”, you are a guest here and expected to behave appropriately. Making a sweeping derogatory comment such as the one I deleted will mean your welcome here will end. – ScarletMod]

  10. In regards to the stripper, i don’t think it was appropriate for the rugger boys to treat her like that. They are effectively the elite in their profession and so the standards they must keep need to reflect that.

    I don’t condone the spokeswoman for the sponsor saying effectively “what did she expect” i think as broad as the statement was, it cast light on one question that John Campbell didn’t ask her.

    Why she didn’t bring a minder along to keep the peace ??????

    Apparently even the agency have asked that this morning.

    • So according to Gallagher Group corporate services executive Margaret Comer, the stripper was asking for it because she took her clothes off in the vicinity of drunken men?

      Ok, this raises serious questions about men not being able to control themselves when they’re pissed.

      It also raises interesting scenarios of Ms Comer being at the beach on a hot sunny day, with drunken men partying nearby. Does she or doesn’t she strip of to her bikini? According to Comer, if she does, and the men grope her, it’s her own fault.

      Or is it one rule for “good girls” and another for “sluts”? Is that the coded message Comer is trying to put across?

  11. Margaret Comer from the Gallagher Group should resign. She has no right saying: “If a woman takes her clothes off and walks around in a group of men, what are we supposed to do if one of them tries to touch her.”

    Where does Margaret Comer draw the line on when a person deserves to be sexually assaulted? Does it depend on what a person is wearing? Does it depend on where they are or what time it is? Does it depend on their place of employment?

    Last time I checked stripping was legal and strippers have human rights. Strippers cannot be sexually assaulted. The stripper’s job is irrelevant.

    Margaret Comer is a nasty piece of work.

  12. The money acquired by corporatizing sport overrides everything else, except perhaps the mind-control of the masses that has been achieved by corporatizing sport. If Bernays were alive today he’d be laughing all the way to the bank. As it is, Bernays successors are laughing all the way to the bank.

    ‘The Century of the Self asks deeper questions about the roots and methods of consumerism and commodification and their implications. It also questions the modern way people see themselves, the attitudes to fashion, and superficiality.’

  13. Here here Martyn. Excellent piece of journalism. Now why isn’t msm producing similar material …?

    I was not only angry when I first heard of this situation regarding the hired stripper, but I was also saddened that these poor excuses for Kiwi males, decided her presence was one where they could abuse her physically!

    And the comments from the Chiefs’ boss, as well as the team’s sponsor marketing manager, were as equally disgraceful as the sordid behaviour of the team members involved towards the woman!

    Along with the other sportsman’s appalling defense and the resulting hung jury in his “alleged” rape case, it says to me the misogynistic attitudes and behaviour of Kiwi sportsmen is sick. Nothing there in any of these recent events to be held up as fine examples to be admired and emulated by the younger generation of Kiwi boys growing up!

  14. Just heard the news tonight, that another stripper has come out and told how awfully she was treated by the Chiefs Rugby team.

    Time for the PM to throw rugby under the bus. They are tainting the John Key Brand, just like Judith Collins did.

    Ditch them until after the next election Mr Key, then you can start handing out knighthoods again after the next RWC.

    • You are a bit presumptuous that the PM will not be sunning himself in Hawaii, leaving behind a legacy of the most unequal New Zealand ever.

      It is an Aotearoa wracked by right-wing laisser-faire neoliberalism, racism, misogyny, people living in cars, bribery, tax havens, secret deals and shallow selfishness pervading, where kiwi mateship and care for fellow human beings is sneered at by the rich and uber-rich.

      And New Zealanders living in cars made Al Jazeera news tonight – a brighter future under National, ACT, United Future and Maori Party

      Good luck getting back in and giving out knighthoods Mr Key





      • CG, you are one of many in this country who are holding back true financial progress.

        You bitch and carp and poke sticks at the wealthy, instead of throwing rose petals in front of us as we walk along. It is a sad time for employment, business, free trade and a healthy balance of exports because of the mean-spirited way you treat your masters and betters.

        The wealthy here in New Zealand are the ones who have taken over the reins of running this country because the state made such a socialist cock-up of treating state assets like cash cows. Our personal ancestors passed down our wealth and we want to make sure that this grows for the next generation. Why should Mr Key, a very popular PM, not grow his portfolio Mr Green? Other, more nouveau, are making wealth because of supply and demand economics, which has fuelled wealth creation since the inception of money.

        Education, health, law and order and the same old hack is trotted out every election and the sooner that these state institutions are sold off to private consumers and mum and dad investors, the better. And once these assets are sold off and dismantled, then we will see real progress in New Zealand and a fairer user-pays society.

        Let’s wait and see the new, brighter future, once the last three pillars of socialism are pulled over, like Saddam Hussein’s iconic statue in Iraq.

        We are nearly there, but not quite CG.

        • Exactly!

          What is wrong with these dog-in-a-manger losers?

          Over inflated social justice warriors who have spent their lives living off the back of the tax payer in one way or another.

          • Exactly Andrew and thank you for supporting the right way for New Zealand into the future.

            Because New Zealand has sold off most of its assets, we are now in a position to stimulate the World economy by borrowing for essential services. This makes sure that future generations will also have to be lean and efficient for consumers and taxpayers.

            However, not until health, education and law and order are totally privatized, will New Zealand take its rightful place as a proper nation.

            Then NZ will be truly on the right path and we can truly look forward to the fact there will be a new flag and a brighter, fairer Aotearoa.

            • How amusing. Are you sure that your pseudonym ‘BANK’ begins with the correct letter?

              All your policies have ever done is impoverish the majority.

              • No, Vino, the majority, and indeed the biggest drain on the economy are super-annuitants. If Winston Peters resigns, or comes over into coalition with the right, then the fourth pillar of socialism, the Grey Column, will be dealt with.

                Most elderly have families and their families should look after them, as is done in many countries. Superannuation is a huge burden on the economy, as Martin Bradbury has said often. User-pays superannuation solutions need to be found, apart from families.

                Health, education, law and order and superannuation, socialist relics need to be dismantled and put where the dinosaurs went – into history.

  15. Just a comment for those who think she deserved.
    She was a stripper doing a job: stripping and waitressing.
    She would have had a contract with her terms on it as does a “professional” rugby player. The contract would have a code of conduct section.

    If I were to go to a club and molest the strippers or fondle the lap dancer I would not remain in that club for very long as the bouncers would have me on the street before I could say “ponytail”.

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