EU threaten the tax haven that John Key built


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No danger to EU trade deal despite tax haven blacklist, says Gerry Brownlee

New Zealand’s trade deal with the European Union is not in jeopardy, says Government Minister Gerry Brownlee – despite the EU’s investigation into tax havens.

The Panama Papers saga highlighted how the rich could hold money in foreign countries and avoid paying tax. Some believed New Zealand was being used in such a way.

Since then, the EU Parliament set up a committee of inquiry into tax evasion and money laundering, and will report back by next June.

Seeing as this Government wasn’t even aware (although it turned out they were lying later) that China was threatening a trade war, Gerry not worrying doesn’t sound comforting enough.

John Key built NZ intro a tax haven and had his private lawyer who uses tax havens muscle in on the Revenue Minister to ensure no IRD crack down occurred.

After being outed  by the Panama Papers, Key rushed in a  tax expert who pointed out how weak NZs laws had become. This was a major political embarrassment that most sleepy hobbits didn’t notice, and the last thing National want is NZers being reminded of how Key built NZ into a tax haven and that it might still have political ramifications.

Remember how our PM was purposely targeted in the release? Wonder why that lead hasn’t been followed up? I think that no matter how much the Government hose this down, a couple of months before the next election in 2017 there may be some nasty surprises from the Panama Papers erupting within NZ.


  1. Yep, failed to notice it on the front page of the Herald,but like the tax haven that N.Z. is, the story was hidden away in the business section, where ordinary kiwis hold no interest. Come on N.Z. Herald, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, or should that read, Key to hide and Key to fear.

    Congratulations Mr Key, you officially are, the laughing stock.

    • Key is a devil and dirty to the core.

      Key is hollow absolutely, a man with no morals, and worships only money he steals from us or in deals selling our assets.

      He hates people like any fascist does, hiding it under a grinning face.

  2. Key only wanted to be PM because he could use his political position to help move and launder money to his advantage. Actually running this country under the responsibilities of a PM was never Keys intentions. In the process of Key trying to hide his real intentions, his over- indulgence in his greed for wealth has caused him to abuse his political position and powers, thus uncovering his false intentions. Keys insatiable appetite for profiteering through any illegal means of gain has now branded himself as an outright liar at every word he speaks, through his continually failing attempts to cover up or back pedal his way out of every catch out Key or his Government gets into.
    Of course, we mustn’t forget Keys present and persistent pet project of desperation – the TPPA, and how all of a sudden Helen Clark is supporting it, with her excuse of saying that New Zealand shouldn’t miss out in the TPPA. My hunch is, Key is calling on Clarks’ support, because Key got Clark her position in the UN, now Key’s calling in on Clarks’ I.O.U.

  3. Maybe Key will make a move to semi retire on Norfolk Island soon, after some behind the doors deal with Turnbull, both keen to turn that into the next suitable tax haven to set foot in?

    There is some despair amongst islanders, who want some independence and need some cash injection. I am sure Key will seriously consider his opportunities, after the loopholes here will have been closed.

  4. “….that John Key built” ????

    The current trust laws were brought into being by a Labour government and twice reviewed by subsequent Labour governments.

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