The horror of Turkey


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I have to be honest, the more Turkey responds harshly to the attempted coup, the more convinced I am that the Coup was either faked or another failed CIA operation.

The speed with which Erdogan blamed long time political opponent, CIA asset and multi-billionaire cleric Fethullah Gülen was as fast as Gülen blaming Erdogan of staging  fake coup.

Gülen is a curious character, he runs the largest chain of Charter School’s in America   and his closeness to the Bill Gates Foundation suggests a very well connected American asset.

Whether the CIA were behind the failed coup is neither here no there right now though as Erdogan starts a crack down that is now beyond any legitimacy…

Thousands of Turkey coup prisoners ‘raped, starved and hogtied’

Amnesty International says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture

…tens of thousands arrested, no trials. This is looking like a cleansing and the rise of a Theocracy rather than a legitimate response to treason.

Where Turkey may have once wanted to be involved with the EU, I think Erdogan’s aim now is to create his own religious state and he’s using this failed coup as a chance to eliminate secularists.

This has the potential to birth a new authoritarian Islamic regime, if the CIA were foolish enough to have started this, it will be just another example (like Iran) of failed interventions that have blown up in America’s face.

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  1. Yes , I think you are moving along the right channels in your conclusions there , Mr Bradbury …

    There is a Jewish guy called Jonathan Cahn , who , among other things is also a supposed Rabbi – but also a born again christian … quite an extraordinary character. That aside , knowing Biblical history , and interpreting the symbolic nature and what they were intended to represent correctly, has stated also that Turkey ultimately will form the hub of a united Islamic 10 nation theocracy.

    The interesting thing is juxtaposing it with history and modern events , and quoting Erdogan as wanting to do just that , it seems Cahn is right on the money. And a look at the modern advanced state of the Turkish military shows they are no backwards nation without the means to be a formidable opponent as well.

    Cahn and Biblical things aside – it seems possible that we just might see the beginnings of that united confederacy . It will be interesting to see if this does happen and if events are shaping up to its creation. Only time will tell.

  2. My take on this is, that Erdogan and his AK Party had already a plan to purge the armed forces, the judiciary, teaching profession and administration in general, but that opponents got news of it, hence some decided to try a coup d’etat.

    As that one failed, Erdogan and his supporters in government and in the population are now going ahead full force with what had already been drawn up and was lying in their drawers (e.g. lists of named persons).

    They want to destroy any significant opposition to their islamisation of Turkey Erdogan style (him dreaming of becoming a historic figure that future generations will adore for centuries). It is a mixture of conservative islamists working with a power hungry, vain politician at the helm, who distrusts others, is a bit paranoid and is fast becoming a control freak.

    I doubt the CIA and Pentagon had any role here, as the whole Mid East region is so volatile and unstable, they could not have risked a coup that could go wrong, as it did. As we see the relationship between Turkey and the US is at a new low, as a result.

  3. Yes it is tragic. Ataturk will be turning in his grave – Turkey as a secular State had real promise. It would appear that that is all over and Erdogans gradation from secular democracy to islamic dictatorship is all but complete.

  4. Yes, it is a puzzling situation. But why would the CIA want to topple Erdogan?At first i thought it was Turkey’s “deep state” at work, but it seems not. Gulen apparently holds to a moderate and tolerant version of Islam. How was he a threat, if he was?

    • From what I have read this is why it is not puzzling at all. Erdogan had made concessions towards reestablishing a relationship with Russia. A relationship that had been on the rocks since the Turkish airforce downed a Russian jet.Interestingly the pilot involved was also involved in the coup attempt suggesting the CIA’s influence in both these events. He had also altered his policy towards Syria. Both of these moves were because of the Russian and Syrian success in Syria and the failure of the USA in its pretend fight against ISIS. He could see which way the wind was blowing and he could also see that Turkey would never be allowed into the EU.
      The Turkish economy will now benefit from the return of Russian Tourists and also the resumption of the proposed South Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey.
      I am sure the Russians will be very cautious about Erdogan who seems untrustworthy ruthless and motivated by enhancing his own power. He has flip flopped one time to many for the CIA who appear to have bought forward coup plans as Erdogan got wind of them. Hence it was rather poorly carried out.
      More reading:

      • Russia is not that strong an economy, and Russia and Turkey have over history been at loggerheads so much more often, than they have been at peace.

        Hence I see little validity in thinking that Erdogan will seriously ally himself with Russia and with that give up the NATO alliance membership, which offers it much more strategic benefits.

        The US may not be happy, the Europeans will not be happy with what goes on in Turkey under Erdogan and his AK party government, but they will grudgingly put up with it, same as they have put up with the Egyptian military taking over power again after the brief time the Muslim Brotherhood was in government there.

        Turkey is too crucial for the US and west to be left out of the equation, and also is Turkey too dependent on links to the west, for them to break up.

        Russian tourism may be important, but so are tourists from the rest of Europe. But tourism alone will not keep Turkey alive and growing.

        Erdogan is simply using a “God given” opportunity to silence his opponents. Why would he sack or lock up teachers and administrators, they will hardly have been instrumental in a military coup, which failed.

        And with doing this, of course he will ensure Gulen and his supporters do also get “neutralised” or taken out.

        • yes it will be interesting to see which way the wind blows in the near future. By the way Russia’s economy is not as bad as has been made out by WEstern media. There is also a big gasline that both RUssia and TUrkey may benefit from.

      • I would add one more thing to this: Brexit; it overshadowed the formalisation of proposals to finalise the creation of a European army, and in the chaos of its wake, also overshadowed a proposal which infuriated the Poles, of advancing federalism as soon as possible to make it even harder for anyone else to rush for the door.

        Erdogan could probably handle adopting the Euro and sacrificing sovereign currency as the quid pro quo for joining up, but losing control of his armed forces in the service of Belgian adventurism and losing control of his neo-Ottoman state in the service of European federalism explains why the rapprochement with Russia happened within days of Brexit.

  5. So are you saying that it was planned? That it would happen when Erdogan was on holiday. Miraculously and heroically he addressed the nation over his phone and lo, the people did come forth into the streets and bashed up the soldiers a treat…. that some soldiers were set up in the process… as an excuse for a purge? So Erdogan could go after people who were outspoken or who he had a bit of dirt on. So we would be toast, our opinionated group of bloggers and readers here on the daily blog would all be silenced. If it was in our country. I heard something like 20,000 teachers and academics. Feck.

  6. Yes Martin

    A couple of points to note though.
    If you take active part in a bid to overthrow the state using violence, what do you expect should it fail? Surely an all or nothing gamble, no?
    Furthermore this was a military coup against an elected government (and an army that was fully part of NATO).

    Turkey carries the memory of military coups and resulting dictatatorships. Given what we know from history, should the army in Turkey have succeeded in in overthrowing the Erdogan regime, the dominant colour in the photo fronting your article would have been red – blood red.

    Turkey has been (mostly) a stabilizing influence in the Middle East until recent times. But now the chaos unleashed by Mr Bush & lickspittle Blair in Iraq is spreading. The Bosphorous is but a narrow strait between Asia and Europe.
    This mess is only just beginning to unfold.

  7. Gulan is pro USA .

    This discussion is interesting…seems like it is a geopolitical shift away from the West and USA towards Assad and the Russia.

    Turkey always was in a difficult and pivotal position between East and West…and the attempted coup probably pro USA ( some of the coup plotters had brought down the Russian plane), even organised indirectly by USA would seem to have swung democratically elected Erdogan and his supporters the other way

    ‘Erdogan’s Turkey’

    Post-coup attempt realities: With Turkish President Erdogan firmly in control, he has demanded a cleansing of the military and many social institutions. What kind of Turkey does he intend to create? And will Turkey’s foreign policy change?

    CrossTalking with Martin Jay, Yunus Soner, and Daniel Faraci.

  8. Steve King: “Gulen apparently holds to a moderate and tolerant version of Islam. How was he a threat, if he was?”

    These may help explain:

    At first, we thought that the coup was a reassertion by the army of secularism. But events since make sense only if viewed through the lens of the above articles. We’ve found that it’s necessary to look beyond msm if one wants to know what’s really going on elsewhere in the world.

    Gulen is an Islamist (as is Erdogan, of course) but he has a more internationalist perspective – as it was described to me. Which is diplomatic-speak for characterising him as a CIA tool.

    When news of the coup first came through, the initial American reaction was to call for stability, which is tantamount to supporting the coup, while the initial Russian reaction was to urge that there be no bloodshed, which was implicitly against the coup plotters. Coups Washington doesn’t approve attract loud complaints and travel bans, not calls for stability and continuity.

  9. I’ve been closely following what has been happening in Turkey for quite a while. It is a country a huge amount of attention should be focused on. Erdogan is attempting to consolidate his power, but what he is in fact doing is breaking up the Turkish state as you will never be able to divide the Turks from the Kurds, and the Islamists from the secularists. It’s like a body trying to remove some of its vital organs. Impossible. Journalist Robert Fisk now places it in the same category as other failed states in the Middle East

    Robert Fisk – “Turkey’s coup may have failed – but history shows it won’t be long before another one succeeds”

    Turkey coup: Conspiracy theorists claim power grab attempt was faked by Erdogan
    Social media users claim Erdogan will use the attempted coup in the same way Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to suppress all opposition

  10. So are you suggesting that it was a set up? Planned for when Erdogan was on holiday….. a few soldiers get set up in the process….. Erdogan dramatically and heroically addresses the nation via his phone… and yea the people did come forth and did bash up the soldiers who had been set up…. in order that they could have a crackdown. I heard something like 20,000 teachers and academics.

  11. As supporting evidence, see this:

    For those of you leery of news sources originating in Russia – suspecting them of peddling propaganda – this article is well worth a read. Note the reference to Brazil right at the very end of the article. We’ve been suspicious for some time about what’s been happening in Brazil, especially the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. The modus operandi is right out of the traditional CIA playbook for South America.

  12. Bombshell Exposé: The U.S. Military Used Incirlik Air Base to Stage Failed Coup in Turkey

    Turkey Purges Nation of Every Gülen Supporter and Sympathizer

    The Millennium Report

    The exposé posted below in its entirety is as BIG as it gets. Here are 2 excellent sources as to why this coup is so highly consequential:

    US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey

    Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

    The unsuccessful coup d’état in Turkey, that was implemented by the US Military in concert with NATO, has precipitated an unparalleled sea change in the Middle East. The highly defective coup execution plan was destined to fail from the very start. Consequently, the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD coup plotters have succeeded in flipping Turkey away from the Anglo-American Axis* toward the BRICS Alliance.

    Coup d’état In Turkey: MIHOP, LIHOP, CIAOP, Or All Three

    If ever there was a paradigm-ending bombshell report, the revelations that follow in the whistleblower post below are that explosive. Everything that has occurred in Turkey since the failed coup is consistent with the specific details of this insider’s account. Hence, there will inevitably be a continuing series of nation-altering events throughout the Republic of Turkey for the foreseeable future.

    Turkey’s Failed Coup: “A Gift from God” or from Washington?

    This single geopolitical development will likely shift the whole balance of power away from the AAA and toward the BRICS. Because of Turkey’s highly strategic position within the Mideast, especially due to its size, location and “gateway to the East” function, whoever effectively controls it controls the whole regional chessboard. The recent and cataclysmic ebb and flow of the immigrant crisis has only significantly accentuated this international dynamic.

    At the end of the day, the U.S. decision to implement a coup d’état from the Incirlik Air Base will prove to be disastrous to their warmongering schemes to take over the Mideast region and complete their fatally flawed Greater Israel project. Such an unmitigated foreign affairs fiasco must have been engineered by an American inside counter-coup working right alongside with the Russians. So much necessary intelligence was obviously distorted by the double agents so that the whole C.I.A. black operation would be irreversibly sabotaged … as in forever. And so it was!


    Not only was the coup squelched by the Turkish people themselves, the Zio-Anglo-American co-conspirators have provided President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a sound pretext to completely clean house. Which is exactly what he’s been doing since he reclaimed power in the wake of the amateurish coup. After all, using the top Turkish officers at Incirlik Air Base was as stupid as it gets for the CIA & Company.

    Top officers at Incirlik Air Base arrested in Turkey coup attempt

    For the uninitiated it is important to understand just how vital Turkey is to NATO, and especially to the advancement of the Greater Israel project. The far-reaching ramifications and profound repercussions of this failed coup attempt will prove to be as consequential for the West as they are earth-changing for the East after all the dust has settled. Yes, it is that HUGE!

    Putin’s Russia Blows Up Scheme For ‘Greater Israel’

    The Millennium Report
    July 26, 2016

    Editor’s Note

    Make no mistake about it, the fated coup was a DO OR DIE initiative for the Western powers. They knew that they would be unable to proceed with their New World Order agenda toward a One World Government as long as Erdoğan remained in power. They have barely tolerated him since he installed himself as president, and are well aware of his designs to oversee a Turkish-led Caliphate modeled after the Ottoman Caliphate and subsequent Ottoman Empire. Hence, their highly misguided coup attempt was an all or nothing endeavor which has now doomed their plans for a total takeover of the Mideast.

    Putin himself knew just how desperate this scheme was and quite purposefully sided with Erdoğan knowing that the US betrayal would turn Turkey back toward Russia and the BRICS. The Kremlin also knew that Turkey has no more future with the European Union, just as its relationship with NATO now lies in doubt. Russia would benefit greatly from all of the geopolitical fallout and has actively supported Turkey throughout the post coup cleanup.

    US Hints Turkey Might Be Expelled From NATO Over Crackdown on Coup Members

    *Anglo-American Axis (AAA)

    “The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.”
    (Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)

    Erdogan owes his life to Moscow who prevented US led Coup
    by Gorazd Velkovski

    The Turkish coup was originally planned for August, when the Greek Government was ‘scheduled’ to enter a crisis and be itself couped. This way, the entire Balkan would have entered a critical phase, with an end result of installing puppet Governments subservient to the US and a new iron curtain between US-controlled Europe and Russia.

    There isn’t a country that didn’t know a coup was underway in Turkey (apparently with the exception of the Turks who were wondering why were there tanks on the Bosphorus bridge). The specific coup-date kept being moved and wasn’t known, however CNN’s Christiane Amanpour helped everyone narrow it down when she set up base in Ankara and Istanbul just two days before the coup.

    The Pentagon has a special relationship with CNN, and typically lets them know when the US is coup-ing a nation, so they can set up camp and report live. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has managed to get herself banned from several countries; with good reason – when she shows up in a country, something terrible happens to that country. Turkey was no exception.

    Russia, Iran, Syria…. were all aware of a US led coup in Turkey. For this purpose, official Moscow sent one of Putin’s advisors to travel to Ankara. The trip was top secret, no one in Tehran, Damascus or even in Moscow was aware of it, only few select in Putin’s inner circle.

    Aleksandar Dugin was the man who was sent to Ankara to warn the Turkish leadership, but also to give them a massive list of people involved in the coup.

    Coup Begun a month earlier after some of the plotters were discovered
    The Turkish government secretly asked its Courts to issue orders for the arrest of 2,000 army, navy and air force officials after it became evident something was brewing. The Courts refused, on top of it, some of the judges involved in the Coup tipped off high-ranking generals that the Government was suspicious and hot on their trail.

    As a result, not fully prepared for a coup, the coup was started anyways.

    Pilots who downed Su24 involved in coup
    For months Moscow tracked the data and voice conversations of the Turkish pilots responsible for the downing of the Russian Su24 jet. It discovered that the two pilots are American implants who were used to shoot down a Russian jet in order to put a major wedge in the otherwise cozy relationship between Ankara and Moscow. The US used the proven British tactic of “divide and conquer”. There were at least several dozen Turkish officers who were American implants at the Incirlik AirBase, the Air Force and the Army as well. All were arrested.

    To avoid any sort of suspicion or attract attention, Putin’s advisor took an unusual road trip which took Dugin from Moscow to Astana, then to Tehran, Damascus, Nicosia and finally arriving to Ankara where he met with one of Erdogan’s most trusted man, the mayor Melih Gokcek.

    It’s old school KGB, face-to-face meetings work quite well. The Russians have gathered so much data in the past several months, that they knew precisely when, who and how the coup will start.

    Initially, Erdogan’s inner team was not told of Dugin’s arrival in Turkey.

    In the interest of better Russo-Turkish relationship and mutual trust, Erdogan was now officially warned. The warning was also psychological because it came “just in time”, and was meant to show Erdogan and Turkey who their real friends are.

    Hence, the face to face meeting. Putin didn’t have to do what he did, could have warned them 10 minutes before the coup, or not warn them at all and simply let everything unfold the way the Americans envisioned.

    Turkish Fighter Jets had Erdogan’s plane in sight, but…
    After waiting for a full 24 hrs not saying absolutely anything, the Pentagon and CIA controlled media in the US went full throttle with propaganda when it became obvious their coup had failed. We saw hastily prepared writeups how allegedly Erdogan had simply staged the coup to grab ‘more power’, adding his presidential plane was in sight of few Turkish F16 yet no one took a shot? First and foremost, the planes that were sent after Erdogan took off from Incirlik Airbase, which is very much controlled by the US-NATO. Secondly, at no point did the US make an effort to warn the Turkish Government about the coup, yet it had fighter jets taking off from Incirlik were going after Erdogan!
    Indeed, Erdogan’s plane was followed by several Turkish planes with an intention to shoot him down. Fettulah Gulen in Pennsylvania, a long time CIA asset was getting ready himself to be installed as the new president.

    What the ‘media’ are not telling you is that 7 Russian fighter jets and two S400 rocket systems in Northern Syria were tracking down the Turkish jets issuing them a warning if the Russian radar systems picked up any activity from them they would be promptly shot down. This is why the Turkish jets never fired, they had ‘company’.

    Ankara’s mayor didn’t waste a second. He came out on CNN and furiously announced Washington was behind the coup, and yes he had received all the necessary information prior to his announcement. He was the third high-ranking Turkish official to accuse the US of leading the coup within a 20 minute span.

    Why is Erdogan purging generals, judges… Where did he get this list of people tied with the coup?

    Although the Government had suspects on their own, they received a large list from Moscow as well. This is why the US Ambassador in Ankara is practically in hiding and when he isn’t he is a stuttering mess. But the most interesting thing here is the fact that several Turkish generals have already admitted of taking part in the Coup, and the real kicker, they have also elaborated on the role the US played. The political statements we heard from Washington have zero credibility, per their usual. There is no explanation how 42 helicopters went missing from Incirlik air base. This is why the Turkish Government encircled the base with 2,500 cops, cut off power to the entire Airbase, de facto telling the US “we know what you’re doing”.

    In the end, the coup plotters and their tanks in the streets were defeated by unarmed Turkish citizens. //Gorazd Velkovski

  13. Cock-up or conspiracy? In lieu of hard evidence, and going by the human predilection for screwing things up – I’ll go with the cock-up. Mixed with a truckload of cynical opportunism, and I’ve no doubt Erdogan is simply exploiting the Keystone Cops Coup for his own advantage.

    Erdogan should tread warily though. The next coup might not be so inept and he could find himself weighed down in the Meditteranean, as fish tucker.

  14. With regard to the Off-Guardian article, the dry run concept is hard to swallow – if you stage your coup and fail, how will you stage another now that the President is clearing the state apparatus of all of his enemies, right down to the cleaning lady who didn’t wish him a happy birthday?

    We think this was the real thing. Probably sez to plotters: don’t partner up with CIA. Their days of being able to organise efficiently are long gone. We don’t think they have the chance of another run at it.

    The more likely explanation for the Turkish coup is that the plotters thought they were about to be compromised and put their plan into action earlier than they had meant to: it smacks of lack of organisation.

    Most of the troops involved denying knowledge is entirely credible – the conspirators hadn’t had time to psychologicallly prepare their soldiers for what was needed, and said soldiers wilted when confronted with hostile civilians.The emergency committee’s coup against Gorbachev had the same problem – people asked the soldiers on the streets what they were doing and they honestly didn’t know. In that scenario it’s extremely demoralising to have crowds jeering at you.

    Possibly alongside that, there was misinterpretation by the plotters of nature of the contemporary political environment in Turkey. CIA aren’t Turks, Gulen hasn’t lived there for a long time and is out of touch, senior army figures not necessarily tuned into grassroots views. If they were panicked into precipitate action before they were completely ready, it would be interesting to know what caused that. Or who…

  15. By the way, I am glad to see sources like Corbett creeping in here a lot more. Left alt media has lacked the sort of structural scepticism which we’ve been seeing all these years from the likes of Corbett, the Saker, Pepe Escobar (well, Pepe is left), Dmitri Orlov, Webster Tarpley, etc.

  16. My appologys for the large screed, (it didn’t seem so big at the time!) Its good to look at all angles using Occam’s razor, seems so ironic the US calling hoax after Obomba made it legal to put out propaganda in the MSM inside of America on US citizens acting innocent of pulling false flags & staged psyops on their own citizens via AP, routiers ect ,after Sandy Hook ‘shootings’ & Boston marathon’bombing’ being such complete theatre & all!

  17. goe-political is whats happening here these conflicts are happening in Russia and Turkey backyards not in America boarders so it’s in Moscow and Ankara best interest to form a peaceful relationship in the best interest of their peoples and the safety of region

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